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St John’s College -Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Sep 12, 2022

St. John’s College, Annapolis, is one of the best higher education institutions. It offers the most renowned Bachelor’s Degree concentrations- Liberal Arts and Sciences. In the year 2020, nearly 151 programs were awarded across all graduate and undergraduate degrees. While 66.9% of these degrees were awarded to men, 33.1% were awarded to women. To grab more information on St. John’s College acceptance rate, admission and ranking, all you need to do is stay tuned till the very end. Keep reading, and you will be able to uncover valuable insights in no time. Let’s get started!

St John’s College- An Overview 

St. John’s College is a liberal arts school that comes with a well-rounded foundation accompanied by a wide range of subjects. Located in Annapolis, Cambridge and New York, this educational institution has about 500 enrolled candidates. Aspiring learners looking forward to enrolling in this college can report either their ACT or SAT exam marks. A score within the range of 26-32 on the ACT exam and 1210-1430 on the SAT exam is considered among the 25th to 75th percentile range. According to various studies, it is quite evident that the average GPA of St. John’s College ranges from 3.48 to 3.78 for all the accepted students. 

City and State Annapolis, New York, Cambridge 
Public or Private Private 
Undergraduate Population 500
Student Population 599
Average Grant Aid $19,051
Total Annual Cost $50,701
Alumni Salary $120,300
Acceptance Rate 59.8%

St John’s College- Ranking 2022

2022 rankings are done on the basis of the overall value, diversity and quality of the educational institution. St. John’s College was awarded 20 badges. Liberal arts/sciences and humanities are the highest ranked major among the lot. Let’s delve deeper to learn about some of the other rankings at a quick glance: 

  • 2489 of 14,131 in the world
  • 737 of 2597 in North America
  • 677 of 2496 in the United States
  • 15 of 34 in Maryland 
  • 701 of 1052 for Philosophy 
  • 708 of 1110 for Astrobiology 
  • 795 of 1002 for Classical and Ancient History 
  • 1069 of 7353 for Alumni Impact 
  • 2870 of 14,131 for Non-Academic Prominence 

Now, let’s take a quick look at the admission process at St. John’s College, Cambridge


St John’s College Admissions 

The admission process of St. John’s College is more selective. It comes with a competitive selection procedure for all the candidates out there. Students appearing for standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT exams mainly get the chance to enroll themselves in this college. Also, they are required to have a school GPA which is higher than average. 

Selectivity Scale Highly Selective 
Fall 2020 St. John’s College Acceptance Rate 59.8%

Keep reading to grab some details that are solely related to the admission rates and enrollment rates mentioned below:


General requirements and recommendations for admissions: 

  • The students will have to provide their school records 
  • High school GPA scores will boost the chances of getting enrolled in St. John’s College 
  • TOEFL exam, which is a Foreign Language Students exam, is needed 
  • The candidates must submit their recommendation letters 

Check out the number of applicants, enrolled students and percent accepted (fall 2020):

Total Male Female 
Applicants 90944.6%55.4%
Admitted 54443.4%56.6%
Enrolled 12751.2%48.8%

Go through the average SAT/ACT scores of candidates right away (fall 2020): 

SAT SelectionScore Range
Critical Reading 620-720
Math 590-710
Total Score 1210-1430


ACT Score Range 
English 27-35
Math 24-30
Composite Score 26-32

Check out the admission academic factors in St. John’s College: 

Rigor of secondary school record Important 
Class rank Considered 
GPAVery important 
Recommendations Considered 
Standardized test scoresImportant 
Application essayConsidered 

Pave your way toward the non-academic admissions factors: 

Interview Not considered 
Extracurricular activities Considered 
Talent or abilityConsidered 
Personal qualities or characterConsidered 
First generation college student Not considered 
Alumnae relations Considered 
Geographical residence Not considered 
State residency Not considered 
Religious affiliation and commitment Not considered 
Ethnicity or raceNot considered 
Volunteer work Considered 
Work experience Considered 
Applicant’s interest level Considered 

St John’s College Acceptance Rate 

In Fall 2020, the acceptance rate of St. John’s College, New York, was nearly 59.8%. The total number of candidates who have submitted their applications to this school is 909. It includes both out of state and in state applicants. Take a look at the acceptance rate by year mentioned below in this article: 

Year Acceptance Rate 
2016 to 201753.3%
2017 to 201854.4%
2018 to 201957.6%
2019 to 2020 59.8%
2022 to 2023 (projected acceptance rate)53.3%

The Acceptance Rate of Other Colleges Compared to St. John’s College 

College or School Acceptance Rate 
Capitol College 83.4%
Pennsylvania College of Art and Design 43.3%
Valley Forge Christian College 62.7%
Rosemont College 92.1%
Curtis Institute of Music 3.9%

St John’s College- Academic Programs 

Quickly go through the integrated curriculum of the Undergraduate programs at St. John’s College: 

  • Classical Studies and Greek 
  • French 
  • History, Politics, Law and Economics 
  • Literature 
  • Mathematics 
  • Music and the Arts
  • The Natural Sciences 
  • Philosophy, Theology and Psychology 

St John’s College- Admission Requirements for International Students

Given below are some of the important application requirements; check them out: 

  • Application essay 
  • High school transcripts, reports and certificates 
  • Current bank statements 
  • Recommendations 
  • Passport size photo 
  • International student certification of finances 
  • English proficiency tests 
  • Financial documentation 
  • Standardized test scores in the US

St John’s College- Sports Programs 

Check out the sports information of St. John’s College written below: 

Total Revenue $48998
Total Expenses $48998
Head Coaches 5

St. John’s Annapolis Men’s Fencing

Net Profit/Loss $0
Team Members23

St. John’s Annapolis Women’s Fencing 

Net Profit or Loss $0
Team Members 8

St. John’s Annapolis Women’s Rowing 

Net Profit or Loss $0
Team Members 33

Key Takeaway

Hopefully, you are now quite aware of St. John’s College’s ranking, admission process and acceptance rate. Enrolling yourself in this college will definitely help you to embark on a professional journey. 



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