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UC Irvine Admission Requirements: Complete Guide

Apr 26, 2022

Universities situated in the US are the pioneer institutions for acquiring higher studies. The University of California Irvine is ranked 36 among the best national universities for offering quality education. If you want to get into the college, it is crucial to know the UCI GPA requirements and UC Irvine acceptance rateThis article provides all the important information for the UC Irvine admission procedure. 

Brief Overview Of UC Irvine

UC Irvine is known as a public research institution located between Los Angeles and San Diego. The beautiful beachside campus, small class size, and high-quality honors programs attract thousands of students every year. The university offers more than 70 minor and 85 major courses to its students. The most popular courses include business, social sciences, philosophy, marketing, and psychology. Apart from academic excellence, the college is also known for its large campus and extraordinary sports facilities. UCI has produced around 56 Olympians and possesses 28 national athletics titles in 9 sports. 


In addition to its achievements in the sports field, UCI has also produced three Nobel Prize winners in the research field, namely

  • Frederick Reines in Physics
  • Irwin Rose and F. Sherwood Rowland in Chemistry

UC Irvine 2022 ranking

The following table provides the ranking of UCI according to different parameters:

Parameter US ranking
Top Performers on Social Mobility2
Top Public School9
Software Engineering7
National universities36
Best College for Veterans15
Best Undergraduate Teaching48
Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs 42
Best Value School 182

University of California Irvine Acceptance Rate 

UC Irvine is an extremely competitive educational institution. Therefore, to impress the admission officers, students who want to get into the university need to prepare a solid application that includes a high UCI GPA, essay, extracurricular involvement, etc.  

Last year around 107,957 students applied for admission to different courses at the university. Out of these, the college offered admission to 31,269 candidates. These figures suggest that the University of California Irvine’s acceptance rate is 30. Therefore, out of 100 applicants, the university considers 30 candidates fit for admission.


Your acceptance rate at UC Irvine completely depends on the strength of your application. Therefore, you must be aware of all the factors the UC Irvine admissions office considers to increase your chances of selection.

UC Irvine Admissions Requirements

As the university is highly competitive, most candidates who apply for admissions possess a high UCI GPA and other standardized tests scores. Therefore, to outshine the admission procedure, you must focus on other parameters such as course rigor, work experience, extracurriculars, and essay writing.


Generally, candidates with robust academic performance and a well-drafted resume have a great chance of grabbing the attention of admission authorities during the selection procedure.

According to the previous year’s admission data, UCI considers the following important factors for offering admission:

  • Academic GPA
  • Course rigor
  • Extracurricular activity
  • Talent
  • Volunteer work
  • Application essay
  • Work experience
  • Personal qualities

Some other factors that UCI considers are:

  • Geographical residency
  • First-generation university applicants
  • State residency

Average GPA required to influence UC Irvine Acceptance Rate

The university does not provide any information on the average GPA requirement for applicants. However, the official website states that applicants need to have a 3.4 GPA to be considered for admission. Most candidates who pass the UC Irvine admissions procedure have a GPA between 4.0 to 4.26.


UCI ACT and SAT Score Requirements 

Applicant’s ACT and SAT scores do not influence the acceptance rate at UC Irvine. The university took this step because many students couldn’t take the tests due to the pandemic. Therefore, applicants who submitted their standardized test results could not benefit.

Importance of Applicant’s Class Rank

An applicant’s class rank plays a vital role in getting admission to the university. Last year, 98% of the students who received the admission letter were amongst the top 10% in their high school. Moreover, the university is known to accept students who come under the top 25% of their class.


