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Kean University Admission Standards, Rankings And Acceptance Rate

Sep 26, 2022

Kean University

Kean University, established in 1855, is the first public post-secondary university in New Jersey, the United StatesKean University is a world-class, vibrant, and diverse university which is educating its students in an innovative and excellent educational environment. They have over 50 undergraduate majors and over 60 graduate programs, including six Ph.D. programs in a variety of subjects. The university has over 16,000 students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Kean University – An Overview

Kean University was given university status on September 26, 1997, making it a complete international institution for higher learning. Kean University also operates a campus in China known as Wenzhou-Kean University, which is the sole American public university in China. Kean University, the third-largest in New Jersey, stands out for its dedication to the academic quality and achievement of all of its students. 240 acres compensate its campus, which was originally built with a teacher-education college in mind. The university has the first comprehensive New Jersey program to train future math, science, and technology educators and researchers.

This article will inform you about Kean University admissions, Kean University acceptance rate, Kean University tuition, and more details about Kean University.


Kean University- Ranking

In the Best College rankings, U.S. News & World Report listed Kean University as

  • #126 in Regional Universities North
  • #23 in Social Mobility
  • #20 in Innovative Schools
  • #46 in Top Public Schools

Kean University- Admissions

Kean University has less demanding entrance criteria, with a 78% acceptance rate. To get admitted to this university, a student’s SAT score must range between 920 and 1100. Any score on the ACT between 16 and 22 is required in the absence of that. The deadline for applications at Kean University is the 1st of January every year. Students need to pay $75 for the application fee. Students can use the university’s website to make an application if they are interested. 

Kean University acceptance rate 78%
Selectivity Less selective
GPA Average 3.0
SAT/ACT scores must be received by Aug 15
Application deadline Jan 1
SAT/ACT  Considered

The admissions process is carried out through their website. Send a statement of purpose outlining your educational and professional goals along with two letters of recommendation.  The institution also offers its shortlisted candidates in-depth help on accommodation and on-campus jobs through its student services, which are accessible both in person and online. International students must have a total GPA of 3.0 to qualify for need-based financial help.

Kean University Requirements

IELTS Required
TOEFL (internet-based) Required
SAT Considered
Michigan Test Considered

Kean University- Scholarship and Financial Aid

At Kean University, over 70% of full-time students get some kind of need-based financial aid, with the average need-based scholarships or grants coming in at $9,259 per year.

  • $19,771 for Out-of-state tuition and fees 
  • $12,595 for In-state tuition and fees 
  • Room and Board $14,472

Some of the Scholarships offered by Kean University are:

Scholarships Name Course Applicable  Scholarship per student
Harvey Fellowship Science, Humanities, Business Rs 11,90,240
K.C. Mahindra Scholarships For Post-Graduate Studies Abroad Engineering, Computer, Science + 4 more Rs 8,00,000
Hani Zeini Scholarship Engineering, Computer, Science + 2 more Rs 74,390

Kean University- Academic Life

Majors like psychology, business administration and management, biology and biological sciences, speech communication and rhetoric, criminal justice, and law enforcement administration, accounting, physical education teaching and coaching, marketing and marketing management, sociology, and history are among the most prominent majors offered at Kean University.


There are 18 students for every faculty member at this university, and 39.1% of the classes have less than 20 pupils.

  • 4-Year Graduation Rate- 26%
  •  Student-Faculty Ratio -18:1
  • Full-time faculty gender distribution (Female-57.2% and male-42.8%)

Some of the most popular majors of the 2020 graduates are Speech communication and Rhetoric, Psychology, Biology, Business Administration and Management.


Kean University- Student Life

11,686 undergraduate students were enrolled in 2020, with 39% males and 61% females. While 7% of students reside in areas where the institution owns the property, 93% of students live off campus. Kean University participates in NCAA III athletics. The student organization at the university works to assist numerous student organizations and respond to student concerns. Additionally, it provides students with more than 160 clubs and organizations that help them achieve their goals while pursuing their interests. The athletic teams compete in intra-college events and social sports. The university also has an extensive network of alumni, many of whom are employed internationally and have made significant contributions to their fields.

  • New Freshman Residence Hall, Sozio Hall, Whiteman/Dougall Hall, New Upperclassman Residence Hall, Rogers, Burch, and Bartlett are the seven residence halls on campus.
  • They also provide accommodation for students pursuing UG.

Kean University offers a variety of different student services, including non-remedial tutoring, placement aid, child care, health services, and health insurance. Students at this international higher education institution are prepared for a world that is changing quickly. Since its founding, the university has produced a sizable number of academics and also provides teacher-training facilities.


Kean University- Fees

Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(2 Courses) (18-24 months) USD 19.68 K – 25.33 K
MBA/PGDM(2 Courses) (18-24 months) USD 17.11 K
BBA(2 Courses) (4 years) USD 16.43 K – 17.56 K
M.Arch(1 Course) (3 years) USD 22.32 K
MIM(1 Course) (18-24 months) USD 14.54 K

Kean University- In a Wrap

Kean University provides outstanding academic facilities, a range of helpful student services, and high levels of security on its campus. There are 11,686 undergraduate students enrolled in total. Completing the application form on the university’s website allows one to apply to Kean University. The admission process considers applicants as individuals, not just names and numbers.

This university offers degrees, professional diplomas, and certifications in a variety of subjects to students who enroll. In addition to educational resources, the institution offers its students a number of other services. It offers more than 160 clubs and organizations for students so that they can succeed academically and pursue their interests.

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