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Simon Fraser University – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rate

Sep 27, 2022

Simon Fraser University is an institution that was innovated in 1965. Its suburban setting has 720 undergraduate enrolments overall (fall 2020), and its lot size is 430 acres. It utilizes a trimester-rested academic schedule. A public exploration institution innovated in the middle of the 1960s, Simon Fraser University (SFU) is based in British Columbia, Canada.The institution is committed to community development, slice-edge exploration, and innovative education. Its charge is to come as Canada’s most community-involved exploration university or Canada’s top engaged university. SFU has three collaborative demesnes in British Columbia, making it one of Canada’s most active and engaged demesnes.Arthur Erickson and Geoffrey Massey, two celebrated Canadian engineers, created the main lot of SFU in Burnaby. To foster invention and promote interdisciplinary studies, they intended to invite academics from throughout the globe.In its first-time registered, the institution had 500 scholars; moment, more than 1000 scholars from all over the world attend. The university is one of the top training and exploration institutions in the world, with over alumni and 500 academics and staff.The National Collegiate Athletic Association, the largest council calisthenics association in the world, has its first Canadian member. SFU is also a member of Universities Canada, the International Association of Universities, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

General Information

  1. School Type Public, Coed
  2. Time innovated: 1965
  3. Religious Affiliation: None
  4. Academic schedule: Trimester
  5. Setting: Suburban
  6. Phone (778)782-3111

Academic Life at Simon Fraser University

The pupil-to-faculty rate at Simon Fraser University is 21:1, which is better than the universities it competes with, and 25.6% of the classroom sections have lower than 20 scholars.At Simon Fraser University, the most famous majors include social lore; management, education, communication, journalism, and related programs; psychology; biological and biomedical knowledge; operation, marketing, and combined support services; unbiased trades and lore.

Class Sizes

Classes with lower than 20 scholars – 25.6%


20 to 49 scholars – 39.8%

50 or further scholars – 34.6%


Pupil to Faculty rate – 21:1

Student Life at Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University has about 720 undergraduate students registered overall in the fall of 2020, with a gender division of 47 male  and 53 female scholars. In sports, Simon Fraser University is part of the NCAA II.


Pupil Gender Distribution

Male 47%

Female 53%


Total registration: 482 (Fall 2020)

Collegiate athletic association: NCAA II


Campus Safety

U.S. Law did not seem essential to collect or frame the campus safety data of Simon Fraser University to the collection of safety data in the record of Civil Government. This demand exists only for institutions that participate in civil fiscal aid programs. The safety of a lot, as well as the cincture area, should be estimated, and prospective students and their families are advised to do rigorous research in the field of safety allotted to the students from Simon Fraser University. 

Simon Fraser University Campus

Simon Fraser University offers several pupil services, including a women’s centre, daycare, health service, and health insurance. Numerous other safety and security services are also provided by Simon Fraser University, including 24-hour bottom and car details, late-night transportation and companion services, 24-hour emergency telephones, and student details. Simon Fraser University allows students of legal drinking age to consume alcohol.

  • Scholars who have their vehicles on campus: N/ A
  • Health insurance offered: Yes.

Awards & Financial Assistance

Is there any financial help or knowledge available for scholars from other countries?

SFU provides knowledge, bursaries, and awards to prospective transnational undergraduate scholars who need fiscal backing. The Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship, which can pay up to a certain amount of Canadian dollars in education and other charges, is available to scholars who parade success in their academic and adulterous hobbies. Scholars applying for a UG degree course in the fall under any faculty are eligible for this award. Other admission prices available to UG aspirants include the Jim Bennett Entrance Scholarship, the Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance Scholarship, and the H.Y. Louie and Lohn Entrance Award. A unique operation process is demanded for each education and entrance award, except for the Jim Bennett and Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance knowledge. See the sanctioned website for further information about this knowledge and fiscal aid. SFU anticipates international graduate scholars to arrange their backing. Still, the university offers bursaries as a possible result in cases of fiscal difficulty. Student aspirants for department-specific bursaries must show monetary need. Although they’re available on a term-by-term basis, these bursaries are not guaranteed. Also, they are not intended to cover every unmet fiscal need of a pupil. In addition, scholars can apply for backing for outside knowledge provided by other associations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What time do admissions begin?

A:Almost every student can apply for Fall, Summer and Spring programs at Simon Fraser. Admission for the UG Fall, Summer, and Spring Inputs opens in October, and it does so in August for the Spring Intake. Different deadlines and inputs apply to PG programs. Depending on a program’s information, deadlines may change. To find the precise ending dates, visit the runner for the applicable course.

Q2.How can I enrol in UG courses?

A:International aspirants must use the Education Planner BC operation service, the same as domestic aspirants, to apply to SFU. To improve their admission chances, the university recommends aspirants submit their operations as soon as possible.

Q3.How many scholars from India and other countries have enrolled in this university?

A.The institution accepted 500 undergrads and more than, 1000 graduate scholars in 2019. Transnational scholars from further than 100 different countries make up 30 of the graduate pupil body every time, the university accepted 500 transnational scholars from 137 countries for the 2019 – 2020 academic time.

Q4.Is there containing on the campus?

A:International scholars have a variety of content and lodging options at SFU. scholars have the option of living on or off the lot. Student houses are included in on-campus covering at the demesne in Burnaby and Vancouver. Graduate and undergraduate scholars have the option of lodging in an apartment or participating room.We trust that you got some great value from this article and have now cleared all your doubts regarding Simon Fraser University.



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