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Exploring the Best Countries to Migrate from India

Feb 2, 2024

Migration is a crucial decision, and selecting the perfect destination is vital. In today’s interconnected world, moving from India has gained popularity. Whether for education, career growth, or a lifestyle change, where one chooses to go can significantly impact their future. As we explore the factors influencing this decision, let us look at some of the best countries to migrate from India, each offering distinct opportunities and experiences.

Factors to Consider When Migrating

The journey of migration from India entails carefully considering several pivotal factors that significantly impact the choice of destination. Job opportunities stand out as a crucial element, with individuals seeking countries that offer promising career prospects and professional growth. Quality of life is equally vital, encompassing healthcare, safety, and overall well-being. Cultural alignment becomes a deciding factor, influencing the ease of integration into the new society. Language, serving as a means of communication and connection, is another essential consideration. As individuals weigh these factors, they navigate towards what they deem the best countries to migrate from India, envisioning a future that aligns with their aspirations and values.


Top Countries for Migration

As Indians contemplate the prospect of migration, several destinations emerge as favoured choices, each offering unique allure and distinct advantages. The expansive landscapes of Canada, the technological prowess of Germany, and the multicultural tapestry of the United Kingdom hold a magnetic appeal for those seeking greener pastures. These countries stand out as promising havens, providing a wealth of opportunities and diverse lifestyles that capture the imagination of prospective migrants. Exploring the prospects in these nations, individuals envision a future that aligns with their ambitions, making an informed choice about the best country to migrate from India.


Approximately one-third of Canada’s permanent residents hail from India, making it a highly multicultural and diverse destination with a pleasant climate. Additionally, the stability of the Canadian dollar contributes to a robust economy, providing ample job opportunities for foreign nationals. It makes Canada an attractive choice as the best country for Indian nationals looking to migrate and work.


Moreover, Canada stands out for its pro-immigration stance, offering various pathways for immigrants seeking the best place to migrate from India. 

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

PNPs are distinctive initiatives implemented annually by each of Canada’s 13 provinces. As the swiftest avenue for Canadian immigration, PNPs are an excellent choice for individuals lacking Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. In many respects, PNPs contribute to Canada’s reputation as the most accessible country to immigrate to from India.

Express Entry

Express Entry represents another expeditious and straightforward route for Indian immigrants seeking Canadian residency. This system facilitates permanent residence acquisition and welcomes skilled workers globally. The three categories within this framework include Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Specific eligibility criteria must be met when applying for Canadian immigration, including 

  • proficiency in English through tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, completion of an Educational Credential Assessment, 
  • a clean criminal record, health reports, proof of financial stability, and 
  • submission of letters detailing education or employment history if applicable.


For individuals with a job offer or an admission letter from an Australian organisation, Australia emerges as a convenient destination for immigration from India, making it a strong contender for the best country to migrate from India. The following vital programs enhance accessibility to the immigration system:

Social Work Course

In addition to the Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa, and Skilled Regional Sponsorship Visa, the Social Work Course presents itself as a swift pathway for students aspiring to work closely with activists and champion social causes in Australia. Other avenues for immigration to this preferred destination include 

  • the Employer Nomination Scheme, 
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and 
  • Short-Term Skilled Occupation List.

To qualify for Australian immigration, candidates must meet specific criteria, including 

  • passing scores in language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, 
  • being 45 years of age or below, 
  • having an occupation listed in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List or Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List, 
  • holding an admission offer from a university for students and 
  • achieving at least 65 points in the points grid.

The United States of America

When considering the best country to migrate from, India, the USA frequently emerges as a top choice, boasting a multicultural environment that has seen a remarkable 400% increase in immigrants over recent decades. Indians are drawn to the USA for high-paying job opportunities, aiming to provide financial support to their families back home.


As an immigrant in the USA, one enjoys many benefits, including access to excellent work and education opportunities, freedom, equal opportunities, and advanced healthcare facilities.

US Immigration Process

To initiate the migration process to the US for work, 

  • The employer must sponsor the individual or file an immigration petition on their behalf. 
  • Sponsors commit to covering the individual’s work or education expenses in the country. 
  • Upon approval of the petition, once the individual secures a US visa from India. For Indian immigrants keen on sending money back to India, various financial services cater to these transactions.
  • Whether applying for a temporary visa or permanent residency in the US, one undergoes a medical examination and participates in an interview before their application is greenlit.
Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to The United States
  • Proof of sponsorship
  • Proof of education
  • Employment history
  • Completion of the online non-immigrant DS-160 application form
  • Possession of a valid Indian passport
  • Submission of the receipt for the payment of USD 160 for the non-immigration visa application.

The United Kingdom

The UK is a popular choice when considering the best country to migrate from India. This preference is driven by the well-established lifestyle, exceptional educational and employment prospects, and the country’s status as a world-class hub. A new immigration system for employees operates on a point scale, providing various pathways for immigration to the UK.

