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Gonzaga University – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Oct 1, 2022

Gonzaga University is known to be a non-profit and private university, which commenced in the year 1887. Which city is Gonzaga University located at? The Gonzaga University location is at Washington State, which is a beautiful city with good numbers of visitors and residents out there. This institution has been instructing students continuously from the time of its inception. If you are willing to attend any traditional and on-campus program, then you will be living in one mid-size city, Spokane Washington. 

Gonzaga University: An Overview 

Now that you know where Gonzaga University is located, it is time to learn more about the university before you get to enroll your name over here. If you are in love with the outdoors, you will have multiple options for places to relax and visit. If you are planning to reside anywhere within the boundaries of the city, then you get the choice of parks to visit, so that you can just relax, rest or cover your homework on warm sunny days.

  • Right on the Gonzaga University campus, you will be able to get into the Foley Center Library. 
  • Here, you get to study and find the resources that you need over here.
  • Once you have passed your advanced placement exams, you can opt for the equivalent credits.
  • Gonzaga University is also known to accept dual credits for higher school students simultaneously getting enrolled in the university.

It has a midsize campus setting with separate housing available for students. The student-faculty ratio will be at 11:1 and with a graduation rate of around 865. 

What is The Student Enrollment Rate?

The Gonzaga University acceptance rate is on average. There are around 2493 undergraduate male students and around 2811 undergraduate female students here.


Under the graduation section, you have 1062 male students and 1197 female students. In total, there are 7563 students with undergraduate covering 5304 and graduate with 2259 students.

Gonzaga University Ranking

The time has come when you need to be aware of the Gonzaga University ranking before getting your name enrolled in this institution. 

  • Among the top 25 nursing colleges of 2022, Gonzaga University houses the 23rd position.
  • It ranks at 1519th position out of 14,131 in the world.
  • Then it ranks at 432nd position out of 2597 in North America.
  • It ranks 388th out of 2496 in the USA.
  • Gonzaga University ranks 5th position out of 57 in Washington.
  • It is at 1 out of 4 in Spokane.
  • Furthermore, Gonzaga University ranks at 353rd position out of 1006 for Early Childhood Education.

With an acceptance rate of 73%, this university is hard to get in, especially with so many competitors out there in the market. There are so many aspiring students fighting for the same seat. So, you need an average  SAT mark of 1255 and an Average ACT score of 28 to even get enrolled in the admission. 

The average cost to attend will be somewhat around $36,880 per year with 100% aid received. The male-to-female ratio will be around 42:58 and with the highest degree available under Doctor’s degree.


Gonzaga University Tuition Fee and Financial Aid

Being one private and not-for-profit university, the total price of Gonzaga University is always going to be higher than most of the public schools out there. It will include the books, tuition, room or board, supplies, and all the other costs to cover the final Gonzaga University tuition over here. On average, the total price will be around $52,250.

  • Students are all set to apply for financial aid for bringing down the final cost of the courses.
  • The price that is left after that financial aid and has already been applied is known as the average net price.
  • For Gonzaga University, this is going to be around $35,612 for the recent school year.
  • But, this option is subject to vary, depending on the current aid that you qualify for, which is solely based on the current family income.
  • Families who will earn around $30,000 will need to pay around $23,389.
  • Those who earn between $30,001 and $48,000 will pay around $23,111.
  • Those who earn somewhat between $48,001 and $7,000 will need to pay around $28,186.
  • Those earning between $75,001 and $110,000, will get to pay $35,416.
  • Finally, families earning over $110,000, need to pay around $38,860.

While you are playing the role of the freshman, you are always asked to apply for financial aid in case your parents are not able to cover the entire cost. In the current year, the whole freshman class received their financial aid in scholarships and grants averaging around $21,554. 


There are so many out there applying for institutional grants and scholarships out there and will receive around $20,491 on an average count. The scholarships and institutional grants are major financial aids coming straight from Gonzaga University, and not from the state or federal government.

With some names under the Gonzaga University notable alumni by your side, you can rest assured that this university has so much more to offer right now. The results are just impeccable to watch out for!


Gonzaga University Focusing on Academics

Whenever you are considering different schools, you have probably heard of retention rates. This retention rate is the main percentage of the first-time students, who return for their second year at school.

  • The one from Gonzaga University is at an excellent score of 94%.
  • It is a great sign for those students who are in their freshman year.
  • The 4-year graduation rate for Gonzaga University students will be 73%.
  • The 6-year graduation rate is a bit towards the higher scale at 86%.
  • Some of the degree programs are a bit more challenging among students and will need those extra two years to cover.
  • The student-to-faculty ratio will indicate how many students are there in the classes and then look for the professor’s open office time.
  • It is fairly towards the lower cost at 11:1.

The Final Say

Once you are sure of the Gonzaga University admission and have the necessary GPA or SAT score by your side, it is time to get your name enrolled for the courses you want to venture into. Yes, it might take some good marks to target any one of these seats. But, once done, there is no turning back for sure!

Gonzaga University


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