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Sacred Heart University – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Oct 1, 2022

Sacred Heart University Fairfield, Connecticut in the United States has been a beacon of academic achievement since its founding as a private Catholic institution in 1963. Sacred Heart University is well-known for its diverse academic offerings, in addition to its strong research foundation. Certificate, residency, and diploma programs, as well as undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional degrees, are all available. You can attend courses in a traditional classroom setting, in a hybrid setting, or completely online. Many academic institutions have international and multidisciplinary student populations. Because of its 100% funded scholarship programs and 99.3% placement rate, Sacred Heart University is a top choice for students studying abroad. With a 66% acceptance rate, admission to Sacred Heart University is simple. It is the largest and second-oldest Catholic university in the States in terms of enrollment. If you’re thinking about applying, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about Sacred Heart University. We’ve compiled this comprehensive overview of Sacred Heart University to help you make an informed decision about applying.

Sacred Heart University


Sacred Heart University was established in 1963 to provide access to higher education for people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and faiths. The student body had nearly quadrupled from its initial 173 members by 1987. Beginning with just nine people, the faculty has grown to include 281. The university’s residence halls were established in 1990, and the following year, Sacred Heart University began accepting applications for undergraduate students. Sacred Heart University’s Holy Spirit Christian Chapel opened in September 2009, and the university’s student commons opened in 2012. In 2019, Princeton Reviews ranked Sacred Heart University’s “Happiest Students” as #10. The institution has grown to become the country’s leading educational facility. This university’s foreign student body includes students from over 40 countries. Among the numerous scholarships and grants available to students at this university are the Conley Award, Trustee Scholarship, Community College Scholarship, and College Scholarship. Sacred Heart University’s standard classes have 21 students, making the student-to-instructor ratio 13 to 1. Students have the option of participating in approximately twenty study abroad programs in seventeen countries, including SHU campuses in Luxembourg and Dingle, Ireland.


Ranking of Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University has been at the forefront of academics and research for many years. The university’s standing is determined by how well it performs on a variety of standard measures of quality. Sacred Heart University is ranked #217 in the world by the Q.S. 2022 rankings.

  • According to U.S. News and World Report 2022, the university is ranked four on the list of “Most Innovative Universities in the North USA.”
  • The ‘#202’ spot on the list of the best universities in the US.
  • Among the top 297 in the world for social research and development.
  • The “Happiest Students” ranking places Sacred Heart University tenth.

How to get into Sacred Heart University?

The admissions process at Sacred Heart University is averagely challenging. Admissions decisions at Sacred Heart University are made after thoroughly considering each candidate across several criteria. Around 7,515 of the 11,748 students that applied to Sacred Heart University in 2021 were accepted. Moderately competitive undergraduate programs, such as Sacred Heart University, admit 51% and 85% of all candidates. Seventy-five percent of accepted students have high school GPAs in the top half of their class and SAT or ACT composite scores in the 99th percentile or higher. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing honors degree has a notoriously high acceptance rate. Acceptance of transfer students is a challenging process.


Admission Requirement At Sacred Heart University

  • Minimum GPAs
  • Application Requirements that include the SAT, ACT, or another test (s)

You’re supposed to submit the common application by the deadline and when submitting the Common Application, you must deposit a $50 non-refundable processing fee. 

Some other things that are expected from you:

  1. Your guidance office is required to send your most recent official secondary school transcript.
  2. You must provide a letter of recommendation from someone other than a family member.
  3. You must deposit the Early Decision Contract if you apply for Early Decision.

GPA required At Sacred Heart University

For admission to Sacred Heart University, a certain GPA is necessary. The typical grade point average at Sacred Heart is 3.51. Sacred Heart University is highly selective, as evidenced by this mean GPA.


SAT and ACT Requirements

All students at Sacred Heart University are subject to the school’s standardized testing requirements. Subject tests from either the SAT or ACT must be taken. You can’t apply to Sacred Heart University without first taking either the SAT or ACT. You should do well on the examination if you want to submit a competitive application.

The Acceptance Rate at Sacred Heart University

If that is your preferred university, you should be concerned about Sacred Heart University’s acceptance rate (SHU). The university accepts approximately 64% of all applications, with a 26.5% early acceptance rate and a 64% general acceptance rate. If 10,000 students apply to Sacred Heart University (SHU), the admissions office will most likely admit only 6,000. This puts pressure on you to do well in order to join the other 6,000 students.


Placement Program at Sacred Heart University

Placement rates at Sacred Heart University have averaged 99.3 percent over the past three years across all degree levels, academic areas, and professional concentrations. Overall, we have a 90% response rate. When finding internships and jobs, the placement cell is always busy and takes its work seriously. After completing training and education programs, candidates must participate in placement drives hosted by international companies.

Why choose Sacred Heart University?

Top recognition

The Princeton Review again places Sacred Heart University among the best undergraduate institutions in the country. A college admissions service includes a review and promotion of SHU in the 2022 edition of The Best 387 Colleges. The Princeton Review’s profile is based on student polls covering all facets of campus life. According to the report, Sacred Heart is “a university filled with a significant degree of school spirit and ‘an extraordinary feeling of community. Many current and prospective students are quick to praise the university’s “excellent nursing and business programs.”


Available student programs

Many are pleased with the “professional, conservatory-style dance curriculum” and “theater arts program” offered by the department of performing arts. Also, the students think the campus is “extremely modern,” with “whiteboard-stacked classrooms” that have “many distinctive characteristics other schools lack” and “V.R. for classroom exercises, which increased the learning experience.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of clubs and organizations are at Sacred Heart University?

The student body at Sacred Heart University (SHU) offers various clubs and groups that meet regularly (weekly or biweekly). You have a chance to connect with other enthusiastic students about the same topics. You won’t just get the chance to learn from and grow with the Sacred Heart faculty and staff in a formal classroom setting; you’ll also get to do it in a casual, off-the-clock environment.


2. What are the facilities at Sacred Heart University?

The university provides students with modern classrooms, computer labs, libraries, dining halls, and dorms. In addition to fitness and wellness classes, the Health & Recreation Center also provides recreational and health-enhancing amenities.

3. Which campuses are at Sacred Heart University?

The primary campus can be found in Fairfield. Locations for the foreign campuses include Dingle and Ireland. The European Business Center of Luxembourg, a second campus, offers study abroad opportunities across the world and collaborates with a campus in Rome.



Sacred Heart University (SHU) is a top choice among universities. When compared to other colleges, this institution has a high number of students chosen to participate in the International Business Machines (IBM) cooperative education (co-op) program, often working in IBM’s accounting and finance division.

sacred heart university


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