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Crown College -Admissions, Rankings, and Acceptance Rates

Sep 12, 2022

The Crown College is a prestigious Christian, private-owned, non-profit college located in Minnesota. It is located in the Laketown Township of the city. With over 350+ grad students enrolled, this institution boasts a modest community of grad students. Seven of Crown College’s eight graduate programs are available digitally or via graduate distance learning programs. Religious Studies, Religious Education, and Counseling Psychology are considered the most popular and unique graduate programs at Crown College Minnesota. The overall student body comprises 13% of part-time grad students. 

Crown College – An Overview 

Crown College was established in 1916 as a private-owned college. Crown Institution is a charitable institution of higher education in Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota, that offers just a few majors. The institution boasts roughly 1,000 students enrolled. The college has around 1,160 undergraduates (fall 2019), a 215 acres wide campus area, and a rural environment. The academic schedule is semester-based. Crown College is ranked #119-157 in Regional Universities Midwest in the Best Colleges 2022 edition. The costs of education total $27,980.About a vast majority of students admitted to this institution had SAT scores ranging from 980 to 1200 or were approved with just an ACT score varying from 18 to 23.Depending on the gathered sampling GPA data, the average GPA range for incoming freshers in Crown College is expected to be between 2.89 and 3.18.Crown College accepted approximately 50% of all applicants, and about 32% of all those approved went on to enroll. Further details on admissions can be found on the admissions department website at

Location St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, United States
TypePrivate, Not-For-Profit (co-ed)
Religious Affiliation The Christian and Missionary Alliance
Academic CalendarSemester-Based
Phone(952) 446-4100

This article will share valuable insight into the Crown College acceptance rate, admissions, rankings, and so on. So, continue reading. 

Crown College – Rankings 2022

According to EduRank, a credible and reputable ranking source, Crown College’s ranking in the world is 5923. On the other hand, UniRank – another excellent ranking source – ranked Crown as the 3427th  in the world.

Best Christian Colleges In Minnesota 2022

Rank – 17

Best Small Colleges In Minnesota 2022


Rank – 22

Best Private Colleges In Minnesota 2022

Rank – 19

Best Liberal Arts Colleges In Minnesota 2022


Rank – 24

Here is a Crown College division of ranking based on their subjects and programs:

DivisionUSA RankGlobal Rank
Social Work12652940
Literature 18096377
Nursing 19845592
Religious Studies 12815394

Crown College Admissions 2022

Regarding Crown College admissions, the institution received about a thousand applications in 2020, indicating an annual growth of 15%. However, only 445 applicants get accepted by the college, which made the institution’s acceptance rate 46.9% for that year. 


Crown College Online Program

This college welcomes you into its unique and highly valuable online program that is designed to deliver the best quality education. The institution has over 20 years of experience in providing online education. Given the busy schedules of many learners, Crown College Online ensures the best-in-class facilities and flexibility to make your educational experience seamless. Every online curriculum enables you to blend its customizable courses with your real-life practices. 

Academic Life At Crown College

Although Crown isn’t a demanding institution to get into, students are expected to work hard. There is an honors program that is fairly tough, whereas the majority of ordinary programs need 1-3 hours of study beyond the classroom to achieve decent marks. Although there are always anomalies, most students work hard since Crown is indeed a costly institution, and students have to retain their scholarships. The classroom atmosphere is really a great experience. Also, the lecturers are quite approachable. For instance, every lecturer will know your name from freshman year, and it’s not unusual for a cohort of students to spend quality time with almost any specific professor beyond the classroom time. Several professors participate in scheduled school events, like the annual “prof hide and seek” activity at the Mall of America. Most degrees need a practicum or an internship, which is incredibly helpful for acquiring hands-on experience and securing a profession after graduation. For example, if a student is majoring in Intercultural Studies, they can complete a two-month practicum in a nation of their choice.


Crown College Predictable Acceptance Rate 2022-2023

The long-term trend list illustrates last year’s acceptance rates, out of which researchers forecasted the acceptance rate for the academic session of 2022-2023. Crown College’s total admission rate has been steadily declining in recent years.

Crown College Acceptance Rate By Year:

  • For The Session 2016-2017: 54.10%
  • For The Session 2017-2018: 51.20%
  • For The Session 2018-2019: 55.10%
  • For The Session 2019-2020: 49.8%

Predicted Acceptance Rate 2022-2023: 48.5%


Admission Details – Requirements

To get admission, you’ll have to meet the Crown College GPA requirements, the TOEFL exam, and more. So, read to learn them all. 

  • TOEFL Examination (For International Students) is required
  • Standardized Test Scores (ACT, SAT, etc.) are required
  • Having School Records is mandatory
  • High School GPA scores are mandatory

Enrolled Students, How Many Percent Got Accepted, & Number of Applicants [For 2020]


Crown College Admission Fee 

The Crown College tuition fee (in-state) is around $28,110. Their fee structure can vary based on the income of the applicant’s family and their scholarship. Depending on the income, the average net cost to attend this college will be:

Annual Income (in $)Average Net Cost To Attend (in $)

Crown College – A Recap

Crown College, situated in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, is among the greatest institutions in the state. Hopefully, this guide has provided all the info you needed, including the detailed rankings for Crown College in the following categories: graduation rates, instructional resources, finance options, and alumni donations. The most recent admission rate is also provided to demonstrate how competitive Crown College is.

crown college


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