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Columbia ACT Scores And SAT, GPA Requirements

Mar 31, 2023

Let’s discuss about Columbia act scores in this article

To be a part of the world’s most desirable educational institute, you need to be on top of your game. Also, you must know the procedures and all other requirements for taking admission to Columbia University.  


You need to know about all the important test scores that will pave the road for you toward your goal.  

Overview of Columbia University 

The rich history of Columbia University goes back to 1754 when CU was founded as a king’s college. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in New York. In 1784, it was named Columbia College, and in 1896 it became Columbia University.  


Columbia University is one of the most important research centers in the world. It has the most distinctive and distinguishing educational environment for undergraduates and graduate students. There are more than a hundred departments, and 31,455 students are enrolled in these various courses.  

Acceptance Rate of Columbia University 

There are thousands of applications submitted to Columbia UniversityBut few of them get the chance to enroll in this prestigious college.  


Here is a breakdown of students who get a chance to enroll in engineering courses in the fall. 

Status 2020 2021 
Application 40,083 63,318 
Admits 2,544 2577 
Enrolled 1,453 1,730 
Admit% 6% 4% 
Yield% 57% 67% 

You can see that only 6% of the applied students were admitted to the University in 2020. This gets down to 4% in 2021, and the competition is getting tougher every year. So, you can see the challenges in getting accepted by the University. It would be best if you aced your academics to crack the admission process.  


Many students work very hard to enroll in this University. You need to excel in all subjects and require top Columbia ACT scoresYour GPA, SAT, and other test scores must be more than average to get through the admission process.  

SAT Requirements for Columbia University 

The SAT requirements for CU follow a certain policy called “highest section” or “Super scoring.” In this process, you can choose which SATs you want to send to the school. They will select the highest section scores from all the SATs you submit. Here is a breakdown of SAT scores by section:  

Section Average 25th percentile  75th percentile  
Math 770 740 800 
Reading & Writing 735 710 760 
Composite 1505 1450 1560 

So you can see that if your SAT score is 1450, that will place you below average, and if you can score 1560 out of the new 1600 SAT, that will move you up to above average. It would be best if you got an average SAT score of 1505 on the 1600 SAT scale.  

ACT Requirements for Columbia University 

Columbia University has an easy cutoff for the ACT. However, your application can be tossed off real quick if you have a low ACT score. The average Columbia ACT scores is 34, which makes the University extremely competitive. The ACT score for the 25th percentile is 33, and the ACT score for the 75th percentile is 35, which makes the range of 33 to 35.  


With an average of 34 Columbia ACT scores, getting 33 on your ACT will make you look academically weak. And that will give you a hard time getting into the University. However, you can add other exceptional scores that can get you through the admission process.  

  • Columbia University has flexibility in terms of accepting ACT scores. You can take as many as the ACT test and send the best score to the college.  
  • Unlike SAT, you don’t need to send all the test results to the college. Also, CU accepts the “super score” policy in ACT, which means the school takes the best section scores from all the test dates you submit and takes the best composite score to submit.  
  • Or you can send the highest score in the ACT in a single setting. You need to study hard and get an ACT score of 35, which will boost your application for admission. Columbia University wants you to take the ACT writing section. This will be considered one of the admission factors.  

Columbia University GPA Requirements 

Columbia University does not have any specific requirements for GPA scores. But the higher the score, the better the chance of getting into college. It reduces the chances of rejection immediately after applying to college. So, you need to have a good GPA, SAT, and Columbia University ACT to enroll in the University. The average GPA is 4.12 for CU, and that is the way of telling you to be at the top of your school. Without getting straight As in all the subjects, you will face a hard time getting a 4.12 GPA.  


Also, you need to take AP or IB courses to make an impactful application. If you are junior or senior in school, you need to improve your grades as much as possible. However, if you don’t have an average GPA or have a GPA lower than 4.12, you have other ways to make it up to the application.  

It would be best if you got an excellent SAT and Columbia ACT scores to compensate for your GPA score. These scores will help you compete with other applicants with higher GPA scores.  

Application Requirements of Columbia University 

Every university and college needs some essential documentation for the admission process. That includes high school transcripts, GPA, SAT, ACT, and other test scores. Also, recommendations, an application essay, and an application form.  

Some universities make certain changes in their criteria, and here you can learn about the requirements of Columbia University. 

  • The University accepts common applications, and you need to submit supplemental forms.  
  • Universal Applications are not accepted in the admission process. 
  • Electronic applications are available, and you can use them for remote form fill-up.  
  • If you are a freshman, you must submit an essay or personal statement with your application. 
  • You need to add three letters of recommendation from your teachers.  
  • For admission to Columbia University, you don’t need to give any interviews. 
  • The application fee is only $85. With the availability of a fee waiver, you can enjoy free admission.  
  • You need to attach your test scores which include SAT or ACT. 
  • You need to add SAT essays or ACT writings to the application. 

Parting Thoughts  

So, you already know the requirements and the tactics for enrolling in Columbia University. Now you only need to prepare yourself and make an impactful application. You must modify your routine and strategize your studies to get a high-Grade Point Average (GPA), with an average Columbia ACT scores and SAT score. These three test scores combined help you in enrolling in your desired university. 


columbia act scores


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