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Reed College – Admissions, Ranking, and Acceptance Rates

Sep 23, 2022

Reed institution is a private liberal arts college that accepts 39.5% of applicants. Reed College, located 15 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, is frequently ranked among the top liberal arts universities in the country. Reed was awarded a chapter of the renowned Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society for its achievements in the liberal arts and sciences. Reed routinely scores high in the number of Ph.D. students and has a large number of Rhodes scholars. The Reed staff takes pleasure in their teaching, and the institution has a student/teacher ratio of 9 to 1 with an average class size of 15. 

Amanda Reed utilized her scholarship money to attend Reed College mascot. Whereas other liberal arts institutions were founded on the model of larger Ivy League universities, Reed was founded deliberately in response to this sort of education. Instead of focusing on academics, the institution has no exclusive social organizations, fraternities, or varsity athletics. 


As a result of this strategy, Reed students have a reputation for intellectual accomplishment, including 50 Fulbright Scholars, 60 Watson Fellows, 2 MacArthur Fellows, and 31Rhodes Scholars. All first-year students must attend a humanities course to provide science and humanities students with a foundation in the Classics. Reed Institution was founded in 1908 as a private, autonomous, coeducational liberal arts and sciences institution. 

Reed College’s size is approximately 116 acres and is located in Portland, Oregon, a progressive and energetic town. At the university, there is also a de-emphasis on grades, with a more narrative evaluation method. Five humanities courses are available as are, 26 majors, 12 interdisciplinary majors, and six dual degrees from other universities. The college’s academics are organized into five divisions: the Arts Division, the History, and Social Sciences Division, the Literature and Languages Division, the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Division, and the Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, and Linguistics Division. 


Reed College Acceptance Rate 

Reed College has a 39.5% acceptance rate for the 2018-19 admissions session. This indicates 

that for every 100 applicants, 39 were admitted, making Reed’s admissions process challenging. 


SAT Results 

Reed College requires all candidates to provide SAT or ACT results. 70% of accepted students submitted SAT results during the 2021-22 admissions cycle. 


50% of Reed students admitted scored between 670 and 750 on the evidence-based reading and writing section, while 25% scored below 670 and 25% scored over 750. 50% of accepted students scored between 655 and 770 on the arithmetic part, 25% scored below 655, and 25% over 770.  

Reed College Requirements 

The SAT writing test is not required by Reed. Reed participates in the score choice program, meaning the admissions office will consider your top score from each section across all SAT dates. SAT Subject exams are optional at Reed. 


It is necessary to look at the Reed College mascot requirements as different courses have different requirements. You can check the requirements of all the courses through the official website of the Reed College mascot. The admissions for the freshman would be based on the high school marks and grades that the individuals have obtained. Tests would also be conducted, but the main priority would be the marks that an individual has obtained through high school. The higher the marks, the more chances are that the individual will be selected and will get admission to Reed College 

ACT Scores and Prerequisites 


Reed requires all candidates to provide SAT or ACT results. ACT scores were provided by 42% of accepted students during the 2018-19 admissions cycle. 

According to admissions data, most of Reed’s accepted students score in the top 7% nationwide on the ACT. The middle 50% of Reed students had an ACT composite score between 30 and 34, with 25% scoring higher and 25% scoring lower. 


Reed College GPA 

Reed College’s entering first-year cohort had an average high school GPA of 4.0 in 2021. According to these statistics, the majority of successful Reed candidates had mostly A grades. 

Reed College Ranking  

If we talk about Reed College Ranking, it is on the number– 

#9 49 Colleges with No Application Fees 

#1 Top 10 Colleges That Will Kick Your Buttocks 

#3 LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges 

#10 10 Colleges Without Letter Grades 


in the list of the 50 greatest colleges on the West Coast is 


on the list of the 25 Most Pet-Friendly Colleges 

#6 20 institutions where students smoke the most marijuana 

The top ten colleges for kids to study #2 

The top 10 Best Ski Racing Colleges in the United States #6 

Reed College Tuition Costs and Financial Assistance 

Reed satisfies the proven need of all admitted students, international or domestic, 

for the whole four years. Reed’s financial aid program includes scholarships, 

grants, career opportunities, and loans. 


Reed college tuition fees 

Reed College tuition is approx. $64,450. (direct cost) 

$310 fees (direct cost) 

$8,290 for on-campus housing (direct cost)


An on-campus board is about $7,660. (direct cost) 

Books and materials totaling $1,050 (indirect cost) 

Personal costs of $900 (indirect cost) 

Transportation: $250-$2,000 (indirect cost)  

Reed College Admissions  

Reed College’s admissions pool is exceptionally competitive, with a low acceptance rate and 

high average SAT/ACT scores. When selecting applicants for future incoming classes, colleges consider a variety of variables. Each school has a different method for assessing which components of the admissions process are most significant. When choosing schools to apply to, consider your strengths as well as any potential application issues, and choose those that focus the most on your strong suit. 

On the other hand, Reed offers a comprehensive admissions procedure that considers things other than grades and test results. A good application essay, glowing letters of recommendation, engagement in significant extracurricular activities, and a tough school schedule may all help your candidacy. You can improve your chances by writing a convincing supplemental essay and participating in an optional interview.

Reed College


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