Academic Subject Requirements for UCI Admissions

The academic subject requirements, commonly known as A-G requirements, provide the information for the minimum academic preparation an applicant must meet to eligibility criteria for admission. The following table elaborates the subjects and their content that applicants must cover:

SubjectTopics Duration 
A History 

  • One year of world or European history, geography, and cultures.
  • One year of American history/ six months of American government and 6 months of US history.
Two years
BEnglishFour years
CMathematics (Algebra, advanced algebra, and Geometry)Three-Four years
DScience (Laboratory science, applied science, computer science, engineering, and other science courses)Two-Three years
EForeign languageTwo years 
FVisual or performing arts (dance, music, drama, visual art, interdisciplinary art form)One-year 
GCollege preparatory electivesOne-year 

There is no prescribed course list for out-state students. Therefore, all out-of-state students must take multiple challenging courses available in their high school.

Other Considerations for Offering Admission at UCI

The university considers the following in every candidate for offering admission:

  • Academic GPA in all the ‘A-G’ courses taken by an applicant.
  • Candidate’s performance in subjects other than the A-G courses.
  • Candidate’s performance in honors courses approved by the University of California.
  • Quality of an applicant’s senior year courses. The university looks for the number of academic courses that have been completed or are in progress.
  • Candidates’ academic performance compared to the educational opportunities available to them in their high school.
  • The outstanding performance of applicants in courses taken by them in high school.
  • Marvelous work accomplished by a candidate in one or more projects undertaken in high school.
  • Outstanding talent in the field of performance or visual arts. Applicants who demonstrate excellent verbal or written talent or intensely explore different cultures and have great leadership capability are prioritized.
  • Academic achievements in light of difficult circumstances such as disability, first-generation to apply for college, tough financial conditions, difficult educational and social environment, refugee status, and need to work.
  • Residence and location of candidate secondary school.

 Who constitutes the class at UCI?

To understand the University of California Irvine acceptance rate, it is necessary to know the demographics of students. The following table broadly classifies the student body according to their residency:

Residency Students population
In-state students76%
Out-state students11%
International students13%

Classification of students based on their ethnicity:

Ethnicity Students population 
White 14%

How can you improve your UC Irvine Acceptance rate?

Improve your GPA: Your GPA score is the primary factor that can save your application from landing on the rejected lists. Therefore, you must focus on improving your high school GPA from the beginning of the academic year. 

Generally, the acceptance rate at UC Irvine is influenced by candidates who have a GPA between 4.0 to 4.26. Therefore, candidates who want to secure a seat in the school need to work rigorously to achieve the target GPA.

Apart from a high GPA, UCI also considers the course difficulty. Therefore, it is essential to take the most challenging AP and IB courses available in your high school to prove your dedication and enthusiasm to take up difficult tasks.

If you are a junior or senior student with a low GPA, it won’t be easy to raise your GPA. In this situation, the best way to have a strong application is to focus on other parameters of admission procedures like extracurriculars, personal talent, essay writing, etc.

Get involved in 1-2 tier extracurriculars: Most universities value all the applicants’ extracurriculars. However, some extremely competitive universities like UCI look for students who invest their time in four-tier extracurricular activities. 

It is rewarding to consider taking the following 1-2 tier activities to impress the admission committee of UC:

  • Start a non-profit program, participate in different summer programs or win a national award.
  • Winning a regional competition, representing your school in an interstate competition, or playing a leader of a prestigious club.

There are numerous extracurriculars available for college applications. You must choose the activities according to your field of interest to enhance your participation and performance. But you need to remember that competitive colleges want students who are valuable to them. Therefore, it is necessary to choose wisely and avoid wasting time doing irrelevant tasks. 

Frame strong essays: Your essays are a reflection of your personality. Since UCI does not conduct any personal interviews, essays are the only way of connecting personally to the admission officers. Therefore, you must use this space wisely to demonstrate your academic experiences, goals, and how UCI can help you achieve your professional targets. 

You should also provide information about the value and talent you can add to the college community.

We hope you have got all the crucial information for getting into UCI. Although securing a seat in the college is not easy, the admission committee reviews the applications strictly. Still, candidates who work hard toward meeting the admission requirements can get into the university.

uc irvine acceptance rate


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