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New York Film Academy – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rate

Sep 26, 2022

New York Film Academy College is an above-average-profit private college. Its interactive learning modules help students indulge in their academic curriculum from the very beginning of their semesters. All the professors mentoring the students are highly qualified professionals with great academic backgrounds.

Thus, New York Film Academy College is a dream college for every student pursuing a degree that this college offers. So, if you are planning to get your next degree from New York Film Academy College, here is your one-stop guide for everything related to New York Film Academy College: acceptance rate, tuition, and academy cost. But, before diving into the subject, let’s have a clear picture about the college.


The New York Film Academy College was founded by Jerry Sherlock in 1997. He is known for producing the film, ‘The Hunt for Red October’. After he heard from the parents of aspiring students that all the curricula had a vague practical approach, the New York Film Academy College has always been working on one approach, and that is “learning by doing.

Many graduates of this college have achieved great success in their careers. You will also find that many honourable professionals are invited as guest speakers who empower the students with their knowledgeable words and experience.


It involves a wide range of courses like producing, screenwriting, animation, digital editing, cinematography, photography, game designing, graphic designing, acting for film and virtual reality, and many more. Also, it provides you with the option of opting for the second language as English, which combines learning with activities related to the arts.

New York Film Academy College Rankings

#6927 in the World


#4,533 in National Rankings

#414 in New York, NY Metro Area High Schools


#137 in New York City Public Schools High Schools

New York Film Academy College Admissions

The New York Film Academy College accepts applications for the fall, spring, and summer. The best part is that the admission policy followed by them is open admission. You will understand about open admission as you keep reading the article. Some pointers for admissions are:

  • You can fill in the application for admission on their website.
  • The mode of submitting the documents is online.
  • The admissions process focuses mainly on the creative portfolios. So, keep your creative portfolio ready. The students are expected to submit these portfolios in the required formats. 
  • A high school diploma or other acceptable equivalent is a must for the candidate.
  • After completion of this test, the candidate has to give an interview. The interview is conducted in English language. The interview is conducted by the admission committee either on the phone or in person. 
  • For admission, your TOEFL and IELTS scores are required, whereas SAT or ACT scores are optional.
  • The complete admission process is conducted in English medium. 
  • Students are made available with many scholarships. Financial aid are also availed to them.
  • The students are expected to communicate well and to be able to work in collaboration with others.
  • If in case an applicant’s primary language is not English and the applicant fails to understand the terms and conditions of the enrolment process, then the student can ask for an explanation of the terms and conditions, cancellation, and refund policy in the language they are most comfortable with.
Submission of documentOnline
Mode of Paymentcredit card
Application fees75 USD
Helpline Number212-966-3488

New York Film Academy College Acceptance Rates

The New York Film Academy College acceptance rate is 0.0%. Yes, that’s true. This doesn’t imply that your chances of getting admitted to this college is high and there is no trouble in getting into it. You also need to consider that, with growing recognition for its courses, it is attracting an increasing number of students each year.

So, the competition level also keeps rising. Therefore, your scores will play a crucial role in securing your admission to the New York Film Academy College. It accepts the scores of both the SAT, ACT, IELTS, or Duolingo tests. Plus, you also need to fill in the application form completely and need to upload all the required documents.


Student to Faculty Ratio

The ratio of student to faculty in this college is 9 to 1 while the average is 15 to 1. So, the students can easily converse with their professor.

English Proficiency Test Scores

For UG Programmes, the Test Scores are as Follows:

TOEFL-paper based520-550

For Graduate Programmes, the Test Score are as Follows:

TOEFL- paper based550


The New York Film Academy College costs are given briefly:


1. Tuition 

The New York Film Academy tuition cost is as follows:

Tuition in district3130032837
Tuition in state3130032837
Tuition out of state3130032837
Fee in-district25342620
Fee in-state25342620
Fee out-of-state$25342620

2. Accommodation

New York Film Academy College has several branches and while some branches provide accommodation facilities, others don’t. So, below you will find information regarding several campuses:

  1. In New York City, the housing fees depend on the period of their stay to complete the program. It costs approximately 1800 USD. A furnished studio apartment would cost you 2200 USD, while the cost of a furnished studio on share would be 1200–2500 USD.
  2. The Los Angeles campus does not have dorms or housing facilities. But the housing department helps the students find suitable accommodation.
  3. The cost of an unfurnished studio on the South Beach campus is $1300-1800, while furnished studios start at $1300USD.
  4. In the Harvard campus, the dormitory has shared suites with common bathrooms. There is no meal facility available. So, students have to afford their meals by themselves.
  5. On the French campus, you will have to pay 4500 USD for a double room per semester, while a single room would cost 6000 USD. In addition to this, they would have to spend USD 250 or more on food per week.
  6. The Paris campus provides a double room at a price of 958 USD per week.

Wrapping Up

New York Film Academy College is an excellent option for gaining the most experience and knowledge. It would kickstart your career with the interactive learning curriculum that it follows. So, if you aim for this college, work hard to build your resume. With a strong resume and test scores, you will almost certainly be admitted to this college. So, keep working hard and you will succeed in attaining your seat in this college.

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