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Northeastern University Acceptance Rate & Admission Tips

Apr 19, 2023

Northeastern University is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It also has campuses in six other states and Canada. Northeastern University follows a unique education style called the cooperative education program, or the co-op program. This program combines classroom experience with real-world experience.

It has been a part of Northeastern’s curriculum for over a hundred years. The northeastern acceptance rate is 20 percent. Early decision applicants have more success here. Northeastern acceptance rate for early decisions is 38 percent.


This article will discuss Northeastern acceptance rates and how you can increase your chances of getting in!

Northeastern Acceptance Rate

Before applying, you need to look at the institution’s acceptance rate. The average Northeastern acceptance rate is 20 percent. This means that only twenty are admitted out of a hundred applicants. The university is selective with admissions. Students must ensure that their application is above par to compete with the other applicants. 

Northeastern acceptance rate20 %
GPA requirement4.04 or above
SAT score1465

Looking at the acceptance rates can be daunting. Still, it would be best to focus on preparing your application to the best of your ability. 

What is Northeastern’s GPA Demand?

Before applying, many students ask – “What is Northeastern’s GPA requirement?”


Many schools mention a minimum GPA requirement. This is usually essential to avoid getting your application rejected right away. You can estimate Northeastern’s GPA needs by looking at the current students’ average GPA. Most students admitted have an unweighted GPA of 4.04 or above.

The average GPA for accepted students at Northeastern is between 4.1 and 4.5. (middle 50 percent). You might think to yourself, “How can students have a GPA greater than 4.0?” Certain high schools score advanced courses using a 5.0 scale instead of a 4.0 scale. To meet the average Northeastern GPA, you’ll have to score mostly A’s on your high school courses. Most Northeastern students graduate among the top 10% of their high school class.


So, yes, it is important to meet Northeastern University’s GPA needs. Still, your extracurriculars and previous learning all work to help you craft a successful application.

Northeastern University SAT Scores

What are Northeastern University’s average SAT scores? Northeastern requires you to provide standardized test scores. Most students submit SAT or ACT results. Northeastern’s SAT score requirements are based on the average scores of admitted applicants. The average Northeastern SAT score of selected applicants is 1465. Thus, you will need to meet the average Northeastern SAT score to be considered. Northeastern super scores the SAT. Instead of limiting your results to a single day, your best section scores are combined to get the highest possible composite score.


To Get Into Northeastern, What ACT Scores Do I Need?

The average ACT score of Northeastern accepted students is 34. If you apply with a low score, you’ll have difficulty getting in as many candidates score 34 or higher. You will need to have a noteworthy application if you score low on the ACT or SAT. 

Admission Tips to Get into Northeastern

Maintain a high GPA

The average Northeastern GPA for the class of 2025 was 4.04. Seventy-six percent of applicants graduated in the top tenth of their class. Strong grades are required for admission to Northeastern, and the institution considers them “very important” when making admissions choices. You’ll need to have a high average GPA to get into Northeastern University. You will also need to meet the school’s Academic Index criterion.


The Academic Index is a metric employed by highly selective colleges with many applications. Academic Index combines an applicant’s whole academic record into a single figure, making it simple for admissions officers to reject applicants who do not fulfill a college’s academic requirements. So, you will need to meet the Northeastern university GPA requirements and take the most difficult courses to stand out from the crowd.

Develop one or two Tier 1-2 extracurricular activities

Apart from maintaining Northeastern university’s GPA requirements, you will need to excel at extracurriculars too. Extracurricular activities are viewed as an “important” aspect of admissions choices at Northeastern. The best universities want individuals who have one or two well-developed interests and have proven accomplishments or leadership in them. A well-developed interest referred to as a “spike” is another excellent technique to get the attention of admissions officers.


The “Four Levels of Extracurriculars” Concept is a Simple Method to Understand How a College Rates a Specific Activity:

Tier 1 Activities

Are the most influential; they are rare and represent greatness, success, and leadership. Winning a national award or participating in a top merit-based summer program are examples of Tier 1 activities.

Tier 2 Activities

Exhibit quality, success, and leadership. Still, they are more prevalent and have a lower effect than Tier 1 activities, such as state-level recognition in athletics or music, student body president, or earning a regional award.

Tier 3 Extracurriculars

Regularly featured on applications and lack the differentiation found in higher tier activities. Tier 3 activities include serving as captain of a varsity sport or holding a leadership role in a well-known group.

Tier 4 Activities

Carry the least weight and are often observed most by admissions officers. Participation in a sport or group and general volunteer work are all examples of Tier 4 activities.

Prospective students should strive for one or two Tier 1-2 activities at most top institutions. 

Aim for an SAT score of 1540 and an ACT score of 35.

At Northeastern, test results are “very important” in admissions choices. NU’s incoming 2020-2021 class’s middle 50% SAT range is 1430-1540, while its middle 50% ACT range is 33-35. Any score in the middle of 50% is acceptable; however, the higher you score in the range, the better your chances of admission.

Is Northeastern your first choice? Well, then you must meet Northeastern University’s GPA and SAT scores. 

  • Recommendation Letters

Letters of recommendation are “very important” to Northeastern’s admissions process, and you must submit two of them with your application: one from your high school counselor and one from a teacher.

Give your professors at least a month to finish your letters before the deadline. The sooner you inquire, the better. During the summer, many instructors like writing recommendations. If you’re applying under the early decision or early action plans, you’ll need to request recommendations before the beginning of your senior year. Keep in mind that some professors will be writing many letters, which will take time. 

  • Create Interesting Essays

Essays are the finest method to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Northeastern believes essays to be “important” in the admissions process and highly values them. Applicants must submit a personal essay for the Common or Coalition Application. It will help if you put time and attention into each essay you write for Northeastern. Your essay may influence the admissions committee that you are serious about attending Northeastern University. Start writing your essays early, so you have time to rewrite and receive feedback.

  • Use the Early Action/Early Decision Feature.

In general, students who apply early have a greater chance of being admitted, even if it is only 1-2 percent. You may improve your chances of approval by applying early! Northeastern has three application options for first-year students. The following are the specifics for each:

  • Early Action (EA) is an application process for seniors who want to apply early in their senior year but aren’t sure which university they wish to attend. If you are accepted into EA, you will not be required to attend Northeastern.
  • Early decision is a binding application plan. You must withdraw from all other college and university applications if you are accepted. It is for students who have chosen Northeastern as their first option among all other colleges. 
  • The primary, non-binding plan is a regular decision. You should apply for this option if you feel your senior year will improve your application.

At first sight, Northeastern admissions may appear intimidating. The high Northeastern University GPA requirements are as competitive as Ivy League colleges. But don’t give up. If you want to attend Northeastern, make sure you have a robust application and do well on your SATs!



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