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Sep 27, 2022

Hope College – An Overview 

Academic achievement and a thriving Christian faith coexist at Hope College, a four-year liberal arts institution in the heart of Holland, Michigan. This distinctive blend of solid foundations and thorough training equips our students to live authentically and make the world a better place.The first pioneer school opened its doors four years after the Dutch town was established. Hope College faculties are divided into several courses thereby producing the most effective and engaging educational content for students in every possible way. The courses are divided into Social Science, Applied Science, Humanities, Arts, Natural Sciences, General Education and Pre health Programs.You can learn more about Hope College admissions, acceptance rates, GPA requirements, and other entrance requirements in this article.

Hope College- Ranking 2022

In the list of National Liberal Arts Colleges, Hope College is rated 111. Under the profile of best undergraduate teaching, Hope College was conferred with 48th position. However, 25% of selected candidates earned scores that were higher than these limitations, while 25% scored low.During the admission process, the Hope College admissions committee considers a student’s GPA.  The high school ranking of a candidate is taken into consideration by Hope College admissions authorities, along with letters of recommendation, if any. There are 11 students for every faculty member at Hope College, and class sections with less than twenty pupils are of 57.3%.  The typical freshman retention rate, an indicator of students’ satisfaction, is 90%. The SAT composite scores below 1090 on a scale of 1600 is typically accepted and getting admitted is to be considered as a stretch. Despite not having a stringent SAT requirement, Hope College would be keen for a 1090 to be taken into consideration. Those who are chosen frequently earn ACT scores that place them within the leading 32%. Students that have scored above 26 in ACT examination have the higher chances to secure a position in the middle of the applicants list for Hope College. On the other hand, students whose scores of ACT examination lies above 29 are toppers in the application lists and are therefore kept at edge preferences for admission in Hope College.


Hope College Admission Information – Prerequisites

  • Scores from High School Are Necessary
  • School Records Must Be Kept
  • College Preparation Classes Are Necessary
  • You Must Submit Letters of Recommendation
  • TOEFL exam results are necessary

Hope College International Student Admissions Requirements for Hope College

  • Copy of Secondary School Report
  • Two recommendation documents
  • Common Application Essay
  • SAT/ACT results

Hope College Graduate Course Requirements for International Students

  • A bachelor’s degree from a certified institution.
  • Documentation from college and graduate school
  • Two letters of reference in writing from two professors.
  • A letter of stamp of approval from the admissions panel.

If you intend to apply for admission to Hope College, you must concentrate on three very important factors:

  • GPA specifications
  • Requirements for exams like the SAT and ACT.
  • Additional application specifications
Advanced Placement CreditAccepts
Dual Enrollment CreditAccepts
Credit for Life Experiences Non accepted credits

Recommended Credits at Hope College

Hope College has a tough admissions procedure. More than 100 nations submit applications to Hope College, comparing and evaluating other colleges’ admission rates with Hope College.


Hope College Prerequisites for International Students for Admission

To apply for admission to Hope College, international students must submit the required credentials and test results. The information on the credentials and certifications they must provide is as follows: –

  • Admissions essay
  • Reports, transcripts, and certificates from high school
  • Recommendations
  • Up-to-date bank statements
  • Financial certification for international students
  • Passport photograph
  • Tests of English proficiency
  • US test results that are approved
  • Financial details

The application website for out-of-state applicants and overseas students is the same.


The English Proficiency Test’s acceptable results are:

The application procedure begins online.

Portal for ApplicationsOnline
Application Fees$35 for graduate programs
Financial assistance offeredLoans and scholarships
Payment MethodMaster Card
Enrollment SeasonsFall and Spring
Exam Score resultsSAT, ACT, GPA scores are mandatory

For further information on the admissions procedure for various groups, including worldwide, and fellowship, applicants should visit the college’s official website.Transfer graduates, intercultural students, sportsmen or academic advisors, foreign students, and students from different degree and diploma courses are all welcomed at Hope College. The GPA of a candidate is a key consideration for admission at Hope College. If it is accessible, students can put in their high school rank, which will be taken into consideration by the college admissions committee. Students may also provide their letters of recommendation, while it is not mandatory.

Hope College


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