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Stonehill College – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 26, 2022


Stonehill College is a private educational institution located in Easton, in the American state of Massachusetts. It was founded in the year of 1948, and has been imparting high quality education to its students for 74 years, in various fields, specifically in the field of Liberal Arts.

Stonehill college is seen to be one of the best colleges in the country for studies in the field of liberal  arts, which attracts thousands of students nationally and internationally. It also provides more than 100 programs in various other fields such as arts, sciences and business studies.


All these courses are led by respected and experienced faculties who ensure to provide both practical and theoretical knowledge to the students to ensure that they learn all the essential skills and knowledge they require to excel.


The Stonehill college provides the students with the best facilities and resources. The college provides its students with a huge 600,000 square feet library called the MacPhaidin Library that has over 250,000 volumes of various genres and educational fields, 100 full-fledged educational databases for all its various course for online access and use, as well as two huge computer labs, with state-of-the-art wifi connectivity to help its students to conduct research and studies. 


The campus is residential and is 375 acres in size. It is in a suburban setting with greenery and a peaceful environment for the students to reside and study in. The campus guarantees 4 years of housing to its students. The residential facilities are divided into various blocks that are designed in a traditional style. The blocks are divided on the basis of sophomores and juniors as they live in separate blocks.

 All the residential buildings are fitted with all the necessary facilities such as, clean and ventilated rooms, a clean and efficient water supply, frequent meals and an always on wifi system.


The college also does well on the sports front. It has all the prominent sports facilities for the students to use and enjoy. It’s included in the NCAA II category. It also has a theatre with 2400 seats to help accommodate any sports events properly. The college was also ranked 65th in the NCSA Top 100 Power Rankings. In 2022, the Stonehill college was promoted to NCAA Division II category in its Northeast Conference with its ice hockey being one of the best in the nation.

The college has all the grounds and structures for all the major sports including a football and soccer field, a swimming pool, a very well maintained and expansive gymnasium and other facilities.



The Stonehill college follows a semester-based education system, with each course divided into two semesters which are 6 months long. The college is divided into various classrooms in the various academic blocks, with 64.3% classes having less than 20 students, 35.2% classrooms having less than 50 students and only 0.4% classrooms having more than 50 students. The student-teacher ratio is a healthy 11:1. This means that most classes have a goof student to teacher ratio that ensures that the teacher can control the class properly and the student feels at ease when studying in a class with less students.

The Stone hill college claims a graduation rate of 74%, i.e., 74% of the students studying in the college successfully finish and pass the various courses in the college.


In terms of placements after college, the Stonehill college claims a placement rate of 90% for its graduated students which is quite impressive and one of the best you can get at a college. The Median starting salary of the graduates are claimed to be $51,700 per annum.


Best colleges in America: #50


Best colleges for Liberal Arts: #98

Best Value Schools: #94


NCSA Top 100 Power Rankings: #65

Best colleges for Criminal Justice: #122


To get admitted into Stonehill college the student must fill an application for the same. The fee for UG Applications is $50, while the fee for application in Graduate Programs is $60.


  • School GPA and scores
  • TOEFL score
  • Duolingo English Test
  • Valid passport
  • Financial Statement
  • Statement of Purpose and Resume

In 2021, 7219 students applied to the college, out of which, 5,198 were accepted into the school, putting the Stonehill College acceptance rate at 72%.

For admission into the university, the college focuses on the application letter, the statement of purpose and the resume submitted by the applicant. However, it also takes into account various academical metrics.

The applicant must have a score of 1130, average of 1200 and above average of 1300 in SAT.

In ACT, Stonehill college requires a minimum score of 24, average score of 25, and an above score of 29.

In terms of High School GPA, the applicant must have a low of 3.4 GPA and an average GPA of higher than 4.0.

In TOEFL the scores should be 80, in IELTS 6.5 and in the Duolingo English Test a score of 110 is sufficient.

These admission criteria make admission into Stonehill college, moderately challenging as the applicant must be good at academics, ACT, SAT as well as very proficient in English in order to be admitted into Stonehill College.

Admission into Stonehill College for the session of 2022-23 will start from the 1st of November, 2022.


Tuition and Fees$52,000
Room and Board$15,000
Room Guarantee Fee$100
Student Health Insurance*$2,973
Books and Supplies$893
Personal Expenses$932
Tuition and Fees$52,000
Student Health Insurance*$2,973
Books and Supplies$893
Personal Expenses$767

For Residential students the total fee is $72,573, while for Non-Residential Students have to pay $57,473. The college also gives student loans as well as student discounts to those who fit the criteria

To know more about the college and its various details contact the college through these:

Address: Easton, Massachusetts

Contact No: +1-508-565-1000



Stonehill college


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