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Bottega University: Admissions, Ranking and Acceptance Rate

Sep 27, 2022

Bottega University is a for-profit university with national accreditation. The Bottega University location is Salt Lake City. It offers associate degrees online and a Full Stack Development Certificate program. 

Cutting-edge technology and methodological techniques enhance students’ access to high-quality, reasonably priced education. There are no residency requirements for the programs the students are enrolled in, and they can complete all their courses online.


This article will inform you about Bottega University acceptance rate, Bottega University ranking, Bottega University admissions, and more detailed information about Bottega University.

Bottega University- An Overview

The founders of Bottega University, Robert McKim Norris, Jr. and D. Michael Barrett, established Andrew Jackson University (Original name of Bottega University) in 1994. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, has certified the University.


The online degree program includes computer science, communication, business, and other subjects. Business administration courses for the master’s degree are also available. The mission of Bottega University is to provide a high-quality, reasonably priced education to a diverse student body. They provide academic and non-academic facilities like sports, library, and administrative services.

Bottega University Ranking

  • As per the 2021 edition of the webometrics ranking of universities in the USA, Bottega University‘s rankings featured in this post include World, Country, Impact, Openness, and Excellence. 
  • On the list of American universities, it comes in at number 3179.
  • It comes up at number 18776 on the global list of universities.
  • Bottega University ranking holds 18119th position in terms of influence.
  • It is ranked 6650th in terms of excellence.  
  • It is ranked 18119th for its openness.

Bottega University Admissions

The Bottega University acceptance rate is 87%. For every 100 applicants, a maximum 87 are admitted. There are specific requirements for admission like SAT/ACT, GPA, etc. An anticipated average GPA is unclear as Bottega University does not provide its typical GPA for new students.


Although college applications involve several procedures, some of the critical things that need to be focused on are:

  • Application requirements
  • GPA requirements
  • Testing requirements, like the ACT and SAT requirements

It recommends contacting this school to learn more about what they’re looking for in an applicant. This University has a selective admissions policy based on entrance exams, prior academic performance, and grades. Thus acceptance rate and admission policies vary by areas of study and student nationality or any other criteria. Students interested in applying to the University can do so through their website.


Bottega University Acceptance Rate

Admission requirementsTranscript of high school record
SAT Weighed but not necessary
ACTWeighed but not necessary
RecommendationsWeighed but not necessary

Bottega University Scholarship and Financial Aid

There are specific scholarship requirements for the students who applied for Bottega University Scholarship and Financial Aid. Scholarships can be applied for on this website.

The Financial Support Services manage the scholarships. Hence, students can locate the application under the “Tution & Payments” section. The student must fill up and submit the online application. Bottega University offers a variety of scholarships, including the following: 


Heritage Scholarship: Recipients of this scholarship will have one term’s tuition discounted by 50%.

Requirements: Complete scholarship application and a 500-word essay on the subject of “How will my studies at B.U. affect my profession, life, and family?” are required.


Criteria for this Scholarship: 

  • When the scholarship is given, the student must hold a minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • A minimum of 12 semester credits is required.
  • Must be a degree-seeking student who is enrolling.
  • Student journey scholarship: It helps children who find it challenging to return to school independently because of a traumatic life event. The scholarships given to each recipient will cover one term’s worth of undergraduate tuition.

Requirements: Fill out the scholarship application completely. Send a 500-word essay outlining the life event you’ve gone through, your need for financial support, and your future objectives. You should submit documentation of economic alternative ineligibility.

Criteria for this Scholarship: 

  • An acknowledged verified student had a life event.
  • You were found to be ineligible for financial aid after you applied.
  • B.U. Continuing Alumni Scholarship: Students who have finished their undergraduate studies at B.U. and wish to enroll in the University’s graduate program are eligible for this scholarship.

Requirements: Fill up the scholarship application and include a copy of the Bottega University certificate or diploma you were awarded.


Criteria for this Scholarship: 

  • Complete a certificate or degree program at B.U. During the three years following the application.
  • 3.5 GPA minimum required, or successful completion of a certificate program.

B.U. uses Financial Aid from Neither the federal nor the state financial aid programs. However, Bottega takes cheques, credit cards, debit cards, and financing from outside sources. The Financial Services Team can arrange your monthly payments with 0% financing.

Bottega University Academic Life

At Bottega University, there are 32 undergraduate students. 10% of them come from outside the state. The University maintains a 2:1 student-teacher ratio. It offers online associate degrees in business, communication, and computer science. Additionally, the University grants bachelor’s degrees in technology, communication, and business. There are more master’s programs in business administration available (MBA).

Bottega University Housing

The programs offered by BU are non-residential and entirely online.

Bottega University Student Life

Bottega offers full-time and part-time online programs that need a minimum of 600 hours of coursework. The 12-week full-time programs are offered from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Although part-time programs are self-paced, students must finish the course of study in 40 weeks.

Bottega University- In a Wrap

Bottega University offers high-quality instruction that is affordable to a sizeable international audience. They offer graduates credit, transcripts, and significant career pathways.

One may apply to Bottega University by completing the application form on the University’s website. During the admissions process, students are treated as individuals rather than just a set of numbers.

It is an accredited online university with a high global ranking for online associate degree programs.

bottega university


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