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Pratt Institute – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Sep 13, 2022

New University in Town. Read, Before Seats Get Fill Up 

Are you a student who is uncertain about which universities to apply to? 


Are you one of the students that doubt their ability or fear that you won’t be accepted to a foreign university?

If this is the case with you, congratulations; by embracing these truths, you have already overcome the first case. Do not worry; we are here to handle the rest.


This blog will be of considerable help in this whole process of mission admission. Today, we bought a university that is not only preferred by international students but also offers a fertile setting for academic excellence.

So, are you excited to take a tour around the campus of Pratt University in New York, United States? If yes, the car is turned on. Come hop on, and let’s travel together. 


The Ultimate University Checklist and acceptance rate: 

Pratt University is a privately funded university for architecture and acceptable arts courses. It was founded in 1887 by an American entrepreneur named Charles Pratt. The institution has more than 5,000 students, of whom 32% are foreign undergraduates and 45% are foreign graduate students. 

Furthermore, the acceptance rate for this university is 60%. To be admitted to this university, you must have an average GPA of 3.8/4 (around 93%). Additionally, the SAT exam score required is 1099.


According to the reports, 5,137 people applied for admission to this university for the academic year 2021–2022. Out of which 3,675 were postgraduate students, while 1,462 were undergraduates.

It’s tough. Isn’t it? But not impossible.


However, if an applicant’s GPA is low, they should be able to make up for it with a high SAT Wheeling, while staring at you must be wondering, why is it so difficult to get into this university, or is it owned by a celebrity, which explains why it is so challenging?

You should look at the next topic to answer your why’s.


And the Rank Holder Award Goes to…

Pratt institution has an impressive ranking. 

Let us look at Pratt Institute ranking:

  • #244 rated by the Times Higher Group according to the US college ranking 2022.
  • #7 rated by the QS World University Ranking for art and design.
  • Ranked # 401-405 by the QS World University Ranking for art and humanities
  • Ranked # 3 by the CEO World Magazine, 2022  as the best institute of architecture. 

Now you understand why the admission process to this university is complicated. And don’t be fearful; the key to admission to this university is inside you; that is hard work, determination, and patience.

Queue Up for the Admission Process:

Pratt University features an admissions office that deals with all questions and admissions choices. The Office of International Affairs handles all immigration-related matters. International students are required to bring various admissions procedures.

Let us take a look at this university’s admission process.

The application fee is around 90 USD.

Applications are being accepted at Pratt Institute for the Fall and Spring semesters. The due dates are as follows:

  • October 1 for the spring decision
  • November 1 for the fall decision.

Required score to enter in pratt:

International students must take English proficiency tests. For a more thorough examination, it is advised that the students submit both their SAT and English Proficiency Test results. The scores required in the subject are elaborated below:


Furthermore, the application procedures for undergraduate and postgraduate students are as follows:

Undergraduate Students

  • Submit the online application form.
  • Authenticated copies of all secondary and postsecondary school certificates.
  • Submit your GPA average score of 3.8/4
  • Submit your SAT or ACT exam score results.
  • Attach the letter of recommendation. This step is optional.
  • Submit your essay, if applicable.
  • Attach your English subject test score

Postgraduate students

  • Submit the online application form.
  • Submit documents for grades.
  • Submit your GPA average score of 3.8/4
  • Submit GMAT or GRE results
  • Submit Statement of Purpose
  • A writing sample, if required.
  • Attach two letters of recommendation.
  • Submit resume or portfolio.
  • Attach your English subject test score.
  • Submit passport details. 

How much money will it need?

When applying to American universities, international students must consider several variables, with cost among them. The details below contain the expected Pratt Institute tuition costs for potential students.

  • Tuition fees for UG students are Rs. 44.11 lakhs, and for PG students are Rs. 47.24 lakhs. This cost varies as per the programs.
  • Academic facilities fees are Rs. 0.55 lakh.
  • Technology fee is Rs. 0.48 lakhs.
  • Health insurance costs Rs. 0.98 lakhs for the fall season and Rs. 1.39 lakhs for the spring season.
  • Housing costs range from 6.3 lakhs to 8.42 lakhs for UG students and 11.22 lakhs to 15.44 lakhs for PG students.

Do not think of it as a costly affair. Think of it as an investment. If you invest today in this dream university, the fruit you will ripen for tomorrow is beyond your imagination.

Bonus Facilities.

Pratt Institute provides a wide range of advantages and facilities worldwide. There are various methods for alumni members to be involved with the college without paying a subscription fee. It includes

  • Career guidance facility. Now the experts of the university are with you at every step.
  • Access to the university job portal.
  • Many courses of audit are available at discounted prices.
  • Seminars, fests, and other events for students.
  • Access to a library and other resources.

To Sum UP,

Pratt University helps students succeed in their career choices throughout the rest of their lives. 

In terms of graduates’ mid-career salaries, Pratt Institute is ranked first among the top art and design universities by Payscale.

According to the stats, 99% of Pratt graduates either find full-time employment or continue with an advanced degree. 81% of working students are content with their jobs.

So, what is holding you up? 

Keep an open mind and strive hard to achieve the desired goals this university has set for itself. With that, the campus tour was completed. Drive you back to your home while leaving you with the hopes for this university and the will to make them a reality.

pratt institute


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