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Hawaii Pacific University – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 12, 2022

HPU is an abbreviation for Hawaii Pacific University. In terms of religion, the school takes a neutral stance. The company’s founders were Paul C.T. Loo and Elizabeth Kellerman. It was Eureka Forbes and Pastor Edmond Walker. The city of Honolulu, Hawaii, is home to the institution. Arts and Markets, Biochemistry, TESOL, Social Work, Public Health, and many more are just a few Undergraduate programs available.  

The Graduate Program encompasses various degrees and certifications in clinical mental health counselling, educational leadership, global leadership and sustainable development, world languages, secondary education, master’s and doctoral degrees in social work and clinical psychology, and many more. The institution was founded in 1965 and is a member of NAICU. President John Y. Gotanda leads the institution, which currently has 4,998 students.


Hawaii Pacific University – An Overview

 1965 marked the beginning of Hawaii Pacific University‘s existence as a private educational establishment. It is located in an urban environment, with a total undergraduate enrollment of 3,800 students (for the autumn of 2020), and its campus spans 135 acres. It follows an academic schedule that is divided into semesters. In the Best Colleges edition published in 2022, Hawaii Pacific University was ranked number 70 among Western Regional Universities. The total amount for tuition and fees is $30,020. Privately owned and operated since its founding in 1888, Hawaii Pacific University’s address is Honolulu, Hawaii.

Hawaii Pacific University Ranking

  • According to 2021, Hawaii Pacific University is the most diverse institution of higher education in the United States.
  • According to’s projections for 2020, the University of Hawaii has the highest median compensation for its graduates.
  •’s 2021 ranking of the colleges in Hawaii is based on their return on investment.
  • According to, the University of Hawaii is the best institution in Hawaii regarding the total value of scholarships and grants issued and beginning salaries.
  • According to 2021, Hawaii Pacific University is in the top one percent of colleges in the United States regarding diversity.
  • According to The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Almanac 2018, Hawaii Pacific University is the most multicultural four-year private non-profit university in the United States.
  • According to 2021, Hawaii Pacific University is rated ninth among the 3,750 colleges in the United States for having the most ethnic diversity.
  • Nursing and public health at HPU are among the best in the country, according to in 2021.
  • According to 2020, the Pre-Medical Program at HPU is one of the Top 40 Best Affordable Programs in the United States.
  • The leading online college in Hawaii and one of the best in the United States, according to’s rankings for 2020.
  • According to the most recent edition of US Veterans Magazine (2021), HPU is recognized as one of the most veteran-friendly schools.
  • According to college, the University of Hawaii is the safest college in Hawaii.

Hawaii Pacific University Scholarships

Through the admissions process, HPU awards various need-based and merit-based scholarships and grants to qualified applicants. It is not necessary for incoming first-year or transfer students to submit an additional application to be evaluated for any merit-based financial aid opportunities. To qualify for need-based aid, the FAFSA must be submitted.


Full-time attendance is required 12+ credits each semester for all institutional scholarships and awards. Scholarships and grants from the school won’t be released until a student has enrolled in at least 12 hours. These grants and scholarships may be revoked if the recipient does not maintain full-time attendance.

Hawaii Pacific University Student Population

There are around 4,243 students enrolled in full-time programs at Hawaii Pacific University. There are 2,152 students enrolled in the undergraduate program and 313 in the graduate program. Sixty-nine per cent of the full-time undergraduate students at Hawaii Pacific University are female, while just 31 per cent are male.


The Average SAT Score and GPA at Hawaii Pacific University

 The applicants aspiring to take admitted to Hawaii Pacific University must secure a grade point average of 3.5. This ensures that Hawaii Pacific University maintains a high level of academic competition. To get admitted to Hawaii Pacific University, you have to obtain a grade point average of 3.5, and you should have been in the middle of your high school class. You will require a combination of As & Bs, with no more than a few Cs. If you have completed Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, this can help boost your weighted GPA & indicate that you are prepared for college-level work.

Improving the grade point average in future may be difficult for you. If you cannot secure a grade point average of more than 3.5, which is the grade point average of the school, you have to compensate for it by obtaining a higher score in SAT examination. A higher SAT score will ensure that you are capable of doing the hard work needed at the college level. The higher SAT and GPA score indicate that you can easily compete with other applicants in the college. 


Hawaii’s Pacific University Admissions

It is strongly recommended that international candidates finish the admissions process by submitting their applications on time or earlier than the deadlines that have been set. Applications received after the priority deadlines will be reviewed on a rolling basis after they have been submitted. Students from other countries are welcome to apply to study at Hawaii Pacific University so long as they satisfy the prerequisites for admission and supply the supplementary materials necessary for the international application procedure. The procedure followed by international students who want to study in the United States is comparable to the approach that domestic students follow.

Admission Requirements

To be considered eligible, candidates from other countries need to ensure that they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Transcripts of high school work, either official or unauthorized – Every single transcript must be sent in with both the original language and the translated version into English. Additionally, all completed courses, grades, and total scores should be included on the transcripts. To be admitted, a student must have taken the International Baccalaureate Advanced Placement Examination and received a score of at least 4 on the test, with a mean score of 3.
  • Evidence that you are proficient in English.
  • A formal declaration of support from a financial sponsor.
  • A statement of solidarity from the financial community
  • A copy of the biographical photo page from the passport
  • A bank statement demonstrates that adequate funds are available to meet the projected charges.

Hawaii Pacific University- A Recap 

Hawaii Pacific University has been a NAICU member since 1965. HPU includes Arts and Markets, Biochemistry, TESOL, Social Work, Public Health, etc., as undergraduate courses. The tuition fees of HPU are $30,020. Hawaii Pacific University is one of the greatest online pre-med programs in the U.S.

HPU’s full-time undergraduates are 69% female and 31%, male. Students from foreign countries may apply to Hawaii Pacific University, provided they meet the criteria and submit the required paperwork. International applicants should meet deadlines.

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Hawaii Pacific University


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