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Bucknell University – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 26, 2022

Bucknell University is private liberal arts and professional University with three significant colleges: the Freeman College of Management, the College of Engineering, and the College of Arts and Sciences. It is one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in the USA and has Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation. For more details  Bucknell, Bucknell university ranking, its acceptance rate, and admission details, read this article until the end. 

Overview of Bucknell University: 

The prestigious private institution Bucknell University is situated in East Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania. Three thousand six hundred eighty-six undergraduate students are enrolled in this modest college. Due to the 38% of Bucknell university acceptance rate, admissions are moderately complex. Popular majors like Economics Popular majors like Economics, Political Science, and Biology are offered here. 


Bucknell University was established in 1846 as the University at Lewisburg, is among the top ten engineering institutions in the USA and is primarily known for its excellent undergraduate engineering programs. Bucknell’s pillars are integrity, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage. 

Bucknell’s Location Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. 
University Type Private and Coed 
Founded In 1846 
Campus Setup Rural Area 
Total Enrollments Around 3700 
Academic Term Semester 
Official Website Website 

Different Programs offered at Bucknell University: 

  • The university offers courses in 70 minors in addition to 60 majors. 
  • Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Management, and BS-MS Dual degree in engineering are the main degrees that Bucknell University offers. 
  • Accounting and finance, economics, biology, psychology, and geography are some of the majors with the highest enrollment rates. 
  • Accounting and finance, economics, biology, psychology, and geography are some of the majors with the highest enrollment rates. 
  • Students from every stream at the institution receive training in various writing techniques across the Curriculum program. 

Bucknell University Admission: 

Admissions at Bucknell are highly selective, with a 38% acceptance rate. The typical  SAT or ACT score for applicants at Bucknell is between 1250 and 1430, respectively. The date for regular admission to Bucknell is January 15. The deadline date to apply for an early decision at Bucknell is November 15 for those interested. University charges nonrefundable admission or application fees of $40. 


Admission process and documents required for admission: 

Candidates must use the  Common Application portal to complete the application. Students can also complete the application process by sending a filled application to University Head Office. All applications must be finished within the deadline (as per early and regular application dates). 


Students must submit a Purpose Statement, All previous educational transcripts, and two letters of recommendation from people familiar with the applicant’s academic performance as part of the admission. Students’ test scores (IELTS/ TOEFL) must be sent directly by the Educational Testing Service providers to the University. 

Bucknell University Ranking: 

Also called “Hidden Ivies,” due to its high-level education as Ivy League colleges, ranked top in most of the categories in America. In the “National Liberal Arts Colleges” category in the 2022 edition of U.S. News & World Report, Bucknell ranked inBucknell university ranking is in the top 50 liberal colleges. Out of 312, Bucknell university ranking is 195th place in the USA in the 2022 report. The University is ranked 819th by the Center for World University Rankings. 


The university’s UG engineering programs have achieved very high rankings. The top-ranked majors are B.S. in mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and biomedical engineering. Below are some Bucknell University Ranking statistics. 

Ranking Category/Course Bucknell University Ranking # 
National Liberal Arts Colleges #38 
Best UG Teaching #55 
Best Value schools #99 
Most Innovative Schools #7 
Best Greek Life Colleges in America #64 of 718 
Best College of Economics ( America ) #79 of 582 
Best College of Account and Finance ( America ) #84 of 829 
Best College of Chemistry ( America ) #89 of 655 
Best college in athletics ( America) #206 of 1356 
Best campus (America) #404 of 1395 
Best college for Global students #62 of 209 

Bucknell university acceptance rate: 

The acceptance rate at Bucknell university is highly competitive, which is around 38% overall. Every year, Bucknell receives 11000+ applications and accepts 3000+ applications. That makes an average of 33% of Bucknell university acceptance rate. Among these 33% (3000+) students, only 26-27% of students choose to enroll at Bucknell for further studies.  


According to the school’s application data, 51% of applicants were males, and 49% were women; however, only 52% of accepted women chose to enroll at Bucknell University, compared to 47% of men. 

For the year 2022(class of 2026), Bucknell university received 11,708 applications, among which 3812 were Bucknell university acceptance rate for 2022 at 32.6%. Below is the comparison of acceptance rates for the last 3 years. 

Year Total Applications Accepted Acceptance Rate 
Class of 2026 11,708 3812 32.6% 
Class of 2025 11,263 3,886 34.5% 
Class of 2024 9890 3712 37% 

Early Decision and Regular Decision: 

Early decision is available at Bucknell University, but not early action. Early action lets you apply early without committing to enroll, whereas early decision is binding and requires you to enroll if you are accepted. Bucknell University’s early decision acceptance rate is at 55%, 38% of the overall acceptance rate. Around 460 students, among 840, got admitted as part of an early decision to Bucknell University last year. 

Highlights on Bucknell University: 

  • The University campus is spread over 450 acres with more than 100 facilities. 
  • The campus has a fitness a golf course, and a sports pavilion for sports enthusiast students. 
  • University has an overall graduation rate of 83%, with a 92%  
  • As per the datasheet, 96% of Bucknell University alums get jobs within 8-9 months of graduation. And the total alumni count is around 55000. 
bucknell university


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