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Colgate University – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Sep 23, 2022

In terms of picking a college, there are endless options. But if you’re looking for a college with a strong reputation, Colgate University is a great choice. Colgate University is a leading institute in liberal arts education today that also focuses on long-standing customs. Colgate is a unique and prestigious American university renowned for its academic rigor, top-notch faculty, a breathtaking campus, and devoted alum groups. Founded in 1819, Colgate is a small, private university in Hamilton, New York. The institution enjoys a solid academic standing, and its graduates go on to successful careers in various fields. Colgate is also known for its beautiful campus. The school’s 553-acre campus is home to rolling hills, streams, and forests, making it a great place to study and relax. It is a private-coed institute that follows a semester-wise academic calendar. 

 Majors offered at Colgate University: 

 There are many excellent reasons to think about enrolling at Colgate University. Colgate University is a great location to explore, discover, and advance your academic interests as it offers 56 majors and numerous other minor study options. Whether you’re interested in business, science, or the liberal arts, Colgate has a program that will suit your needs. And with a student-to-faculty ratio of just 9:1, you’re guaranteed to get the individualized attention you deserve. Below is a list of a few of Colgate University’s top majors. 

  • Econometrics and Quantitative Economics 
  • Political Science and Government 
  • English Language and Literature 
  • Research and Experimental Psychology
  • Biology/Biological Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • International Relations and Affairs 
  • Environmental Studies 
  • Molecular Biology 

 Colgate’s liberal arts programs are some of the best in the country. The school offers majors in various subjects, including English, history, and psychology. You’ll have the fortune to take classes from world-renowned professors,

 Colgate University Acceptance Rate: 

 Overall, Colgate University acceptance rate is 27%, making it more selective than other universities. An ACT score of 30 to 33 or a SAT score of between Colgate University and a 3.8 weighted GPA. For the year 2022(Class of 2026), Colgate University’s acceptance rate is marked at 12%, which is very low compared to the previous few years’ acceptance rate. Colgate University received 21,261 applications from 154 different countries participating in the admission process. Among 21,261 applicants, 2,624 were accepted, and 841 students chose to be part of Colgate by enrolling. Early decision applicants count is 1,933, of which 488 students are registered at Colgate. The Colgate University Acceptance rate is a little discouraging for the class of 2026, which has seen a 17% acceptance rate with 3,015 student applicants accepted for the class of 2025. And for the class of 2024 (The year 2020) was much higher, with an acceptance rate of 27%.  


 Colgate University Ranking: 

With Colgate University ranking at #12 in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report, it has been named Colgate University rankings 

  • Best Undergraduate teaching – #31 
  • Best Value Schools – #15 
  • Most Innovative Schools – #35 
  • The Best Universities For a Bachelor’s degree – #12
  • Top Ranked universities in the Patriot League – #1 
  • Top Private Universities in America – #43
  • Best colleges for Arts in America – #56 
  • Most diverse college in America – #315 

 In addition, it is classified as one of Newsweek’s “New Ivies” and one of the 30 Hidden Ivies in 2014. Colgate University was named the most scenic campus in America by Princeton Review in 2014. Colgate University has been ranked third for its accomplishment in integrating African-American students by The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. It is also listed among the “100 finest universities for LGBT students.” 


 Colgate University Admission process: 

 Application fees of $60 apply to all U.S. citizens. All non-U.S citizens, military veterans, and students applying for financial aid are excluded from this fee, or it will be waived off for qualified applicants. Like other Universities, Colgate also accepts applications through early decisions 1, 2, and regular choices.  

Below is the admission process explained, with the documents required. 

  • Aspirants can submit the application form using the Common Application or Colgate university application portal. 
  • Application fees of $60 must be paid. 
  • The official high-school transcript that shows courses and grades should be submitted. An English translation of the original transcript if your high school does not give an English transcript must be submitted. 
  • Two academic recommendations must be submitted, and they must come from key academic teachers who had contact with the applicant in grades 10, 11, or 12. 
  • One recommendation from the guidance counselor/mentor should specify the student’s academic and personal readiness for post-secondary study. 

Application process Deadline dates: 

Early Decision I Early Decision II 


Regular Decision 
Application deadline – 15th November Application deadline – 15th January Application deadline – 15th January 
Decision release – By Mid-December Decision release – By Mid-February Decision release – By Late-March 

 All the students, opting to submit supplementary essays, must submit them by the deadline dates early decision 1(1st December) and early decision 2, and Regular decision ( 1st February). 


 Colgate University Tuition: 

Colgate University tuition for the year 2022-23 is estimated to be $63,904. And for the qualified students, seeking financial aid, Colgate University tuition costs will be reduced or adjusted according to the applicant’s family’s yearly income. A complete breakup of Colgate University tuition and net cost which is around $80,396 is shown below. 

Colgate University Tuition $63,904 
Student Activity Fees $386 
Housing $7,778 
Meal Plan $8,328 
Total expenses $80,396 

 Also, a non-billable expense of $3,254 is applicable, which varies student-student and based on personal choices. It Includes costs like Books and supplies and domestic travel. With a student-faculty ratio of 9:1 and 69% of the classes with a sizes of  less than 20 students, every student is given individual care, and utmost importance is given to the student’s overall growth. 

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