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Del Oro High School Admission Requirements

Apr 28, 2022

Do you want to enroll in Del Oro High School? If yes, go through this article. Here you will find everything regarding Del Oro Grad school and its admission requirements. 

A Brief Introduction to Del Oro

Del Oro High School, Loomis, California, serves students in the Placer Union High School District. This high school was established in 1958 and currently has over 1719 students in standard 9-12. Del Oro High School will make you feel like you’re in college. Having a few hundred students in your class will allow you to provide a wide range of activities. 


This high school is ranked 424th in California. Students can take Advanced Placement courses and examinations. This school has an AP participation rate of 54%. Twenty-two percent of students are members of underrepresented groups, and 15 percent are unprivileged. Del Oro High School is one of six high schools in the Placer Union High School District. It has 47.6% girls and 52.4% boys. White students make up 26.3 percent of all California students, making them the state’s second most common group after Hispanics. 

What is Del Oro Graduation Rate?

Graduation rates are an excellent place to start when assessing one’s academic progress. Ninety-seven percent of Del Oro High School students (out of 384) graduated within four years of starting high school. Del Oro High School’s graduation rate is in the 96th percentile of all California public high schools. 


A graduation rate of more than 90% is considered ideal and above average, whereas a graduation rate of less than 75% is considered extremely low. Because schools don’t get much better or worse in a short period, trends from a few years ago are likely to persist.

Graduation Requirements at Del Oro

A student must obtain a specified number of credits and pass all required courses to graduate. Graduation necessitates the completion of 260 credits. Here is the subject-wise breakdown of credits.

SubjectsNo. of Credits
English 40
Math 20
Physical Science10
Life Science10
World Studies10
U S History10
Civics/Amer Gov5
Fine Art or World Knowledge10
Physical Education25

There is the option of mid-year graduation for seniors who have met all graduation criteria by December of their senior year. Students should contact their counselors in their junior year to be eligible for mid-year graduation, and they must complete all the prerequisites before graduating. Students can pass a class with a “D” or higher grade. 

What are the SAT Test Score Requirements at Del Oro?

You might have been probably aware that the SAT is an important test for college admissions. If your score is higher than the national average, you will have an easier time getting into elite institutions. An SAT score of 1500 is the national average, but students here earn an average of 1600. Approximately 335 students from Del Oro High School take the SAT every year. This high school is ranked in the top 25% of all California high schools and scores significantly higher than the national average on the SAT, making this an excellent result (67 percent of students score above the national average). This achievement is one of Del Oro’s most notable academic achievements. 


Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations

Del Oro High School students can earn college credit by taking college-level Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Del Oro High School gives 646 AP exams to its 352 students in grades 9 through 12. Understanding how students perform on the AP exam is essential for passing the exam and earning college credit. 

Passing the exam with an AP score of 3, 4, or 5 entails passing the exam and receiving college credit. Del Oro AP test-takers have an average score of 3.3 out of 5. This is an outstanding achievement that demonstrates above-average results. Most students achieve a passing grade of 3 or higher, placing them above the national average. Del Oro is now ranked in the top quarter of all AP testing institutions in the United States. Many AP exam takers still receive a 4 or a 5.


AP Exam Pass Rate 

Del Oro High School’s AP exam pass rate is one way to evaluate the quality of the school’s AP program. If many students enroll in AP classes but do not take the AP exams, it may indicate that students are not fully prepared for the test or that the school is not sufficiently encouraging students to take the exams. Students at Del Oro High School, on the other hand, appear to be self-assured enough to take some AP exams. You should look into why more students aren’t confident enough to take all their AP classes’ tests. Inquire with your guidance counselor or AP teachers about this.


Why Should You Opt For AP/IB Courses at Del Oro?

Many high schools, including Del Oro High School in California, offer advanced placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. The difficulty level of AP and IB courses is comparable to that of first-year college courses. Taking advanced classes at Del Oro High School has several benefits. Take more advanced courses at Del Oro High School to impress college admissions officers. A higher weighted GPA from AP/IB classes makes you a stronger candidate for college admission.

As a bonus, your Del Oro High AP/IB coursework will be accepted by many colleges. You can progress to more advanced classes without first taking introductory courses. You may, however, be exempt from specific requirements, allowing you to graduate earlier than the standard four years. This frequently necessitates passing the AP exam with a score of 3 or higher. Del Oro High School ranks in the top half of all California high schools regarding the number of AP subjects offered. Some of the most popular AP courses in math and the humanities and others may be available to you.


If Del Oro does not offer any of the AP courses you are interested in, speak with your guidance counselor about other options. Of course, keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity – even if Del Oro High does not offer every AP course, the classes may still be very well taught. You can see how students fared in the AP score analysis section above.

List of Required Documents for Admission at Del Oro

  • Complete the resident verification form with two proofs
  • Immunizations
  • Shared resident’s OR Caregiver’s affidavit
  • Birth certificate
  • Birth record
  • Baptism certificate OR affidavit
  • Unofficial transcript from current school (only if applicable) 
  • Current 504 OR IEP Plan (only if applicable) 
  • Passport 
  • Any other document, if required


  1. Sign in to access the Student Portal. If you’re having trouble logging in, reset your password.
  2. You’ll find them under “CLASSES.”
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “COURSE REQUEST ENTRY.”
  4. Use the “SUBJ AREA” or “NAME/NBR” drop-down menus to find the classes or our course list.
  5. A list of options for any classes that are available at the student’s grade level and meet the requirements
  6. There will be a list of relevant criteria provided.
  7. Request a course by selecting the one you want to take. Then, select “Request Primary” to add the course.
  8. By clicking “Request Alternate” and then “Manage,” you can request an alternate course.
  9. In case of any error, you can delete the course by clicking the specific button.
  10. After the saved data, subjects can be changed/edited.

After registration, counselors will review your course selections, A-G requirements, college and career readiness indicators, and graduation requirements in one-on-one meetings in March and early April.

Selecting AP Courses

Students or their parents/guardians should complete this registration/enrollment process together. This is a two-step process that must be followed to order AP Exams. In one sitting, the entire procedure takes no more than ten minutes. You can register by visiting Del Oro’s official registration page. If you haven’t already done so in your AP classes, log in to your College Board MyAP account and enter the Join Codes, you’ll receive at the end of this registration process.

You’ve completed the first step when you receive a confirmation page. Then, ( will send you a confirmation page with the information you need to complete the second stage of AP course registration. Exams will only be requested if both steps are completed, so you should do so right away if you haven’t already done so in class. AP test fees must be paid online during the registration process at Del Oro High School. 


Del Oro High school’s students are significantly better prepared for college and the workforce industry than the state average. We hope this article provided helpful insights about the Del Oro grad school and will aid you in preparing for the admissions accordingly. 

del oro high school


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