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Elon University – Admissions, Ranking, and Acceptance Rates

Sep 23, 2022

With a 78% admission rate, Elon University is a private liberal arts institution. Elon University, with campuses in North Carolina’s Greensboro and Raleigh, is renowned for its emphasis on experiential learning. Elon’s three most popular majors are business, communications, arts, and sciences. The school has a healthy 12-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, which supports academics. Fraternities, sororities, club sports teams, and performing arts organizations are just a few of the clubs and organizations that students might join. Elon participates in the NCAA Colonial Sporting Association and fields 17 Division I athletic teams (CAA). 

A #1 national ranking for undergraduate teaching has been given to Elon for two years in a row in recognition of its emphasis on innovation, student achievement, and experiential learning. Faculty members committed to superior teaching and scholarship collaborate closely with students. Traditional liberal arts and sciences provide the foundation of the curriculum, which is completed by nationally regarded professional and graduate programs. 


Elon University Rate of Acceptance 

The acceptance rate at Elon University for the 2021–22 admissions session was 78%. This indicates that 78 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making Elon’s admissions procedure moderately challenging. 

Admissions Information (2021-22) 


10,500 applicants total 

78% of those admitted 


Percent of Admitted Students Who Enrolled (Yield) 20% 

Scores and Conditions for the SAT 


All candidates must submit their SAT or ACT results to Elon University. 65% of accepted students who applied for admission in the 2018–19 cycle submitted their SAT results. 

SAT Scope (Admitted Students) 


25th percentile of the section, 75th percentile 

ERW 590 660 


Math 570 660 

Writing and Reading Based on Evidence 

According to admissions statistics, most of Elon University’s accepted students scored in the top 35% nationwide on the SAT. 50% of applicants at Elon received scores for the evidence-based reading and writing portion of  between 590 and 660. In comparison, 25% received scores below 590, and 25% received scores above 660. 50% of accepted students received math scores between 570 and 660, 25% received math scores below 570, and 25% received math scores over 660. 


Scores and Requirements for the ACT 

All candidates to Elon University must submit their SAT or ACT results. 46% of accepted students reported their ACT results during the 2018–19 admissions cycle. 

ACT Spectrum (Admitted Students) 

Section 25% of the section, 75% of the section 

English 24 – 32 

Math 24 – 28 

Composite 25 – 30 

According to the admissions statistics, most of Elon’s accepted students score in the top 22% nationwide on the ACT. 25% of applicants at Elon obtained composite ACT scores between 25 and 30, 25% received scores above 30, and 25% received scores below 25. 

Elon University GPA 

The 2019 freshman class at Elon University had an average high school GPA of 3.99, and more than 51% of them had GPAs of 4.0 or higher. According to these findings, Elon University accepts a majority of candidates with A grades. 

Elon University Rankings 

Colleges with Outstanding Study Abroad Programs for 2022 is first. 

The 20 most stunning college campuses in the United States, in order 

Elon University Ranking is in 

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Top Undergraduate Teaching Programs at National Universities for 2022 is first. 

Elon University Ranking is in 

9 Best Schools in NC for PA 

Number One: 

The best journalism schools in the United States, position 14, 

The Students’ Attractiveness 


The top 20 college residence halls in the US, rated 


The 50 Coolest College Campuses 

Number One: 

Improvement of Median Scores 

Number One: 

Elon University Tuition 

Elon University tuition is not very high because it is dedicated to offering a top-notch education at an affordable price. 

A college degree is a lifetime investment. The institution maintains its reasonable costs through a disciplined strategy of efficient management, limited enrollment expansion, effective fundraising, and solid strategic planning. It offers exceptional value in private higher education. 

Elon’s superior education is more than $10,000 less expensive per year than most comparable private schools and institutions. Elon has routinely ranked as a “Best Value” institution due to its lower costs and high four-year graduation rate. 

Elon University tuition stated total cost of attendance, which is $59,627 for 2022–2023, is calculated by adding indirect expenses, such as books, transportation, and miscellaneous expenditures (set at $3,500), to tuition, fees, housing, and board for federal financial assistance reasons. 

The All Access Basic meal plan and a standard double room are used to calculate room and board costs. Depending on the room and board preferences, the overall expenses per student may vary, but total financial help cannot exceed the $59,627 advertised cost of attendance. 

Elon University Admissions  

Elon University’s admissions process is comparatively selective, admitting little over 75% of applicants. If your GPA and SAT/ACT scores are within the average ranges for the institution, you have a high probability of being accepted. However, Elon also has a thorough admissions process that considers factors other than your GPA and test scores. A strong application essay, excellent letters of recommendation, participation in relevant extracurricular activities, and a tough course load can all help your candidacy. 

Even if a student’s test results and GPA fall outside of Elon’s normal range, they may still be given considerable consideration if they have unusually impressive stories or accomplishments. 

The blue and green dots in the scattergram above stand for accepted pupils. As you can see, the vast majority of accepted candidates had ACT composite scores of 23 or higher, and combined SAT scores of 1100 or higher (ERW+M), and high school averages of “B+” or above. Your likelihood of obtaining an admission letter increases dramatically with slightly higher grades and test results. 

Is Elon university backed by Elon musk, or its Elon musk university? 

Many people get these questions, but it is not Elon musk university. 

In 1889, Elon University was established (then, it was just a college). Another 130 years passed before Musk was born. The school is located in Elon, North Carolina, thus the name of the town. The term Elon is Hebrew, despite the university’s connection to Christianity as its official religion. Its literal translation is “Oak.” 

If you are fortunate enough to visit Elon, North Carolina, or the stunning Elon University campus, you will immediately realize how the town (and university) earned their names. 

Elon University


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