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Emerson College – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Oct 1, 2022

Emerson College is widely known for its promising results in different fields and also to offer multiple beneficial courses. It will hold the second largest Emerson College acceptance rate among all the possible colleges in Massachusetts. So, it has been quite popular when compared to some of the other states like Arizona, New Jersey, and more.

The transfer acceptance rate of Emerson College is pretty great if you are planning to apply for transfer admission. The process is rather straightforward based on the ways the school deals with the applications. 


About Emerson College

To help get answers to questions like where Emerson College is and more, understanding the overview of the college is important. It is a private college that was established in the year 1880. It has a total number of undergraduate enrollments of around 3708 students, as of fall 2020, and it is located in an Urban setting. 

  • This institution covers a land of 8 acres in total. The Academic calendar is mostly semester based. 
  • Right now, the Emerson College ranking is at 8th as per the Regional Universities North in the Best Colleges 2022 edition.
  • The total cost of the fees and tuition will be $52,190. 
  • Emerson College focuses primarily on communications, liberal arts, and generic arts and will provide students with hands-on experiences in certain chosen fields like publishing, journalism, theater, cinema, marketing, and public relations.
  • Students get the chance to build their own major along with the 25 majors, presented through some of the individually-designed interdisciplinary programs.
  • There are dual degree programs available through the Paris College of Art’s globalized BFA in cinematic art. 
  • The semesters in the Emerson College campuses in the Netherlands and Los Angeles along with Global Pathway programs as presented in 13 counties are some of the alternatives available for students willing to study globally.

What is Emerson Polling?

Emerson Polling is also known to cover political polling and market research. It consists of WERS, Emerson stage, and a prominent Student-run radio studio. It is known to host student performances and there are so many other co-curricular activities, which are highly available to the students out there.

  • Then you have the Emerson Review, which is a literary magazine, and Concrete Library Magazine, which will feature student photography and poetry. These are some of the student publications at literary-focused schools.
  • Then you have the NCAA Division III New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference. It is the home to Emerson’s athletic teams. Some of the sports represented over here are cross country, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, men’s baseball, and women’s softball to name a few.

For the first 6 semesters, the freshmen will be expected to live on the campus. These are placed near Boston Common, which is a major spot for recreational activities and relaxation. Then you have some names under Emerson College notable alumni to venture into. Some of them are:

  • Jay Leno
  • Stefani Robinson
  • Bobbi Brown

Emerson College Acceptance Rate

The Emerson College admission requirements will focus on the GPA or SAT or ACL scores. This college has an acceptance rate of around 41%. Half of the current candidates from Emerson College were known for having SAT scores of 1190 to 1380. Or, they had a higher ACT score of 27 to 31.

  • Around one-fourth of the approved applicants received scores, which were considered higher than these ranges.
  • Then the other quarter received scores, which were on the lower side.
  • The application date of Emerson College is in the first month of the year and the application fee will be around $65.

Getting Hold of the Transfer Rate

Emerson College is known to accept around 59.87% of transfer applicants. This is relatively competitive when compared to most of the other institutions in the country. In order to get transferred into this college, students need to have a current GPA of a minimum of 3.73 or within a range of 3.88 GPA. Apart from that, it is important to submit some of the standardized test scores out there.

Emerson College Tuition and Financial Aids

The cost that every student needs to bear in mind while attending Emerson College will be around $52, 190. This institution is targeted to be more expensive when compared to the national average of around $41,281 for tuition fees.

  • Fees and tuition are mostly known as sticker prices, and those will be included in the statistics that follow.
  • Campus health centers, technology resources, student centers, student exercise facilities, and library services are also covered by the fees, which will vary from one university to another.
  • Make sure to cover the whole cost along with the net price, while trying to compare the costs of various institutions.
  • The whole price will include sticker price, books, and supplies, housing and boards, personal expenditures, and transportation.
  • The overall cost to study at Emerson College will be somewhat around $75,336.
  • The net price is going to be the average university cost after the scholarship money and financial aid are dedicated from the total cost. For a need-based student, it is going to be $51,888.

Focusing on the Emerson College tuition and fees is important as that helps you to pre-set a budget plan accordingly. It is always recommended to go for the latest financial aid and scholarship programs, designed to help you save a great deal of money from your pocket.

Emerson College Rankings

Let’s get started with the ranking section now while dealing with Emerson College for the first time. Let’s focus on those points now!

  • Number 8 in the Regional Universities North
  • Number 11 in the Best Undergraduate Teaching
  • Number 163 within the Top Social Mobility Performers
  • Targeted at number 3 within the list of the most innovative schools
  • Number 50 within the Best Value Schools

Transfer Application Criteria

Successful candidates need to maintain a 3.0-grade point on an average in precious college course works to get transferred over herein Emerson College. However, the specific circumstances of the candidates will be taken into consideration as well.

An authentic and final high school transcript or GED is also necessary with your graduation date mentioned on top. Each university or college attended needs to provide an authentic transcript too.


Get your name enrolled right away!

From the points mentioned above, it is clear to state that if you want to shape your career, it is important to catch up with the right team and get enrolled in Emerson College right away! With the best programs and course modules, you can start your journey towards higher education with ease.

Emerson College


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