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GPA You Need: To Get Admission Into Georgia Tech

Mar 30, 2022

If you are planning to be admitted to Georgia Tech, it is better to know the Georgia Tech acceptance rate, Georgia Tech admission requirements, and Georgia Tech out-of-state acceptance rate. This article covers all the topics you need to know to improve your chances of selection for this college. First, let’s look at a brief overview of Georgia Tech.

Brief Overview Of Georgia Tech

Founded in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology, popularly known as Georgia Tech, is a public institution. In the fall of 2020, its total enrollment was estimated at around 16,561. The campus of this college is spread over an area of 400 acres. It follows a semester-based calendar for academic purposes. In the 2022 edition of top colleges in National universities, Georgia Tech has been ranked #38.


Georgia Tech is known for offering a wide range of on-campus student activities. Moreover, it is established in the center of Atlanta. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, known as the NCAA Division I team, has a ferocious rivalry with the University of Georgia. 

Georgia Tech offers on-campus housing facilities to its first-year students, but they don’t need to live on campus. In addition to its Atlanta and Savannah campuses, Georgia Tech has campuses in Ireland, Singapore, France, China, and Costa Rica.


Although Georgia Tech has 6 colleges, its most preferred and highly ranked school includes Scheller College of Business and College of Engineering. Moreover, Georgia Tech is renowned for research, and the Georgia Tech Research Institute is famous for conducting industry and government research programs. The college’s research efforts play an important role in the economic development strategy of the state.

Georgia Tech Computer Science Acceptance Rate

The Georgia Tech acceptance rate is a crucial factor that applicants need to consider to get an admission offer. The Georgia Tech acceptance rate in 2020 was estimated at around 21%. This means that out of 100 applicants, only 21 received the admission offer. This figure further dropped in the successive years. The Georgia Tech acceptance rate in 2021 was estimated to be 18%. In the past year, a total of 45,324 students applied for admission, and only 18% of them were selected for admission.


From the available data, it can be said that Georgia Tech’s Computer Science acceptance rate is low, and students need to prepare with a planned strategy and determination to get into the school. As the Georgia Tech acceptance rate is low, it is crucial to have a strong application when you apply. Moreover, your chances of acceptance can be lower or higher according to the strength of your academic performance because the Georgia Tech acceptance rate is low.

Reason for Low Georgia Tech Computer Science Acceptance Rate

Admission to the computer science program is highly selective at Georgia Tech. This happens because there are many more qualified applicants than there are vacancies in the program. This is the prime reason for the Georgia Tech Computer Science acceptance rate.


It becomes pretty challenging for the college authorities to select a class from highly qualified applicants. Therefore, the school looks for compelling reasons to accept students. For this purpose, the statement of purpose, test scores, letters of recommendation, and GPA are reviewed carefully. 

According to Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate for 2020, applicants with a solid undergraduate background in C programming and computer science have a great chance of getting accepted to the college. Moreover, the admissions officers welcome additional relevant information that helps make efficient admission decisions.


Georgia Tech Out Of State Acceptance Rate

The Georgia Tech out-of-state acceptance rate is a hot topic, specifically for high school seniors. In this section, you will know the history of Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate and Georgia Tech transfer acceptance rate, and the acceptance rate of candidates who got admission to Georgia Tech College of Computing from American states based on undergraduate institution. Georgia Tech is regarded as one of the top Computer Science colleges in the country. All the prospective students eagerly wait to get their admission offer letter. 

Those who get admitted to the college get the chance to be at the forefront of emerging technology by learning to create solutions to challenges faced in the real world. Moreover, having an MBA degree adds more value to the resume during the job search.


The following points briefly provide the data for Georgia Tech out of state acceptance rate and Georgia Tech transfer acceptance rate:

  • For the class of 2025, the Georgia Tech out-of-state acceptance rate was estimated at 15% as compared to 34% of the in-state applicants.
  • Nearly 29% of the selected applicants for the class of 2025 were either salutatorians or valedictorians in their high school.
  • 12% of the selected candidates were from rural areas.
  • First-generation candidates make up nearly 14% of the class of 2025.
  • To increase the Georgia Tech transfer acceptance rate, applicants need to have a minimum of 45 quarter hours or 30 semesters that can be transferable to Georgia Tech.

