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Lesley University – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 19, 2022

Lesley University is a private institution founded in 1909 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This university is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Lesley College has a city-setting campus that stretches across 5 acres. The university follows a semester-based academic calendar and is ranked #249 amongst the Best National Universities in 2022.

Lesley University – An Overview

Founded in 1909, Lesley University initially began as a school to train teachers. Even though it is best known for its teacher education programmes, Lesley consistently focused on a select group of disciplines. They consist of human services, education,the arts, and management.


Ever since 2005, Lesley University has been co-educational. Eventually, the university started offering programs in multiple areas of study, including counseling and psychology, art and design, and more. The five-acre campus is located very close to Harvard Square in Cambridge.

The offerings of Lesley University undergraduate tuition are endless. The institution also provides Master’s and Doctoral levels of study. Lesley University has four distinctive schools, namely:

  • College of Art and Design
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

If you are wondering, is Lesley University a good school? Then the answer would be yes! This institution is deliberately committed to active learning, critical inquiry, scholarly research, and diverse forms of artistic practice. All of it is essentially conducted through close mentoring relationships among faculty, students, and practitioners in the field.Lesley aims to prepare graduates with the requisite skills, knowledge, understanding, and ethical judgment. They also ensure that the graduates are perfect catalysts who are capable of shaping a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

School TypePrivate Co-Educational
Founding Year1909
Academic Calendar FollowedSemester System

This article will provide you with informative insights regarding Lesley University admissions, acceptance rate, GPA, and other admission requirements.


Lesley University – Ranking 2022

Lesley University has been given the rank of #249 in the Best National Universities in 2022. And the schools are ranked according to their performance across the widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Other rankings include:

  • It has been ranked 707th in the United States and 2598th in the World 2022 overall rankings.
  • Lesley received a ranking in 13 academic topics.
  • It received a ranking of #823 amongst the best colleges in the nation.
  • Lesley received the highest ranked major in History Education.
  • The educational institution has been ranked #45 amongst the best colleges in MA.
  • Lesley University was awarded 167 badges in the 2022 rankings.

Lesley University Admissions

The admissions at Lesley University are made on the basis of numerous criteria. Lesley University’s acceptance rate is 75%. So with comparatively smaller class sizes, every student receives lots of opportunities and study options.

The programs at Lesley University consist of a plethora of courses, including Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, Online, Professional Development, Continuing Education and Threshold Programs. There are at least 6000+ students who study across four distinctive colleges.


Lesley University has a professionally-focused liberal arts college, a graduate school of education, an independent college of art and design, and a graduate school of social sciences. The Threshold Program has a residential program for students with significant learning differences.

There are about 90,000 alums who work in various roles like educators, mental health counsellors, business leaders, etc. Alumni of Lesley also work as social workers, expressive arts therapists, visual artists, and designers.

  • Lesley University’s application cost is nil and is conducted online through the university website.
  • The requirements for SAT/ACT scores vary according to the respective courses.
  • There is a vacancy for 2000 undergraduate and 4500 post-graduate students who are presently studying at Lesley.
  • It is a must for international students to pass the English Language Proficiency test.
  • The minimum score required for SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing is 475.
Application PortalUniversity Site or Common Application
Application Fee (Non-refundable)UG – Nil, PG – Varies
Minimum Score for SAT475

Academic Life at Lesley University

The offerings of Lesley University tuition and other programs are endless. This small and private university is home to more than 2000 undergraduates and 4000 post-graduates at present.

It has a finely constructed urban setting, perfectly suitable for students who enjoy the fast-paced city life. Besides, Lesley offers an exclusive “study abroad” program. In fact, there are certain degree programs and classes that can essentially be taken online.


Lesley University Predictable Acceptance Rate for the 2022-2023 Session

The acceptance rate at Lesley University for the 2022-2023 session is 75%. So basically, this suggests that there are moderate chances of getting admitted.

Admission Details – Requirements

The requirements for securing admission in Lesley University are:

  • Secondary School GPA
  • Secondary School Record
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Certificate for completing the college-preparatory program
  • Formal demonstration of competencies
  • Admission test Scores

Lesley University Undergraduate Admissions – International Students Requirements

International students are required to submit details regarding their academic records as early as possible to the university. This helps in reserving the respective seats according to the student’s program selection.

Meeting every document deadline at Lesley College is essential within the deadlines. Thus, it will prevent any misappropriations from taking place. The requisite documents for admission to Lesley University include:

  • A duly filled application form
  • An official high school and college transcripts in English
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Any authorized agency carefully evaluates transcripts
  • Verified financial support
  • Score Reports of SAT/TOEFL/IELTS
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Copy of Passport

Every document and transcript requested by the university is to be mailed directly.

Lesley University Admission Requirements – International Students Postgraduate Course

Students seeking admission is postgraduate courses, must submit the following documents:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE – optional
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Passport ID Pages
  • Evidence of Finances
  • Other Documents, according to the program requirements

Lesley University Admissions – A Recap

The admissions rate at Lesley University is moderate, at around 75%. Students who are admitted to Lesley College have an average SAT score of 475. The university provides admission in various Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, and Threshold Programs with an immensely varied study option. This institution hosts 180+ international students from across 40+ countries. Lesley University also runs a global guide ambassador program.

Lesley University


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