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Assumption University – Admission, Acceptance Rate & Placements

Sep 27, 2022

Assumption University, also earlier called Assumption College, was established in 1904. The institution is based on a private Catholic education that emphasizes on every individual’s personal and religious growth. In Assumption university academics and faith are intertwined, giving equal importance to both regardless of what faith an individual believes in. Their system principle is founded in instilling logic, reasoning and faith in students through the intellectual legacy of 2000 year old catholic and others who have pursued the truth throughout history and across all fields.

Located in one of the largest cities in the country, the university offers a wide range of academic programs. The college’s premises are located in two different countries, one in Worcester, Massachusetts and another in Italy. Both are coeducational institutions that are open to all genders. 


Due to their Catholic and Augustinian roots, they are totally dedicated to racial tolerance and diversity, welcoming all current and potential students as they are. The International Student Success Center (ISSC) and the Cross-Cultural Center are some diversity initiatives to help students and faculty from diverse and international backgrounds with their immigration and cultural adaptations. 

They serve as a community center and in collaboration with the university departments and clubs, they conduct activities/programs to promote intercultural understanding and place a strong emphasis on striving for universal justice, human dignity, and solidarity. Another famous initiative is a student run group called the ALANA (African-, Latino/Hispanic-, Asian-, and Native-American) Network that organizes multicultural projects.



24-hour emergency telephone/alarm services Checkmark

24-hour patrols by trained officers Checkmark


Student patrols Checkmark

Late-night transport/escort services Checkmark


Electronically-operated dormitory entrances Checkmark

Other Campus Security & Safety:


front gate security, well-lit pathways

The Assumption College offers various programs with all kinds of facilities for their students. They include more than 18 graduate programs, 33 majors, summer programs, a few dual degrees and study exchange (abroad programs). To elaborate, the programs offered at Assumption College range in multiple levels, from psychology to art history, business, data analytics, biology, accounting, finance, theology, health management, community service learning, women’s studies, Spanish and etc. Alongside these academics, there are over 60 student-run clubs and organizations for a complete student experience and a great CV.   


Assumption College acceptance rate 

The Assumption University acceptance rate is 81% selectively and has a 91% early acceptance rate. Most of the students that get admitted in the university are said to have an SAT score of 1070 to 1220, and an ACT score of 22 to 27.

Assumption College tuition fee and Financial AID;

Additionally, cost plays a crucial role when choosing a college. Students who need financial aid are better served at certain universities, despite their higher tuition charges. For undergraduate students, Assumption University fulfills 78.8% of their proven financial need. According to Assumption University statistics, college freshmen and full-time students receive an approximate amount of $34,563 as financial aid. As of 2021-2022, full-time students pay an average tuition fee of $45,900 per year. Apart from financial aid, scholarships are also offered based on merit. Need and persons background such as community work, parents’ military affiliation etc.)



The sum of an institution’s investments, grants, and other assets is known as its endowment. In addition to illustrating how much money a college can devote to the enhancement of facilities, adding to programs, and helping students, endowments can also show how much money a school can afford. Based on information from 2021, the school’s endowment was worth $82.9 million. In 2021, the average endowment for colleges was $905 million. Each full-time student enrolled in Assumption College costs the institution $10,269 per year. Assumption University has a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1, and 40.2% of its courses have less than 20 pupils.

Assumption University’s retention and graduation rates

Student retention and graduation rates at Assumption University Retention refers to the number of students who continue to attend a school for an extended period of time. In addition to determining if students are happy with their educational experience, this can also let us know whether or not they are getting the necessary support to succeed in college.

Approximately 83% of Assumption University’s freshman and undergraduate full-time students return back in order to do their sophomore year. The undergraduate six-year graduation rate at Assumption University is 73%. 61% of community colleges and campuses in the United States help applicants to graduate only after six years, compared to 67% of independent, nongovernmental schools.


In 2021, 26000 internships and jobs were available to assumption students and 91% of graduates were employed, continued their schooling, or engaged in service within six months after graduation. 83% of Assumption University students have had at least one year of experiential learning opportunities. Assumption College’s Career Development & Internship Center (CDIC) gives students networking resources and sees to their professional development. 

The center assists students in locating internships at organizations including Deloitte, Worcester Railers, Fidelity Investments, Worcester Art Museum, TJX, and YWCA of Central Massachusetts, among others. Through companies like Target, Walt Disney World, IBM, Ernst & Young, Key Program, Open Sky, HMEA, and many more, CDIC makes it easier for people to find work.

For further queries, you can reach them in the link given below

Wrapping Up 

The assumption university is one of the top universities in the states, and if you are planning to apply before the next academic year begins, then waste no time and start with the process immediately.



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