Skilled Worker Route

Entry through the Skilled Worker route becomes feasible for those with a job offer equivalent to A level and meeting the required English proficiency. It is the most common and accessible path for individuals looking to immigrate to the UK.

Additional employee pathways, such as the Kickstart Scheme, National Careers Service, and Sector-based Work Academy Programme, offer alternative routes to UK immigration.

Students can opt for a UK student visa, extendable to a permanent visa after completing their degrees. Other immigration options encompass family immigration, short-term residence, and more. 

Eligibility criteria for standard immigration programs
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scorecard
  • Valid documentation for immigration purposes
  • Criminal record clearance
  • Health check
  • For employees, each scheme has a specific minimum annual income criterion.


Considered one of the best countries to migrate from India, Singapore stands out as an ideal destination in Asia, offering proximity to home and abundant overseas work opportunities. Renowned for its outstanding education system and extensive research programs, Singapore is an attractive choice for Indian migrants.

Singapore Immigration Process

Singapore, known for being one of the easiest countries to migrate to from India, provides various immigration schemes catering to different needs. Depending on their suitability, individuals seeking migration to Singapore can apply for an Entrepreneur Pass, Employment Pass, Student Pass, or Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass.

  • Immigration process for professionals: Executives, managers, professionals, or job candidates earning a minimum monthly salary of $5000 can obtain an Employment Pass in Singapore. Additionally, those with high salaries or international professionals holding an Employment Pass can opt for a Personalized Employment Pass.
  • Immigration process for skilled and semi-skilled workers: Mid-level skilled workers earning a minimum monthly salary of $3000 can secure an S Pass. Those in fields like construction, manufacturing, or the service industry can obtain a Work Permit. Foreign domestic workers can apply for a Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers in the country.
Eligibility Criteria for Migration to Singapore

When applying manually, the application process may take up to 8 weeks. Opting for an online application can expedite the process to a maximum of 3 weeks. While each immigration scheme has its specific requirements, individuals must meet the following standard criteria for migrating to Singapore for work:

  • Possession of a valid Indian passport.
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years.
  • Adherence to working only within the scope of the provided work permit.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE, often regarded as the country of the future, stands out as a prime destination for individuals seeking a career shift. It is considered one of the best countries to migrate from India, especially for employees and professionals. With tax-free salaries, every earned dirham goes directly into one’s pocket, and the stability of the AED makes it economically favourable. 

Different immigration pathways to the UAE:
  • Work Permit: Designed for those seeking employment or professionals with a job offer in the UAE. The initial duration is three years, with the possibility of extension.
  • Student Permit: Ideal for those aspiring to pursue education in elite universities in the UAE. The initial duration is 12 months, and it can be extended indefinitely.
  • Business Permit, Family Visa, and Other Pathways: There are additional avenues like business permits, family visas, and more for those considering migration to the UAE. Successful applicants must meet specific requirements, including a clean criminal background, proof of funds, and a valid Indian passport.

New Zealand

Nestled at the corner of Australia, this breathtaking island beckons individuals eager to seize this picturesque country’s opportunities and benefits. New Zealand stands out as one of the best countries to migrate from India, and various pathways are available to obtain residency.

Residence Class Visa

The residence class visa in New Zealand grants the right to study, work, and reside in the country indefinitely. It comprises several subcategories tailored for different types of immigrants, including the Green List Skilled Residence, the Skilled Migrant Residence, New Zealand residence through partnership and family categories, and more.

Eligibility criteria for these visas include:

  • No criminal background
  • Financial proof
  • Health record
  • A valid reason for immigration


In the vast world of migration options, choosing the best country to migrate from India is a personal journey. Each destination brings unique opportunities, challenges, and cultural experiences. As we wrap up this exploration, individuals need to consider their priorities, whether career goals, education, or a preferred lifestyle. With many factors in play, thorough research and careful consideration will help pave the way for a successful and fulfilling migration journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is language proficiency a significant factor when choosing the best country from India to migrate to?

Yes, language proficiency is crucial. Many countries have language requirements for visas, work, and daily life.

How does the cost of living vary among the top migration destinations?

It varies significantly. While countries like Canada and Australia might have a higher cost of living, others like Germany and New Zealand offer a more balanced lifestyle.

Can the political climate of a destination impact the decision to migrate?

Absolutely. Understanding the political stability of a country is essential for long-term settlement and security.

Are there specific countries with favourable immigration policies for families?

Yes, some countries, such as Canada and Australia, prioritise family reunification in their immigration policies.

Do different countries have distinct pathways for entrepreneurs looking to migrate?

Yes, several countries, including the United States and Canada, have specific programs for entrepreneurs, encouraging innovation and business development.

Best Countries to Migrate from India


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