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BOB JONES UNIVERSITY – Admission, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 27, 2022

Bob Jones University is owned by private entities. Now the question is that, where is Bob Jones University situated? Bob Jones University is situated in South Carolina, Greenville. This university was founded in the year 1927. This university is well-known for its religious and cultural environment. 

This university follows the semester system for studies. This university is accredited by the SACSCOC. The motto is petimus credimus (Latin) in English which means we seek, we trust. 


The chancellor of the university is Bob Jones 3rd, and the president is Steve Pettit. There are a total of 264 staff in total and about 3155 students in the university. The strength of undergraduates is 2705, and postgraduates is around 450. 

Bob Jones University Rules 

The university does not impose strict rules, but, like many other universities, this university also wants its students to follow some guidelines and respect their boundaries. To know more about the university, visit the website – bobjonesuniversity.  


Now let us know more about the university.

Bob Jones University Acceptance Rate 

The university of Bob James offers students an open policy for admission, having an almost hundred per cent acceptance rate. Entries for admission are open for fall and spring. The university accepts an SAT score between 1000 and 1260 and an ACT score ranging from 20 to 28.  

  • The acceptance rate is more than 80% for medical and pre-med graduates. They should pass the national average rate of 41%.
  • The admission requirements include college prep courses, GPA in high school, rank in high school, high school transcript, SAT/ACT scores, and other recommendations.

This was a brief on Bob Jones University acceptance rate. Now let us move forward and know more about other particulars about the university.

Bob Jones University Admission

Let us find some information related to admission to the university and the procedures and requirements for admission.


Admission to Bob Jones University starts as early as a student begins junior. Admission of graduate students or admission to any graduation course should begin within six months of your enrollment. 

Admission for the undergraduate courses at Bob Jones University is effortless, and students should apply after their schooling. There are a variety of courses for the students to choose from.


624 female students applied to this university, and 526 of them were accepted. The final acceptance rate of females was about eighty-four per cent.

529 male students applied to this university, and 444 of them were accepted. The final acceptance rate was about eighty-four per cent. 


Bob Jones University Tuition Fee

Let us now know about the tuition and tuition fee for this university. This information will be helpful for students who want to know about the expenses of the university before applying. The Bob Jones University tuition fee depends upon the courses the students choose. The cost ranges from 9.5 lakhs per year to 14.4 lakhs per year in Indian rupees.

After the acceptance procedure, international students are required to pay 250 USD, which is a reservation deposit to the university.


The amount paid by the students is then applied and used as the fee for tuition and for the semester. This amount is refundable, and if the student does not want to continue in the university, this amount will be fully refunded to the student. 

Bob Jones University Sports

The university of Bob Jones provides facilities for various sports that the students can perform and participate in.

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Cross country
  • Volleyball (men)
  • Volleyball (female) 
  • Track and field

There are a variety of sports programs at the university. They offer sports for both female and male categories. Soccer for both males and females, men and women basketball, cross country, golf, junior soccer, junior volleyball and many more are included.

List of Programs Offered

Bob Jones offers more than sixty courses and programs for graduates and undergraduates. There are both graduate and associate programs. Associate programs have a course period of two years. The programs also include internship opportunities where students can get an experience for their future. 

  • Church Ministries and Music, BS
  • Science Education, BS
  • Public Health/ Global Health, BS
  • Accounting, BS
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, BS
  • Actuarial Science, BS
  • Biology, BS
  • Biblical Studies, BA
  • Business, AS
  • Chemistry, BS
  • Biblical Counseling, BS
  • Child Care and Development, AS
  • Business Administration. BS
  • Christian Ministries, AS
  • Child Development, BS
  • Communication, BA
  • Communication Disorders, BS 
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Criminal Justice, BS
  • Composition, BMUS 
  • Criminal Justice, AS
  • Cross Cultural Services, BA
  • Culinary Arts, AS
  • Early Childhood Education, BS
  • Elementary Education, BS
  • Cyber Security, BS
  • Educational Studies, BS
  • Engineering, BS
  • Fashion Design, BS
  • Film and Digital Storytelling, BS
  • French, BA
  • Health Sciences, BS
  • History, BA
  • Graphic Design, BFA
  • Humanities, BA
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BA/BS
  • Information Technology, BS
  • English Education, BS
  • Mass Communication and Journalism, BA
  • International Studies, BA
  • Interior Architecture and Design, BFA
  • Keyboard Performance, BMUS
  • Kinesiology, BS
  • Mathematics, BS
  • Liberal Arts, AS
  • Mathematic Education, BS
  • Media Education, BS
  • Middle School Education, BS
  • Music, BA/ BS
  • Ministry and Leadership, BS
  • Music Education, BME
  • Orchestral Instrument Performance
  • Paralegal Studies, AS
  • Nursing, BSN
  • Personal Training, as
  • Piano Pedagogy, BMUS
  • Physics, BS
  • Voice Performance, BMUS
  • Political Science, BA
  • Social Science Education, BS
  • Spanish, BA
  • Premed/Predent, BS
  • Special Education, BS
  • Sports Management, BS
  • Theater, BA
  • Visual Studies, BS
  • Studio Art, BFA

The university is spread over 225 acres of land on the eastern side of the country called Greenville. The university got moved to its own initially built buildings, which were 25 in number during the year 1947-48. Then, later on the university was faced with the light yellow bricks which were chosen for the originals. 

  • This University provides a wide range of courses for graduate and undergraduate students seeking enrollment to universities. The campus size is 225 acres (91 ha). The sports affiliations of the university are NCCAA Division 2- south, NCAA Division 3- independent.

This article is an attempt to bring light into some information about the university of Bob Jones, which will be helpful for the student aspirants trying to get an entry here. For further details and queries, you can visit the Bob Jones University official website.                                                                                      

BOB Jones University


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