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Dartmouth College – Admissions, Rankings, Acceptance Rates

Sep 26, 2022

Established in the year 1769 by Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, Dartmouth is a private College and a member of the Ivy league. Located in New Hampshire, Dartmouth institute has quickly got recognized as a leader among educational facilities of its kind. The campus is spread over 269-acre; Dartmouth is one of the oldest colleges in the world. And it has protected its identity as a leading private institute by winning the Dartmouth College v. Woodward case, which is  

Dartmouth has been recognized as an institution with “extremely high research activity” by the Carnegie Foundation. It also attracted numerous research sponsors in 2018 and raised USD 203 million as a research fund. It has a year-round calendar with four 10-week terms(quarter-based calendar) so that students may schedule their classes, research, travel, and work around their schedules. 


The institution aims to educate students and equip them with the skills necessary for leadership and practical learning. As a means of exposure, students are also encouraged to visit local businesses. In addition, the institution organizes exchange  

Overview of Dartmouth Institute: 

Dartmouth’s Location Hanover, New Hampshire, USA 
Institute Type Private and Coed 
Founded In 13th December 1769 
Campus Setup Rural Area 
Total Enrollments 6608(UG – 4459, PG – 2149) 
Academic Term Quarterly 
Official Website Website 

Courses Offered and other Graduate Schools at Dartmouth Campus: 

Dartmouth offers undergraduate training in 40 academic departments, all of which follow a liberal arts curriculum. Offering 60 majors in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering, Dartmouth also allows students to create specialized courses or participate in dual degree programs. 


Dartmouth University also offers four professional and graduate schools in addition to its arts and sciences undergraduate faculty. 

  • Geisel School of Medicine 
  • Thayer School of Engineering 
  • Tuck School of Business 
  • Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies 

The smallest Ivy League institution, Dartmouth, has roughly 6,700 students enrolled. For undergraduate admissions, for the class of 2026, Dartmouth college’s acceptance rate is 6.24%, with a regular decision acceptance rate of 4.7%. 


Admission at Dartmouth College – Early and Regular Decision: 

Dartmouth College places a high premium on academic achievement; prospective candidates should prioritize maintaining a solid academic record and a high grade point average. However, only 75% of the applications fall into these categories; therefore, they only account for a small portion of the total.  

2nd January is the cutoff day for applying to Dartmouth College, and the application fee is $80. 


Admission Time at Dartmouth and where to Apply: 

Every year, at the beginning of August, applications for Early Decision and Regular Decision are made available for all UG programs. It should be noted that each department has a different application process for graduate courses. 

UG Admission Application Start Application Deadline Application Status 
Regular Decision Early-August Early-January By March/April 
Early Decision Early-August Early-November By December 

Application for undergraduate programs at Dartmouth College must be made using the Common Application system. Fill out the application after logging in with your email ID on the application portal. When asked to choose a college while completing the process on the site, you can select Dartmouth College.  


And for PG admission, each graduate program has its own application portal. Students must therefore visit the appropriate graduate application portal of the school they are applying to in order to apply for a master’s degree. 

Key Points for the Aspirants: 

  • SAT and ACT scores are mandatory to seek admission here. Dartmouth typically accepts students with SAT scores of between 1440 and 1560 or ACT scores of between 32 and 35. 
  • Dartmouth College admissions officers view a student’s GPA as a crucial academic factor. When it is available, a candidate’s high school class rank is critical to admissions officers at Dartmouth College, as are letters of recommendation. 

Dartmouth Rankings: 

Dartmouth’s status as an Ivy League institution is reflected in its high placement in the annual rankings of the world’s leading academic journals.  


For 2020, Dartmouth was placed 301–400 on the Shanghai Rating of World Universities. Dartmouth College Ranking was raised to 200–300 for 2021. Dartmouth’s rating among the world’s top institutions has declined from 158th in 2017 to 203rd in 2021, according to QS (Top Universities).

Times Higher Education has consistently ranked Dartmouth as one of the top one hundred universities and colleges in the world every year since 2017. According to the Times Higher Education (THE), Dartmouth College is the 101st best university in the world in the year 2021.  


Being a member of prestigious Ivy League, Dartmouth ranking has fallen in recent years on lists compiled by every major rating organization. As of 2018, US News has consistently ranked Dartmouth among the top 20 organizations in the United States. 

Dartmouth College Ranking Overview – Trend 

Dartmouth college ranking

Dartmouth College Acceptance Rate: 

Eight institutions in Ivy League, including the, regularly rank among the best in the world. And the Ivy League admittance rates are of great interest. 

With just 9% of the overall Dartmouth College acceptance rate, Dartmouth is known for its rigorous application process. It is well known that students that apply for an early decision have far higher acceptance rates to Dartmouth than regular applicants. 

For 2022(Class of 2026), Dartmouth has received 28,356 applications in total. Of these, only 1767 are accepted, with an acceptance rate of 6.2%, which is almost the same % as 2021(class of 2025), which has a 6.18% Dartmouth College acceptance rate has dipped for the sixth time in a row now. 

Early Decision vs. Regular Decision 2022: 

Overall Acceptance Rates Early Decision Acceptance  Regular Decision Acceptance  
Accepted Applied Acceptance  Accepted Applied Acceptance  Accepted Applied Acceptance  
1,767 28,336 6.20% 560 2,633 21.30% 1,207 25,703 4.70% 

Acceptance Rate Trend for the Last Few Years: 

 Overall Acceptance Rates Early Decision Acceptance  Regular Decision Acceptance  
Year Accepted Applied Acceptance  Accepted Applied Acceptance  Accepted Applied Acceptance  
2022 1,767 28,336 6.20% 560 2,633 21.30% 1,207 25,703 4.70% 
2021 1,749 28,357 6.19% 591 2,664 22.20% 1,158 25,693 4.50% 
2020 1,973 21,392 9.20% 547 2,069 26.40% 1,426 19,323 7.40% 
2019 1,876 23,650 7.93% 574 2,474 23.20% 1,302 21,176 6.15% 

Historical Case – Dartmouth College v. Woodward  

 Dartmouth College v Woodward in 1819 was an important decision in the development of American corporate law. It addressed the constitutionality of contracts between private companies. 

The problem started when the trustees of Dartmouth College removed its president John Wheelock from his position, following some controversies. The New Hampshire government made an attempt in 1816 to convert privately funded Dartmouth College into a state university. By giving the governor the authority to designate trustees, the legislature altered the corporate charter of the institution. 

State violations of contracts with private or public corporations are prohibited by the Contract Clause (Art. 1, Section 10, and Clause 1). The Court ruled with a 5 to 1 vote that both private and public enterprises must abide by the Contract Clause. According to the Court, the corporate charter of the College was a contract between private parties that the government was forbidden from meddling with. 

The Supreme Court has ruled Dartmouth college v Woodward case was an historic win as a private entity. 

Dartmouth College


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