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Sarah Lawrence College Admissions, Rankings & Acceptance Rates

Sep 20, 2022

Sarah Lawrence College was formed in 1926 as a private college. One of the top liberal arts institutions in the USA, Sarah Lawrence College, frequently receives top rankings. Among the most prestigious coeducational universities in New York, Sarah Lawrence College ranks among the top schools for residential learning. It provides a chance to work directly with the professors while studying.

The institution provides an exceptional education that allows the kids to learn in small classes where they can receive complete attention. Students also get professional skills because the college provides paid internships for enrolled students.


There are 1,292 undergraduate students enrolled in total (winter 2020), the university is 42 acres in area, and the location is suburban. The academic calendar is based on semesters. National Liberal Arts Colleges is where Sarah Lawrence College is ranked in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges, at number seventy-one. The cost of attendance is $59,470.

Ranking of Sarah Lawrence College

The college is ranked 68 in the National Liberal Arts College category by US News. The college’s ranking for the calendar year 2020 based on various factors is as follows:

  • Regarding the best undergraduate instruction, the college is 51st.
  • For the top value institutions, the college is ranked 96th.

For 2020, Times Higher Education has ranked the college as follows:

  • The college is ranked 157th in the world by THE.

Admissions to Sarah Lawrence

Compared to other universities, Sarah Lawrence University’s admissions process is more stringent. Sarah Lawrence’s college acceptance rate is 55% and a 67.4% advanced acceptance rate. An ACT score of 27 to 32 or an SAT grade between 1220 and 1410 is required for admission to Sarah Lawrence. Nevertheless, 25% of accepted candidates scored above these limits, while 25% received below these levels. The Sarah Lawrence College submission deadline is January 15, with a $60 application fee.


The GPA of a candidate is a crucial academic consideration for Sarah Lawrence College admissions officers. When available, a candidate’s high school ranking is considered, and Sarah Lawrence College admissions officers highly value letters of recommendation.

ACT Scores: 28 – 31


Average GPA: 3.62 – 3.71

Programs at Sarah Lawrence College

The New York State Education Department and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredit Sarah Lawrence College. It provides courses in four academic disciplines: history, mathematics, the humanities, social sciences, and performing and fine arts. The institution also allows students to work with academic advisers to design their course of study.


The institution offers several well-liked majors, including General Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal Arts and Sciences. The institution offers many well-liked majors, including General Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal Arts and Sciences. The college also offers exchange programs and study abroad opportunities. 

The learners can visit China, Cuba, France, Italy, England, Germany, Japan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Tanzania as part of the study abroad program. The universities participating in the exchange program include Eugene Lang College, Tsuda University, Institut d’Etudes Politiques/Sciences Po, Spelman College, and Pitzer College. 


How do I apply for the college application procedure for Sarah Lawrence? Students from other countries who are interested can apply via the common application.

Required Documentation

  • English-language translations of transcripts.
  • A total of two letters of recommendation from professors.
  • Students who want to be admitted to undergraduate programs must take the required standardised tests, such as the SAT. Additionally, the kids may take the ACT exam and submit their results.
  • Applicants from quasi-English-speaking nations must demonstrate their English proficiency via the TOEFL or IELTS exams. The learner is free from having to prove their English competency if they have attended at least two years of a program taught entirely in English.
  • To be considered for graduate school admission, applicants must take the GRE.
  • A financial affidavit is also requested at the time of enrolment.

Application date: January 15 is the deadline for applications.


Application Cost: The program’s registration fee is $60.

Fees for attendance at Sarah Lawrence College

In addition to paying Sarah Lawrence’s college tuition, students who are enrolled in the college must also cover various extra costs. The breakdown of the annual tuition at Sarah Lawrence College for full-time undergraduates (2019–2020) is provided below. Individual costs might be different. 

Admissions Probability

Over half of the candidates are accepted by Sarah Lawrence College, which has a problematic admissions pool. The admissions process at Sarah Lawrence is holistic and test-optional, and the selection of students is based on more than just academic performance. Your candidacy can be strengthened by a good application essay, an excellent optional supplemental essay, excellent letters of reference, involvement in significant extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load.

In addition to students who demonstrate promise in the classroom, the institution seeks students who will meaningfully contribute to the campus community. Sarah Lawrence provides optional interviews to prospective candidates, while they are not necessary. Regardless of whether a student’s grades fall below Sarah Lawrence’s Typical range, but they may still be given significant consideration if they have awe-inspiring tales or accomplishments.

Scholarships at Sarah Lawrence College

The financial assistance options offered by the college include grants, student loans, and student employment. And over 70% of students get some financial aid. In addition to financial aid, Sarah Lawrence College offers merit- and need-based scholarships to overseas students.

The student must submit the financial aid form to be considered. Scholarships are given to students who have vital academic records. It is renewed yearly and costs between 10,000 and 25,000 USD. The student can choose from some different scholarships provided by the USA and those provided by the college. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How challenging is the admissions process at Sarah Lawrence College?

Admission at Sarah Lawrence College is quite competitive. When deciding whom to accept, reject, or place on a waitlist, Sarah Lawrence College considers each application in light of various factors. Around 2,007 out of the 3,674 applications were admitted by Sarah Lawrence College in 2021, or 55% of the total applicant pool. Less than 60% of candidates are accepted by exceptionally competitive schools like Sarah Lawrence College. 

At least 50% of all accepted students have SAT and ACT scores above 1230 and GPAs in the best 10% of their respective high school classes. Admissions for transfer students are highly challenging. Nine hundred pupils were placed on Sarah Lawrence College’s waitlist for 2021. Four hundred thirty-three of them were finally taken off the waiting list.

2. What Qualifies a Candidate for Admission to Sarah Lawrence College?

When selecting applicants for their upcoming incoming classes, colleges take a variety of things into account. The methods used by each institution to choose the elements that matter most in the application process vary. Choose schools that place the most significant focus on the admissions criteria where you excel by considering your skills and any potential flaws in your submission when selecting universities to apply to.


You now possess complete knowledge of Sarah Lawrence College. Sift through the requirements because they can impact your acceptance as an international student.

We wish you success in all of your academic efforts.

Sarah Lawrence College


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