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Gettysburg College – Admissions, Rankings, and Acceptance Rates

Sep 13, 2022

Gettysburg College was established in 1832 and is situated next to the Gettysburg Battlefield, providing a particular historical viewpoint and experience not to be found elsewhere. Gettysburg College has a solid reputation for academic excellence, which is not surprising given that it has an approachable student-to-professor ratio of 9:1, and several recent alums have gone on to obtain Rhodes and Fulbright fellowships. It maintains a strict dedication to the liberal arts throughout their depth and breadth. Situated in a historic area close to metropolitan centres, with experiential learning and a desire to produce excellent work, it is only an hour to Baltimore, 90 minutes to Washington, D.C., and 2 hours to Philadelphia. Thirty-three different nations are represented by the 5.5% of international students at Gettysburg College. Over 600 learners proactively engage in a demanding academic and personal learning environment. There are typically 17 students in each class, and the student-to-instructor ratio is 9:1. On its 225-acre campus, which boasts 2,600 undergraduates from roughly 34 states and 38 countries, 22.3% of the students are first-generation college students. Gettysburg College charges an average tuition of $72,460. Students at Gettysburg College carry out cutting-edge research, pursue studies abroad, and give back to the Gettysburg community and beyond.

Gettysburg College Acceptance rate

With Gettysburg College’s acceptance rate being 48%, Gettysburg College applications are somewhat more stringent. Half of the candidates require an A.C.T. score of 27 to 32 or an S.A.T. score of around 1270 and 1410 for admission to Gettysburg College. Nevertheless, 25% of accepted candidates scored above these limits, while 25% received below these levels. The Gettysburg College application cost is $60, and the deadline for submission is January 15. Gettysburg College admissions officers view a student’s G.P.A. as a crucial academic consideration. When applicable, a candidate’s ranking in high school is taken into consideration by Gettysburg College admissions authorities, who also place a great value on letters of reference.

  • There is no registration cost for students from other countries.
  • SAT/ACT scores are generally advised for overseas students even if Gettysburg College does not need them.
  • You may self-report your scores.
  • For international students, interviews (via initial view) are strongly advised.

Gettysburg College Ranking 

The National Liberal Arts Colleges list Gettysburg College at number 54. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized quality measures.

  • 54 in national liberal arts universities (tie)
  • Best Undergraduate Teaching, position 68 (tie)
  • 57 out of the Best Value Schools
  • 183 on the list of top social mobility performers (tie)

Gettysburg College Graduation Requirements

The College provides bachelor’s degrees in arts, science, music, and music education (B.M.E.). Except for B.Mus. and B.M.E. degree students, the overall graduation requirements for any and all degree courses are about the same.

  • 32 academic units (may include a maximum of 1.00 units of music ensembles and 1.00 units of music applied lessons)
  • A B.Mus. & B.M.E. degree requires 36 academic units.
  • A minimum overall G.P.A. of 2.00 and the main field G.P.A. of 2.00
  • Achievement of the Gettysburg Curriculum’s objectives
  • The lowest of the previous academic year was completed while enrolled full-time at Gettysburg College or in a program authorized by the College.
  • Release from any financial responsibility to the College

On the Registrar’s website, you may find a list of the individual courses that can be utilized to fulfil the curriculum objectives. Students who are eligible for exemption may complete their academic objectives with or without receiving course credit. Completing curricular objectives cannot be achieved through individualized study courses or internships.

Gettysburg College, Retention and Graduation Rates

The number of pupils who continue to attend a school throughout time is known as retention. This can help determine whether or not students get the assistance they need to thrive in College, as well as how pleased they are with their educational experience. Around 91% of Gettysburg College’s first-year, full-time undergraduate students continue their studies the following year. Within six years, 85% of Gettysburg College first-year students complete their bachelor’s degrees. 61% of public colleges and universities in the United States graduate students after six years, compared to 67% of private, nonprofit institutions.


Gettysburg College’s Costs and Financial aid

When choosing a college, the cost is still another crucial consideration. Even though they charge higher tuition, certain universities are better at helping students with financial needs. Gettysburg College meets 90% of the verified financial needs of students enrolled. Financial aid for first-year, full-time students at Gettysburg College averages $52,864 annually.

Application Information

Global students are welcome at Gettysburg College. Currently, the College’s vibrant academic, co-curricular, and social environment benefits from the participation of students from almost 40 different nations. Application procedures at Gettysburg College:

  • Application Form Finished
  • Students are highly encouraged to submit their applications online since Gettysburg College uses the Common Application.
  • Official records from secondary schools
  • Teacher endorsement
  • Recommendation from a Counsellor
  • Authentic SAT I or A.C.T. scores (recommended)
  • Tests of English language proficiency
  • Form for Early Decision
  • Form for Certification of Finances
  • Application for Financial Aid for International Students
  • Interviews
  • Details of a passport

College Security

The College provided the U.S. Department of Education with data about campus safety, but these numbers were not verified independently. The statistics for significant crimes do not always represent prosecutions or verdicts but complaints of alleged crimes to campus safety and law enforcement agencies. Experts advise prospective pupils and their families to conduct their studies to assess the safety of the campus and the neighborhood.

A Campus of Gettysburg College

Non-remedial teaching, a women’s centre, job placement, medical services, and health insurance are just a few of the numerous student services that Gettysburg College provides. Additionally, Gettysburg College provides 24-hour emergency telephones, lit walkways and paths, student patrols, and regulated dormitory access in addition to 24-hour foot and automobile patrols, late-night transportation, and escort services (key, security card, etc.). Pupils at Gettysburg College who are of legal drinking age are authorized. The typical student who graduates from this institution will earn $54,000 annually. The application must be submitted before January 15. Additionally, it has been shown that students who apply for the early decision have a higher likelihood of admission. The fact that there have been 53.7% female students and 46.3% male students on campus indicates that the institution likewise supports the promotion of girls’ education. 

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Gettysburg College


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