The previous year’s Georgia Tech Transfer Acceptance Rate is Elaborated in the following Table:

Applications receivedApplications AcceptedGeorgia Tech transfer acceptance rateApplicants Enrolled

 Previous years’ Georgia Tech out-of-state Acceptance Rate is elaborated in the following Table:

Total applicantsIn-state Georgia Tech acceptance rate 2021Out-state Georgia Tech acceptance rate 2021

Georgia Tech Admission Requirements

Georgia Tech considers three factors most crucial to give admission offers to applicants. They are

  • The rigor of secondary school record
  • Extracurricular activities
  • GPA

However, this does not replace the importance of standardized test scores, class rank, essays, paid and unpaid work experience, geographical residence, personal qualities, etc.

The admission authorities look for authentic excellence in one or multiple activities. They prefer students who are involved in 3-5 activities. As per the Georgia Tech admission requirements, applicants who have developed an app, have co-authored original research, have won a respectable award in a science and mathematics competition, or have used their skills for a charitable trust have a better Georgia Tech Computer Science acceptance rate.

Students who are involved in sports and athletic activities also stand a great chance to get accepted at Georgia Tech. Nearly 400 students compete at 17 NCAA Division I Yellow Jacket squads. Therefore, being skilled in sports can boost your acceptance rate.

Georgia Tech Admission Requirements for GPA

The average GPA required for Georgia Tech is estimated to be 4.07. With a higher GPA, the college requires applicants to be amongst the toppers in high school. According to the Georgia Tech acceptance rate 2020, applicants need to score straight As in all the courses to improve their chances of getting accepted to the college. Furthermore, as per the Georgia Tech acceptance rate for 2021, students need to take difficult IB and AP courses to convenience the admission officers of Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech Admission Requirements for ACT & SAT Score

Several colleges have different ACT and SAT score requirements. However, most colleges require these scores, and some even ask for subject-wise scores on the SAT to make admission decisions. These test scores play a vital role in determining Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate for 2021.

Although many colleges say that they don’t focus on SAT scores of applicants to offer admissions, it is still important to meet the average score requirements. According to the Georgia Tech acceptance rate 2020, the average SAT requirement was 1410. This figure has become more competitive in the present scenario. Today applicants need to have an average SAT score of 1465 to get admission to the college.

The Georgia Tech acceptance rate for 2020 was highly influenced by the applicant’s ACT score. The median ACT score requirement of Georgia Tech is 33. This score makes the college strongly competitive. Although there is no minimum ACT requirement to apply for the college, an applicant with an ACT score lower than 31 faces difficulty in getting admission.

Tips for Applying at Georgia Tech

Students who are planning to join the Yellow Jacket squad in the coming admission cycle need to know the following:

  • The college does consider your demonstrated interest in contacting them either by visiting the campus or attending a virtual session.
  • Applicants should reach out to the admission officers to get their doubts cleared. This is an excellent way of introducing yourself to them, and it also provides an opportunity of making a positive impact on admission authorities.
  • Applicants should also get engaged with the college through various social media platforms.

Since Georgia Tech does conduct any alumni or in-person interviews for new applicants, the best way to showcase your capability is through letters of recommendation from teachers. This helps the admission officers in knowing you at a personal level. Dedicate the necessary effort and time to prepare a solid essay that showcases your authentic writing talent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Georgia Tech tough to get into?

Georgia Tech is very selective and is tough to get into. A total of 8,719 were selected out of 40,852 which means only 21% were admitted. 

2. What GPA do You Need to Get into Ga Tech?

You require a GPA of 4.07 to be at the top of your class. The straight A’s in all your classes is appropriate to fight your competitors and get into Ga Tech. 

3. Is Georgia Tech Ivy League?

Georgia Tech is not an Ivy League school but provides an Ivy League-level education of unparalleled quality and holds strong rankings. 

4. Is Georgia Tech a top-tier School?

Georgia League is ranked #8 by the World Report and the most innovative school by U.S. News. 

georgia tech acceptance rate


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