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Oberlin College Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Sep 13, 2022


Private liberal arts and conservative music college Oberlin College are in Ohio’s Oberlin. It was founded in 1833 and is one of the US’s oldest coeducational liberal arts colleges. It also has one of the country’s first cooperative music conservatories. The place is incredibly energetic and creative, supporting its academic and musical excellence.

This university is among the most experimental that encourages students or others to pursue studies with a minimal number of college credits.


The College of Arts and Science is the gateway to the first undergraduate neuroscience program in the world and offers students more than 50 majors, minors, and concentrations.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Oberlin College and Conservatory is 35%, making it more selective. An ACT score of 28-33 or an SAT score between 1270 and 1450 are required for admission to Oberlin College and Conservatory, respectively. However, one-quarter of accepted applicants received scores above these ranges, while the other quarter received below. Oberlin College and Conservatory has a January 15 application deadline.


A student’s GPA is a significant academic consideration for Oberlin College and Conservatory admissions officers. Oberlin College and Conservatory admissions officers place much weight on letters of recommendation and high school rank in a class by an applicant, if available.

Programs, Courses, and Schools at Oberlin College

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music are both Oberlin College’s parts. More than 50 majors, minors, and concentration courses are available, including studies in the liberal arts tradition. Interdisciplinary studies, undergraduate research, and dual degree programs are examples of additional courses.


The qualifications of the faculties are impressive. History, English, Physics, Biology, chemistry, politics, and environmental studies are some of its most well-liked courses. The college launched the first undergraduate neuroscience program in the entire world. Nobel prize winners, as well as Pulitzer Prize winners, are among its former students.

Opportunities for university research

Numerous research opportunities are offered to students by the college. Students can choose from several concentrations in integrity, including those in business, data analytics, global healthcare, international studies, education studies, journalism, peace and conflict studies, and public humanities. Many associations and organizations support students in choosing these research opportunities.


Companies that offer placement services and typical salaries

Oberlin College coordinates events and employment opportunities for students with several multinational businesses and organizations. At Oberlin College, the average annual salary for students is estimated to be $60,000. However, the placement of students is based on their academic qualifications during interviews and placement exams.

The Coalition Application and the Common Application are the two options for applying to Oberlin College, which accepts international students. The student can complete and submit the standard application form once they have met the minimum academic and eligibility requirements for the intended course of study.


The deadline for regular admissions applications is January 15.

SAT and ACT scores on average

186 applicants (22%) and 298 applicants (34%) have submitted their ACT scores for degree-seeking at Oberlin, respectively.


Oberlin’s average ACT score is 32, and its average SAT score is 1,399 for those who submitted their scores. SAT scores range from 1,338 to 1,460, with 1,460 being the 75th percentile. The 25th percentile score for ACT scores is 89, and the 75th percentile score is 101.

Average GPA and Estimated GPA Requirements

Like most universities/colleges, Oberlin College views a high GPA as a requirement for the admission of candidates. Higher GPAs are frequently thought to increase applicants’ chances of getting accepted—not just to OC, but to any college or university of their choice.


Applicants must know that Oberlin College is highly selective and has high standards for academic performance, including Grade Point Average (GPA) scores. The students must also have high school grades that are above average and a minimum GPA of 3.25. It’s interesting to note that OC students have a 3.60 average high school GPA. The applicants must, among other things, be well aware of the admissions requirements.


The SAT essay section is optional, which Oberlin College would not require. Oberlin participates in a score choice program so that the admissions office will consider your highest score from each section across all SAT dates. However, applicants can submit their SAT II scores if they feel they will strengthen their application. SAT Subject evaluations are not needed at Oberlin.

Can you get admitted to Oberlin, and how difficult is it to get in?

35% of applicants are accepted at Oberlin. Oberlin has a low acceptance rate for qualified applicants and is a very tough institution to get into. 3,292 of the 9,309 applicants who applied last year were accepted.

The school has rigorous entrance requirements, typically admitting students with SAT and ACT scores in the top 14%. Typically, Oberlin College accepts and draws students with average high school grades of “B+” and a GPA of around 3.6. Most incoming freshmen finish in the highest 10% of their class in high school. Of those accepted, 21% opted to enroll in the university.

How Do the Admissions and Enrollment Statistics for Oberlin Affect You?

You can gauge your chances of acceptance using Oberlin’s admission statistics. Examine the SAT and ACT scores of accepted candidates. If your results are below average, you might want to retake the test or search for colleges that will better match your results. An excellent way to assess how tough it is to gain admission to a college is to look at its acceptance rates and selectivity.

Getting accepted to that college might be challenging because of its lower acceptance rates and high selectivity.


Oberlin University is a selective institution with a 34% acceptance rate. When choosing officers and hiring staff, adopt a comprehensive perspective. In assessing applicants’ academic credentials, they also consider their unique qualities or what they can offer the Oberlin community.

In the admissions process, candidates are evaluated primarily based on their academic background, making GPA, high school report card difficulty, standardized test scores, and class rank crucial factors.

After reviewing the applicant’s academic history, important considerations to determine admission include the applicant’s letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, application essays, talent, and personal traits. Another consideration is whether the applicant is a first-generation college student.

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