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Skidmore College – Admissions, Rankings, And Acceptance Rates

Sep 26, 2022

Skidmore College, ranking top among all liberal arts colleges in the U.S.A, began its journey as a young women’s industrial club in 1903. Since its advent, this college saw a sharp rise in student influx; starting as a women-only club, it grew into a co-ed college with 44 majors and more than 100 student clubs. The active management has changed the college from a single-building club to a 1200-acre-wide residential liberal arts college, where students worldwide congregate to enjoy the dynamic college experience offered. 

The question Where is Skidmore College? Located in Saratoga Springs, New York, located 30 miles from Albany, New York state’s capital; Skidmore college is a three-hour drive from New York City, Boston, and Montreal. The curriculum of Skidmore college consists of a four-year private liberal arts curriculum with more than 44 majors and minors. They also provide their students with an opportunity to have off-campus studies where students can choose from 120 programs taking place in 45 countries as well as take cooperative programs from various universities. 


Skidmore College’s population goes as high as 2,700 students hailing from 43 states/territories and 60 countries. The Skidmore College population consists of 59% women, 41% men, and 3% identified as nonbinary. 26% of the Skidmore college population are people with 10% international, 7% dual passports, and 12% first-generation students.   

Skidmore College promotes the idea that “Creative thoughts matter” to its students; empowering them to combine different ideas, experiment, and look at the world from a broader perspective. Not just in the arts but in science, business, economics, the humanities, and every other endeavor “Creative thoughts matter” approach creates an exciting liberal art learning experience for the students of Skidmore College. 


Skidmore College is a private institution with high tuition fees compared to the U.S. national average of $45,000. The tuition fee at Skidmore College starts from $62,398, with an extra $10,000 in dorm rooms and $7,000 meal charges for those staying on campus. Skidmore awards more than $68 million in financial aid each year to those from financially weak but academically strong backgrounds. While 52% of students received need-based grants, 55% received some form of financial assistance from the college. There is also an $80,000 merit scholarship for music (4-6 awards per year) and science-math (12-14 awards per year). 

If you wish to be part of the Skidmore College population but have no idea about the Skidmore college acceptance rate, admission criteria, and rankings, you are on the right page. Here we will look into Skidmore College Ranking, admission, and acceptance rates, sketching out an overview of the college. 


Skidmore College Admission 

Let’s begin with admissions at Skidmore College. At Skidmore, the application review considers three major deadlines, early decision I, the y decision II, and the regular decision. Admission officers at Skidmore begin their review process by looking at an applicant’s academic excellence, the quality of high school courses, rankings, and personal recommendations. Only those who have sufficiently fulfilled these criteria are processed to the next review stage. 

Skidmore values students with strong academic abilities, creativity, commitment, and personal integrity, bringing the Skidmore College acceptance rate to an all-time low among private colleges and universities. They assess the applicant’s personal qualities, interests, accomplishments in and out of the classroom, and social contributions through their essays, recommendations, and interviews (optional). 


If you are confident and want to apply to Skidmore College now more than ever, here are some checklists you must keep in mind while applying to Skidmore. 

  •  Submit the application through the Common Application or the Coalition Application 
  • Official High School transcripts (filled out by guidance counselor) 
  • Teacher Evaluation Report 
  • Midyear Report 
  • Self-report SAT/ACT scores (optional due to COVID 19) 
  • Pay the non-refundable Application fee of $65 
  • Complete CSS Financial Aid profile if applying for financial aid. 

Additional checklist for international students includes 

  • English language proficiency score (waived for completing the IB diploma program) 
  • IELTS 
  • TOFEL 
  • Duolingo 
  • English translations of Academic transcripts and recommendations

Skidmore College also encourages its adventurous applicants to apply for study abroad programs in London in their first-year applications. 


The official website of Skidmore college presents a FAQ page for those having additional queries regarding their admission procedures. 

Skidmore College Ranking 

Now we will look at college rankings. So, where is Skidmore College ranked among other colleges and Universities in the United States of America? The Princeton Review places, Skidmore College among the Best Value Colleges in the U.S and #9 among Great schools for Financial aid. Skidmore college ranking top among liberal arts colleges in the U.S has always been going up, not the other way around, with cutting-edge facilities and an environment-friendly campus nurturing the creativity in its students facilitated the rise of Skidmore College ranking. 


According to Active Minds, it is one of the healthiest campuses, and the Princeton review supports it by ranking Skidmore #7 in best campus foods. U.S.News & World Report ranked Skidmore college #39 in national liberal Arts Colleges and #52 in Best value colleges. The Niche ranking of Skidmore College has always been in the top 100 for its various departments and facilities.  

Are you still wondering where Skidmore college stands among other liberal arts colleges? In that case, you can go to the Skidmore Ranking page on the college website for more detailed information regarding Skidmore College ranking. 


Skidmore College Acceptance Rate 

Coming down, we will now look at the Skidmore college acceptance rate. There is a lot of competition among candidates who apply to Skidmore college. Skidmore college receives around 11,000 applicants yearly; with uncompromising academic requirements and exceptional creative prerequisites, the Skidmore college acceptance rates stay at approximately 31%. That is, an average of 3 out of every 10 applicants get enrolled each year.
Skidmore College Acceptance rate heavily relies on academic excellence and creative ingenuity. Students enrolled at Skidmore College show an average of 1300-1420 in SAT scores and 29-33 in ACT scores. If you are an aspirant to Skidmore College, having a creative portfolio with exceptional academic achievements can guarantee your enrollment in Skidmore college. 



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