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Liberty University Acceptance Rate, Rankings and Admission Requirements

Sep 13, 2022

The Spell is Being Cast at the University of Magic. Where are You? Liberty University, the name is enough.

Have you heard this dialogue before? It is a well-known dialogue from an Indian film where the protagonist first states his name before adding the phrase, “The name is enough.” The subject’s name is so potent that no other words are necessary to explain it. This is why the university’s name is included with this famous phrase. If you are wondering what makes this university so unique or who begins a blog with a line from a movie, then you are not aware of the magic of this university.


To catch up on the missing pieces of the puzzle, here we present the university of dreams, aspirations, and success – The Liberty University of Virginia, the United States of America.

This blog will offer all the missing pieces of the puzzle, including the admission process, acceptance rates, ranking of the university, Liberty University library, and much more.


So, without further dragging out my introduction, let us begin.

The University of Magic

Liberty University was founded in 1971 by Jerry Lamon Falwell Sr. It is a renowned institution that offers leading education and is dedicated to academic achievement. Preparing students for the business world is a priority at Liberty University.


Students at Liberty University have access to undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. These programs offer numerous disciplines, including political science, business administration, marketing, and accounting.

There are now 79,152 students registered at the university, including 45,935 international students studying for various degrees. Due to their concerns, these programs are ideal for meeting the demands of students who don’t want to commute to a university to complete their education.


Students at Liberty University are assisted in finding a legacy of achievement. Additionally, it believes in studying outside the classroom and has top-notch faculty in each subject. Here are a few justifications for picking Liberty University:

  • For its accessibility and affordability
  • It has top-notch faculty. 
  • The 24-hour employment agency is there to support students.

The Wands You have to Carry to the Magic University

 The first missing piece of the puzzle is the university’s admission procedure.


The acceptance rate of Liberty University is 56%. Additionally, the SAT score ranges from 970 to 12000, and the ACT score ranges from 21 to 28.

The breakdown of SAT and ACT scores is as follows:

SAT Reading 25th Percentile120SAT Reading 75th Percentile600
SAT Math 25th Percentile480SAT Math 75th Percentile600

The average SAT score is 1085

ACT English 25th Percentile21ACT English 75th Percentile29
SAT Math 25th Percentile19ACT Math 75th Percentile27

The average ACT score is 25

The admissions procedure is broken down as follows:


      1. Submit the application form.

After submitting the application form, you can log in to your university account. The following resources will be accessible with this account or Liberty University sign-in:

  • Student checklist
  • Math and English assessment
  • Liberty University email account, etc. 

      2. Liberty University’s approval.

A $250 registration deposit is the first step in the procedure.

Once your application is complete, you must submit the following paperwork to find out if you have been accepted.

  • Submit an essay in PDF or word format.
  • You should provide the essential high school and college credentials to demonstrate your excellent academic standing.
  • Submit your test results.

      3. Verify your attendance.

Sign in to your university account and finalize your financial verification. Also, choose your on-campus accommodation.

Furthermore, finish your math and English tests. These tests must be passed before registering for classes. You would be required to complete part 2 of the Math Assessment if your first score on the test was higher than 22. You might not need to take the appropriate test if you enroll in college credit for English or math.

       4. Enroll in classes.

You can sign up for classes once you have finished your financial verification check-in. For advice and directions on registering, see the university’s course registration guides.

The Head of All Universities

The second missing puzzle piece is the university’s ranking. 

One of the best-known universities in the USA is Liberty University. It is renowned for its top-notch faculty and instructional strategies. The following list includes some of the nationwide and global rankings that various ranking services have given to Liberty University:

  • 299 rated by the US News as the renowned college in the USA.  
  • 216 rated by the US News for engineering education
  • 4 rated by Niche as the best college in the USA.

Another Stuff to Pack for this Trip

The third missing puzzle piece is the GPA requirement

Admission to Liberty University is quite challenging, and applicants must have excellent academic records and GPAs. A score of 3.0 GPA and above-average high school scores are expected. The students who have already been admitted have an average GPA of about 3.37.

Stock Your Wallet with Money

The fourth missing puzzle piece is the fees. At Liberty University, undergraduate tuition fees are collected annually, whereas postgraduate tuition fees are charged by credit hour. The total fee for undergraduate students is $ 35,100, whereas, for postgraduate students, it is $ 22,950.

Furthermore, other costs incurred by the students of Liberty University are as follows:

  • Dining fees incurred are $ 4390
  • The Activity or student center fee incurred is $ 770
  • The Student health fee is $ 300.

By offering financial aid, Liberty University assists its students in making their tuition costs more manageable. The following are only a few of the financial assistance and scholarships offered by Liberty University:

  • Student Scholarships for Residents Transferring
  • Projects, Scholarships, and Events
  • Graduate Scholarships for Residents
  • Scholarship for Middle America.

Final Thoughts

You will learn how significant and excellent this university is after putting all the puzzle parts together. The Liberty University of Virginia is a great school where miracles occur frequently. The first rung on the ladder to your achievement is this university.

For more information regarding the admission process, visit Liberty University’s email

Wait no longer; the magic has already been cast. Before the admissions process is finished, come and experience the scent of achievement.

Liberty University


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