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Tennyson High School – A Complete Guide

May 17, 2022

Tennyson High School’s Overview

California’s rankings for Tennyson High School range from 1,265 to 1,603. Advanced Placement® courses and tests are available for students to take. Tennyson High School has a 19% AP® participation rate. 98% of all students enrolled are minorities, and 64% of students experience economic difficulty. In the Hayward Unified School District, there are 4 high schools, including Tennyson High School. 

Tennyson High School is located in Hayward, CA. It is a public school and has grades from 9 to 12. It is situated in a mid-sized city. This article will explain the SAT/ACT, GPA, scores of Tennyson high school students, the safety parameters of the school, and the classes available at the school. 


Student Enrollment at Tennyson High School

Tennyson High School is a large school having a total student enrollment of 13,339 students. This high enrollment rate makes it in the top half of California’s High Schools list based on size. Tennyson High School aims to strike a balance between diversity and comfort and provides ample opportunities for students to teach new skills. Tennyson High School also offers numerous clubs and sports activities to provide students with a holistic academic experience. 

Student Enrollment- Growth at Tennyson High School

The total enrollment in Tennyson High School has increased in the past couple of years.


Let us look at the table below to see the growth in the total enrollment from grades 9 to 12. 

GradesMale StudentsFemale StudentsTotal Students

This table shows that the first-year class has 66 students, more than the senior class. This indicates a growth in the enrollment pattern of Tennyson High School.


Gender Split- Girls: Boys Ratio in Tennyson High School

The split between males and females at Tennyson High School is 52:48. The male-female ratio at Tennyson High School is relatively balanced. The student body is half and half. This number indicates that Tennyson High School is unbiased in selecting students during the admission process. 

Ethnicity Breakdown at Tennyson High School

Is the racial diversity in Tennyson High School balanced or skewered? As per available data, Tennyson High School has a homogenous student body. Most students attending Tennyson High School belong to the predominant ethnicity, with very few representing other ethnicities. 


Tennyson High School has a majority of Hispanic students. In most California schools, Hispanic students make up a majority of 51.5 per cent. Therefore, Tennyson High School fits within the category of homogeneous Hispanic schools. Tennyson High School represents the population of the nearby areas. 

Ethnicity TypePercentage Number 
American Indian/Alaskan0.35
Two or more races4.966

Income Level of Tennyson High School Families

Let us look at the number of students who qualify for free lunches and reduced costs to know the family income of students who study at Tennyson High School. As per Federal government laws, to qualify for a reduced meal, a family should be below the 185 per cent of poverty guidelines.


For a family of four people, the annual income should be below or around USD 45,000 to qualify for reduced lunches at schools. To qualify for a free meal, a family’s yearly income should be below 130 per cent of poverty guidelines. This number means that the annual income of a family of four members should be around or below USD 32,000. 

At Tennyson High School, 7.2 per cent of students qualify for reduced lunches, while 66.5 per cent qualify for free lunches. These figures indicate that the percentage of near-poverty-line families is more than the percentage of well-to-do families at Tennyson High School. 

CategoryNumberPer cent %
Reduced price lunches977.2
Free lunches89166.5
Not qualifying for either free lunches or reduced-price lunches35126.2

Tennyson High School comes in the middle 50 per cent according to income levels. This figure means it is moderately funded and offers a medium-quality level of classes and activities. 

Safety at Tennyson High School

To understand the disciplinary concerns and safety issues at Tennyson High School, we shall look into the disciplinary records of the school. The data given below considers two types of conflicts – one involving incidents involving the police and the second involving arrests. These two categories would indicate the safety standards of the school. Apart from these two categories, students can get suspended.


However, this could be due to insignificant charges like benign disruptive or indisciplined during classes. In 2011-12, Tennyson High School had zero law enforcement referrals and zero school-related arrests. That was when the total enrollment at the school was around 1,273. 

Academic Performance at Tennyson High School

The most important aspect of accessing the worth of a school is the academic performance exhibited by students. Let us look at certain factors like the graduation rate, standardized testing, etc. 

Graduation Rate

A high school diploma is a benchmark that most schools want their students to achieve. Getting a diploma can massively increase any student’s chances of getting a job in California. The graduation rate at Tennyson High School was 70 per cent. The California state government has decided the target to be 90 per cent. 

The state average graduation rate falls around 80-85 per cent. Tennyson high school is in the 34th percentile of all public schools in the state of California. This ranking is about the graduation rate. This figure indicates that the school is below average in the graduation rate. A school with a grade of 90 per cent or above is categorized as good, while a school with a grade rate of 75 per cent is categorized as below average. 

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing performance is a significant indicator of high school performance.

Let us start by looking at some of the most basic tests 

  • SAT – This test is highly important for college admissions. A higher SAT score increases your chances of getting selected for the top colleges in America. The average SAT score in Tennyson High School is 1260 on a scale of 2400. This SAT score is considered low compared to the national average, and this ranks Tennyson High School in the bottom 25 per cent. The average SAT score of the students taking the test from the school in Math is 510, and the average Reading score is 510. 
  • ACT – Fewer students take the ACT compared to the number of students who take the SAT. At Tennyson High School, the average ACT score was 18. The average nationwide score is 20. This score is below average as compared to the national average score. This puts Tennyson High School in the bottom 50 per cent of high schools in California. 

Let us look at the average scores in all the subjects for Tennyson High School and compare them with other schools in the US and California. 

Average ACT Scores

Tennyson High School17191818

Advanced Placement

Or AP are college-level exams meant to increase students’ skill sets and give them extra credits, which prove helpful during college admissions. Around 169 students in Tennyson High School take advanced placement exams. The average AP score at Tennyson High School is 2.1 on a scale of 5. This score puts Tennyson High School below average. 

The passing score for Advanced Placement is taken to be 3. The average AP exam pass rate at Tennyson High School is 22 per cent. Most students who take the test at Tennyson High School do not qualify for the exam. However, Tennyson High School provides the AP program to help students master the skills before taking the AP exam. The AP course at Tennyson High School is aimed at making students get better at solving questions and prepare hard for clearing the AP exam. 

Tennyson High School- Academic Offerings

Apart from regular classes, Tennyson High School provides additional courses and classes like AP – Advanced Placement. Courses prepare students for college studies. Taking such courses raises a student’s weighted GPA and increases his hopes of getting selected for colleges across America. Tennyson High School offers AP classes in 11 subjects, including History, American Government and Politics, Biology, Calculus, English Language, English Literature, European History, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Statistics, etc. 

Tennyson High School has around 1518 students in grades 9 to 12. The student-to-teacher ratio at Tennyson High School is 21:1. As per the latest state test scores, around 11 per cent of students are proficient in math, while 35 per cent are proficient in reading. You can visit the official website of the school to know more about their academic results. 

tennyson high school


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