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Nazareth College – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 27, 2022

Nazareth is a community inclusive of motivated learners, mentors, and changemakers committed to taking courageous actions, empathizing, upholding equity, and innovating for the greater good for almost a century.

The core of a Nazareth education is to impact experiences, which prepare each student to identify within themselves the capacity to foster positive development in their life’s work, in any field of endeavor, in a continuously changing and endlessly linked world.


As a world-class university, they offer various study options similar to those found at prominent universities, but in a supportive campus environment. About 2,100 undergraduates and 600 graduate students enroll in degree and certificate programs. Students engage in collaborative and innovative educational experiences that develop them for the workplaces and societies of today and tomorrow. They are prepared for the work and society they will be involved in. These excelling students learn from each other and from their seniors. The college students thrive on having fun and learning together.

Nazareth alumni begin careers of change-making influence in communities and organizations near and far in a learning community that purposely mixes liberal arts and professional disciplines.


General Overview of Nazareth College

Nazareth College was established in 1924 as a private college. There are 2,147 undergraduate students enrolled in total (fall 2020). The campus spans over 150 acres and the university is situated in a civic area. The Regional Universities North ranking for Nazareth College in the Best Colleges edition of 2022 is number 34. The total cost of tuition is $37,590.

Nazareth looks for candidates with a high level of proficiency and advises that they finish a demanding college-preparatory high school curriculum that includes English, math, science, a foreign language, and social studies. The college has an academic calendar based on semesters. For the admission process, it’s based on a student’s academic performance.


Application deadlines for Nazareth’s Early Decision and Regular Decision programmes are November 15 and February 1, respectively. Use the Nazareth FastApp or the Common Application to apply. A high school transcript in its official form, a recommendation letter or letters, and an essay are all the requirements. Advanced Placement and IB courses are also considered, and co-curricular activities are also taken into account.

Rankings of Nazareth College in the US

In the rankings for Regional Universities North, Nazareth College is listed as number 34. There are a few widely acknowledged indicators of distinction used to rank schools as below:


54th position in Best Value Schools

24th position in Best Undergraduate Teaching 


34th position in Regional Universities North 

95th position in Top Performers on Social Mobility 


10th position in the Best Colleges for Veterans 

388th position in Nursing 


68th out of 100 in the U.S. News Overall Score

About Nazareth College Admissions – Acceptance Rates

There is a 76% admission rate at Nazareth College, which is more selective than most colleges. To qualify for admission to Nazareth College, half of the candidates must score 23 to 29 on their ACT or SAT. However, 25% of accepted candidates had scores that were higher than these caps, while 25% had lower scores. The Nazareth College application fee is $45 and the submission is open till February 1.

Nazareth College admissions officers view a student’s GPA score as a vital admission criterion. The officers also consider letters of reference and an applicant’s high school class grade, if available, to be both highly essential aspects.

A college application consists of many components, but focus is on just a few important ones:

  • GPA requirements

The GPA requirement that is taken into consideration is the GPA you must have to have a reasonable chance of being admitted. For this purpose, we use the average GPA of the current school students.

The average GPA for admission in Nazareth College is 3.6.

Nazareth College expects you to have a GPA of 3.6 and be in the top third of your high school class. It is important to score both A and B grades, specifically A should be more than B. This will indicate that the student is academically more capable high school student.

  • Testing requirements, including SAT/ACT requirements

The standardized testing’s standard varies depending upon schools. The majority of schools need either the SAT or ACT, and there is a demand for SAT subject examinations. At Nazareth College, the average composite SAT score is 1180 on a scale of 1600. Nazareth College has a competitive SAT score with this score.

The new SAT scores that fall into the 25th and 75th percentiles are 1090 and 1270, respectively. When you score a 1090 on the new SAT, you will be considered below average, while if you score a 1270, you will be considered above average.

Nazareth College probably comments that no minimum ACT is required, yet the average score accepted by the college is 25. Nazareth College’s ACT score competition level is moderate with this result. ACT scores range from 23 for the 25th percentile to 28 for the 75th percentile. Unless there is something else noteworthy in your application, you’ll have a hard time getting in with an ACT score of 23 or lower. 

The admissions committee will give importance to students’ following scores 

  • GPA
  • curriculum difficulty 
  • extracurricular activities 
  • letters of reference 
  • personal statements in addition to the above factors.

Nazareth College Tuition Fees and Financial Aids

With the national average cost of tuition of $41,281, Nazareth College is much cheaper in comparison to other counterparts. Nazareth College’s tuition fees is $37,590.

The sticker price is included in the numbers. It is also known as the tuition, sticker price or fees. It’s included in these numbers as well as the actual cost of the course. The support of campus health centers, libraries, student gyms, and student centers may be funded in part by a variety of fees, depending on the university.

The sticker fee plus the cost of accommodation and board, transportation, books and supplies, and personal costs make up the total cost. $53,680 is the total cost of attending Nazareth College. A college’s average net price is $33,663 for a student receiving a need-based allowance after financial aids and scholarships are deducted.

Financial assistance, which is often given based on need or merit, is the money that students may use to pay for education. At Nazareth College, first-year students received, on average, $22,793 in need-based scholarships or grants. Additionally, in the year 2019, 81% of the first-year students obtained financial help as per the records.

As a course of self-help aids, Federal loans and work-study programs are the examples in which student fortunes by it. First-year students received self-help aid with an average need-based award of $4,146. Without enclosing any possible athletic scholarships, the average non-need-based grant given to first-year students at Nazareth College was $25,213.

Nazareth College


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