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HARCUM COLLEGE – Rankings, Application procedures, & Acceptance Rates

Sep 27, 2022

Harcum College Overview 

Harcum College is an international academic institution that accepts entrants from all over the world. Since its inception in 1915, the college has exceeded expectations in delivering its students with top-notch academic achievements. Located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Harcum College is a private, non-profit college. 

It has 1,343 students enrolled across its campus, which is situated in a suburb. The school year is divided into semesters. Only the associate degree is available from Harcum College. The school welcomes applicants from everywhere and gives credit for prior learning.


College grads have contributed significantly to the community in various fields. Almost every course is led by a faculty member who assists students in excelling in the fields of their choice.

Harcum College Contents

  • Harcum College standing among colleges
  • The Admissions Procedure at Harcum College
  • Harcum College Acceptance rate
  • Harcum College Attendance Fees
  • Harcum College Tuition requirements
  • Financial Aids
  • Standings of the Harcum College among the various colleges

On its list of the Best Colleges of 2022, Quality College Factual ranked Harcum College as 570th overall out of 2,576 colleges and universities in the nation. Harcum College is also ranked 43rd among the best colleges in Pennsylvania. The Animal Health course is the highest ranked major in 2022 rankings.


In the rankings for 2022, Harcum College received 110 badges. Animal health is the school’s top-ranked major. Check out Harcum College’s entire ranking list with full details on its official website.

  • The Admission Process at the Harcum College

To apply to the Harcum College, international students have to meet a few requirements. Harcum College has a straightforward application and admissions procedure that consists of four steps. Applying is the first step. A proposal to Harcum College must be submitted by the prospective student in order for their candidacy to be approved. 


Call the college at their given number to submit an application to the university, or the students can apply online through the college’s main website to be considered for admission. After completion of the registration, fees for the application of 50 Dollars, approximately 3980 Indian rupees has to be paid in order to confirm your registration. 

Application Prerequisites

All prospective students at Harcum College must submit the following: –

  • A correctly filled-out Harcum College application.
  • High school diploma or its equivalent for the GED is mostly regarded as verified by official transcripts.
  • Authenticated college transcripts (if applicable) (Online transcript requests)
  • A piece of writing or personal essays for evaluation.
  • recommendation letters from your employer, teachers, or guidance counselors.
  • Students for whom English is a second language may take the following tests to determine their level of English proficiency:
  • TOEFL: 61, IELTS: 5.5, DET: 90 for non-allied health majors
  • TOEFL: 79, IELTS: 6.5, DET: 105 for Allied Health majors
  • Nursing majors must have a TOEFL score of 87, an IELTS score of 6.5, and a DET score of 110.

A Harcum’s Accuplacer test may be required of applicants who have been out of high school for more than three years and have not taken the SAT before an admissions decision is made. Accuplacer is a placement test that most Harcum students take at some point, sometimes even before they enroll.

It includes English, Math, and reading comprehension questions, and it aids the College in determining the appropriate class level for admitted students as well as an applicant’s suitability for particular programs. Many of Harcum’s majors outline additional requirements, prerequisite courses, and the grades with which students must have finished those courses in order to be admitted to the specific program.


For more information, kindly consult the descriptions of each program. The Admissions Committee at Harcum College evaluates each application file as soon as it is finished, in accordance with the institution’s rolling admissions policy. 

Within 10 working days, applicants will be informed of the outcome and any entry requirements. To guarantee acceptance into their desired programme, aspirants should apply as promptly as possible.

  • Harcum College Acceptance percentage

It is a little difficult to get into Harcum College. Harcum College carefully evaluates the applicants based on a variety of criteria before deciding whom to admit and whom to reject.

With an acceptance rate of 87% right now, Harcum College is highly selective. 


It is crucial to keep in mind that the cumulative GPA of registering participants is approximately 2.50. Harcum College accepted 65% of all applicants in 2021, or approximately 314 of the 485 students who applied. Schools with a slightly higher acceptance rate, such as Harcum College, accept up to 95% of applicants. The majority of accepted applicants scored about 19 on the ACT and nearly 1000 on the SAT.

  • Harcum College Attendance Fees

The cost of attending Harcum College is $38395. For university students, the total tuition and fees for one year is around $25,000. In addition, students will be required to pay an average of $1,500 for books and supplies, $9,225 for room and board, and $2,895 for various other expenses per year. As per this information, the total cost of attending the college is approximately $38,620 per year. 

Harcum College’s overall average net price varies by income group, the school’s affordability is largely determined by your financial need. The net price for various income groups is shown in the website. Fees vary by establishment and may be used to assist with campus primary care, student centers, student fitness centers, and repositories. 

  • Harcum College Tuition requirements

Tuition beginning in summer I – 2022

Doing a full-time enrollment is 12-18 credit hours which amounts to $13,920 per semester or $27,840 per year. It does not include books and supplies.

For a part-timer, it is 11 or fewer credits which amount to $890/credit which does not include books and supplies.

Diverse fees and deposits

$200 – tuition deposit (Non-refundable)

Deposit for Housing: $200 (Non-refundable)

$200 per semester for technology

Tuition: $890 per credit

Returned Check Fee: $45 per check

The late registration fee is $100.

Overload fees of $890 per credit are levied on students who take more than 18 credits per semester. Students whose programme requires them to take more than 18 credits in a semester are not counted for this. Other fees may be imposed depending on the academic major. 

For student Loans

Many college students borrow money to pay for their academic achievement. In actuality, student loans are a source of income for almost 66 percent on average of total students.

Approximately 77% of Harcum College students took out student loans averaging $7,891 per year. These students will pay a total of $31,564 across the four year period. Harcum College has a 19.6% student loan default rate. This is far greater than the nationwide default rate.

The following are the financial aids for education:

Funds, prizes, and financial assistance are given by Harcum College on the basis of both achievements and needs. These are classified as “gift aid,” and the student is under no duty to repay them. Please see our current scholarship list at Students can also go for private scholarships if they want to.

How to Request Financial Aid

If you plan to enroll in classes starting with the Summer 2022, Fall 2022, or Spring 2023 semesters, you must submit the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Each year, students must reapply for financial aid. 

Eligibility for financial assistance

  1. A student must be accepted into a degree programme at Harcum College.
  2. Citizenship or its equivalent is required for verification.
  3. A certificate of last successful academic completion is required.
  4. The student is not permitted to be in arrears on any loans or owe money back on any government provides.
  5. The student’s academic progress must be satisfactory.

Checklist for financial assistance

Fill out and submit a FAFSA form for the academic year 2022-2023.

You must send back your dated and signed financial assistance merit letters. This informs the amount of financial aid that you would be eligible for, as well as your acceptance of the assistance offered.

The entrance counseling form should be completed and returned. 

You need to fill out the yearly student loan affirmation if you accept your loans.

Wrapping up

I hope this post assists the reader with all of the admission-related information, which is provided point-by-point for easy comprehension. From the basics of the admissions process to all the important information, everything substantial is presented.

Harcum College


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