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UMass Lowell- Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Sep 12, 2022

Providing an accessible, top-notch education is a priority for UMass Lowell, a national research institution dedicated to educating students for employment in the real world—solving real issues and assisting real people. The university provides more than 17,000 learners with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in six colleges on a dynamic UMASS Lowell campus in the centre of an international society. 

Thanks to recognised programmes, an emphasis on experiential learning, and individual attention from skilled instructors and committed staff, our students are much more prosperous than ever.


The University of Massachusetts System aims to offer high-quality education that is both cheap and accessible, as well as to perform programmes of social sector and study that advance knowledge and enhance the lives of individuals in the Commonwealth, the country, and the globe. The Institution of Massachusetts Lowell is a public research university dedicated to excellence in education, research, & community participation, in line with the purpose of the UMass System.

The college is committed to providing students with a transformative education that promotes their achievement, lifelong learning, and general awareness. Undergraduate and graduate programmes at UMass Lowell are reasonably priced, experience-based, and conducted by internationally renowned academics who engage in research to broaden their field of knowledge. Business, economics, architecture, creative writing, health, arts, science, and social sciences are all covered by the programmes, which also connect them.


To address the difficulties confronting the area and the world, the institution continues to expand on its founding heritage of creativity, entrepreneurship, and relationships with commerce and the community.

Admission Requirements

Here are the requirements for UMASS Lowell admissions:

  • An Application

Only applications submitted online will be considered. The online application link has instructions.

Tips on how to use and finish the online application:

  • The online form has to be filled out and submitted all at once.
  • Please capitalise your legal name.
  • Changes may only be made after the form has been submitted by calling the Office of Graduate Admissions at 978-934-2390.
  • Application Fee

Each application requires a $50 non-refundable application fee. Application fee waivers must be authorized and provided to the Office of Graduate Admissions before an application may be completed.

  • Statement of Purpose

For candidates for the M.Ed., both Ed.S., send a brief statement detailing your short- and long-term objectives, relevant employment experience, academic honors and awards, any published or unpublished research that may be pertinent to your graduate programme, and any teaching experience. The maximum length advised is two pages.


Candidates for doctoral programmes should note Research & Evaluation in Education and Leadership in Education Ph.D. – Candidates must submit a statement that answers the following two questions in not more than 1,500 words: During your Ph.D. studies, what areas of study are you keen in, and why? And How might pursuing a doctorate at UMass Lowell improve your professional objectives?

A two-page declaration of intent for the Leadership in Schooling Ed.D. programme must include the applicant’s awareness of equity-based educational difficulties and their identification and justification for addressing a contextually pertinent, equity-based problem.

  • Letters of Recommendation

Candidates for the master’s degree must submit two letters of recommendation. Candidates for doctoral degrees must submit it. During the online application process, you will be prompted to supply the referees’ information (names and email addresses), and when your application has been submitted, an automatic request will be made. Alternatively, you can request letters of reference using the graduate admissions recommendation form (pdf).

References must come from professors who have instructed you, preferably in the subject area for enrolling. Recommendations may also come from supervisors or bosses who may assess your performance about those of your colleagues. Please make recommendations for these using the form.

  • Official Transcripts

Give a complete and official transcript from the university(s) that granted or will grant you a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree for doctoral programmes. Transcripts from other universities where you have completed relevant courses are also acceptable. Please be aware that waiting for further transcripts might cause the examination of your application to be delayed. You don’t need to ask for a transcript if you earned your degree at UMass Lowell.

  • Resume

A resume is needed for doctoral programs, Reading, Language, and M.Ed. Higher Ed., M.Ed. and Ed.S.

  • Writing Sample

Please include a writing sample indicating the applicant’s ability to offer a convincing, well-organized answer to a particular educational topic. The writing sample should include a brief statement outlining the setting where it was produced and specifying the types of help the candidate is receiving.

Umass Lowell Rankings

Here are the major UMASS Lowell ranking

  1. #179 in National Universities
  2. #112 in Best Colleges for Veterans
  3. #143 in Top Performers on Social Mobility
  4. #88 in Top Public Schools
  5. #114 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate

Acceptance Rates

Admissions at the University of Massachusetts–Lowell is more rigorous, with a 75% acceptance rate and just a 90.7% early acceptance rate. For half of the candidates, an ACT score of 23 – 29 or even an SAT score of between 1150 and 1320 is required for admission to UMass Lowell. Nevertheless, 25% of accepted candidates had scores above these limits, while 25% received scores below these levels. The University of Massachusetts-application Lowell’s date is February 1, with a $60 application fee.

The University of Massachusetts-Lowell admissions committee highly values a student’s academic performance. University of Massachusetts-Lowell admissions officers consider an individual’s high school class ranking, if it is known, and a recommendation letter. Find out more about the College Roadmap to view other academic variables and school information.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking at colleges, chances are you’re looking at many different factors. One of those factors is probably the acceptance rate. The acceptance rate can give you a good idea of how competitive a school is and how likely you are to be accepted if you apply.

UMASS Lowell’s acceptance rate is 75% for the class of 2023. This means that for every 100 students who apply, 75 will be admitted. This is a little bit higher than the average acceptance rate for colleges in the United States, which is around 65%.

UMass Lowell


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