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Juilliard School – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Oct 6, 2022

Juilliard School is a private and co-ed institute offering music education. The school is located in New York, NY, and has been around since 1905, founded by Augustus D. Juilliard. It offers training at the highest level of music education, and its students can enter into a variety of careers after graduation. The Juilliard School offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in music, dance, and drama. It is widely considered one of the best music schools in the world, along with the Curtis Institute and the New England Conservatory. 

Juilliard School Acceptance Rate: 

Juilliard School accepts about 7% to 8% of applicants yearly; however, it does not have a fixed number of spaces available for new students. The school typically has between 700-800 slots for incoming freshmen each year. This legendary music school, Juilliard school’s acceptance rate is 7%, which is highly competitive. That means, out of 100, only 7 applicants are accepted, with a 93% of rejection rate.  


For the year 2021, Juilliard School received 2,434 applications; among these, only 186 were accepted, marking the Juilliard school acceptance rate of 7.6% for the 2021 fall. Juilliard School does not allow early action or early decision. Below is the trend analysis of the Juilliard school acceptance rate for the last few years.

Academic Year 

Juilliard school acceptance rate 



2017 6.2% 
2018 5.9% 
2019 7.6% 
2020 6.9% 
2021 7.6% 

Juilliard School Rating and Ranking: 

As per Niche, Juilliard School has secured a rating of “A” in academics, location, and student life. And “A+” is in diversity and Professors. And overall, Juilliard School Rating is “A’’ given by niche. The Juilliard School ranks among the top 10 music schools in the world. The school has been ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report for over 25 years in multiple categories, including best graduate schools for classical music performance. The Hollywood Reporter ranked Juilliardas the number one college to study music worldwide.  

Some other prominent Juilliard School Rating by nicheis – #3 in the best colleges for music in America, among 276, and #11 in best colleges for performing arts in America, among 554. 


Students, who desire to build a music career in the film and television industries, should take note of Juilliard School’s rating on the Hollywood Reporter’s list of the Top Music Schools for Composing for Film and TV. 

Juilliard School Admission: 

Juilliard School doesn’t have an early decision and early action facility. Those seeking admission to Juilliard must submit the application form before the deadline – December 1. Students who apply to The Juilliard School for the autumn semester should hear about their admissions status by April 1. Application fees of $110 are applicable at Juilliard School to all the students. Some universities offer free applications, and students who are financially strapped may be eligible for fee waivers for their applications. 


To get admission to Juilliard, applicants must have a GPA score of 3.0. GPAs less than 3.0 is also taken into consideration sometimes. Grades are not the only criteria for getting into Juilliard School. For admittance, applicants must pass an audition on their instrument of choice in front of the faculty. And students applying for some streams like composition will also have to pass the pre-screen recording stage. Applicants must submit school transcripts/educational records, recommendation letters, and English language proficiency test scores while applying for Juilliard School. 

Juilliard School Tuition: 

Juilliard school tuition for full-time students is around $51,230 a year. The Juilliard school tuition increased by 3% compared to its previous year’s tuition of $49,260. The tuition may look scary, but aspirants need not worry because Juilliard School offers financial aid to most students through grants, scholarships, and discounts. Further, a breakup of Juilliard school tuition and other costs is shown below.

  • Total estimated expense for On-Campus Students – $75,100 
  • Total estimated expense for Off-Campus Students – $60,379 
Juilliard School Tuition  $51,230 
Boarding $19,970 
Yearly Fees $250 
Other expenses $2,950 

Juilliard school notable alumni: 

The caliber of the school does not depend only on the rankings it secures; the actual worth of a music school lies in the caliber of the musicians they produce. For more than a century, the institution has taught students and gifted the world with some of the century’s best performers. 

Some of the Juilliard School’s notable alumni are, 


Itzhak Perlman: One of the Juilliard School’s notable alumni and well-known violinists, Perlman won significant awards, including Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, and even the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has also performed for audiences that included dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II and President Barack Obama. 

Wynton Learson Marsalis: With the creation of the Classical Jazz summer series at the Lincoln Center, Marsalis has emerged as one of the nation’s top jazz musicians. He was the first jazz musician to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music for his oratorio Blood on the Fields. 


There are many notable alumni who have come from Juilliard school, including Jessica Chastain and Robin Williams. A few more Juilliard School alumni, along with their fields of study, are listed below. 

  • Lee Pace – Film & Theater Personality
  • Stephen Schwartz – Musician
  • Nina – Musician
  • Jenny Oaks Baker – Musician
  • Sam Witwer – Film & Theater Personality
  • Molly Yeh – Writer
  • Morena Baccarin – Film & Theater Personality
  • Leontyne Price – Singers
  • Corey Hawkins – Film & Theater Personality
  • Carson McCullers – Writer

It is no secret that Juilliard School, one of the top music schools in the world, offers generous financial aid packages that cover 100% of tuition and room and board expenses when needed. It enables many students who otherwise would not be able to afford tuition to attend Juilliard School regardless of their financial situation and background. Juilliard School is the best option if you aspire to bright music, dance, or drama career. 

Juilliard School Admissions


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