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University of Maryland (UMD) – Admissions and Acceptance Rate

Mar 31, 2023

Are you looking for University of Maryland Admission Requirements? Taking admission to UMD is a lengthy procedure because the University of Maryland requirements consist of several factors such as UMD Acceptance Rate, University of Maryland SAT scores, UMD average GPA, etc. This article discusses the UMD acceptance rate, University of Maryland SAT requirements, UMD average GPA, and all other University of Maryland requirements. However, let us introduce you to the college first. 

An Overview of the University of Maryland

The UMCP (University of Maryland, College Park) was founded in 1856 as a state-sponsored institution of higher learning. It is situated in a suburban setting and spans 1,335 acres of land. In the Best Colleges 2022 edition, the University of Maryland – College Park is ranked 59th among National Universities. In-state students pay $10,954 in tuition and fees, while out-of-state students pay $38,636. 


Maryland is one of the most prestigious colleges in the region and the state of Washington, with over 41,000 students from over 50 states and 118 countries. The 12 schools and colleges offer approximately 200-degree programs, 92 of which are undergraduate, 107 of which are master’s, and 83 of which are doctorate. 

The Maryland Language Science Center, the largest community of language scientists in the United States, comprises more than 200 academics, graduate students, and researchers. In addition, more than 377,000 former students come from over 100 different countries. Among the notable alums are Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Carl Bernstein, who covered the Watergate scandal, and Nobel Laureate Raymond Davis Jr.


What is the UMD Acceptance Rate?

If you want to get to Maryland, you should look at the UMD College Park acceptance rate. This will reveal the University of Maryland requirements and how competitive the school is. The UDM acceptance rate is 44 percent. Out of every 100 applications, 44 are accepted.

UMD College Park’s acceptance rate makes the school the fourth-lowest-accepted institution in Maryland. In 2020, 16,437 out of 32,211 candidates were enrolled in the University. Meaning the UMD acceptance rate in 2020 was 51%. In 2021 Maryland’s acceptance rate was 49 percent.


This proves that the difference between the UMD acceptance rate in 2020 and 2021 was not that high. However, this year UMD acceptance rate has fallen from 5 percent, making it 44. UMD acceptance rate in 2020  had possibly been higher than now due to the pandemic. Now it has become a difficult school to get into.  

UMD takes only students who score in the top 11% on their admissions tests. Students with an “A” average in high school are more likely to be accepted and enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park. However, only 27% of those enrolled opt to attend the University. Most of the graduating high school seniors are among the top position holders of their class.


Now, as you have learned about UMD College Park’s acceptance rate, let us explore UMD scores. UMD scores comprise UMD average GPA and UMD average SAT/ACT. Since GPA  is the most critical component of UMD scores, we will discuss it first. 

What are the University of Maryland GPA Requirements?

UMD’s average GPA is 4.32. Also, you should strive for all A’s to stand out. Because many of these students are taking AP or IB classes, their GPA is likely higher than 4.32. Therefore, you should also take honors, AP, or IB classes to show that you’ve worked hard. 


If you’re junior or senior, changing your grade point average in time for college applications can be difficult. To compensate for a low GPA, you’ll need to raise your UMD average SAT or ACT score. If you do this, you will be able to outperform applicants with higher Grade Point Averages.

What are the University of Maryland SAT Requirements

University of Maryland admission requirements 2022-2023 do not include standardized test scores, but they will be considered if students submit them. A high score on a standardized test is an excellent way to demonstrate your academic prowess and critical understanding.


The University of Maryland SAT Requirements for the 25th percentile are 1290, and for the 75th percentile are 1460. So, to put it another way, a New SAT score of 1290 is considered below average, while a score of 1460 is deemed superior.

The New UMD average SAT Scores are Broken Down as Follows:

Section25th %75th%Average Score
Reading + Writing630730675

The University of Maryland SAT scores Choice allows students to choose from all scores. As a result, if you want to apply to the University of Maryland, you must submit copies of all of your SAT scores. This may be a daunting task, but most schools do not consider all of your test results. For example, assume you received 1300 on one test and 1500 on the other, but they do not combine the scores to give you an average.


What is the University of Maryland ACT Requirements?

The 25th ACT score, for example, is 29, while the 75th ACT score is 33. Even though the University of Maryland does not have a minimum required score for admission, your chances of acceptance are slim if you apply with a score of 29 or lower. Because many applicants have a 31 or higher, a 29 will be regarded as academically incompetent. It is far easier to send ACT scores than SAT scores, significantly impacting your testing strategy.

When you submit ACT scores to college admissions officers, you have complete control over which tests you send. It is possible to perform ten tests and only send the best one. However, if you take the SAT, many institutions will require you to submit scores from every exam you’ve ever taken. As a result, you get multiple chances to improve your ACT score. Use it as much as possible.

What Else Should I Consider To Meet University of Maryland Admission Requirements?

The table below summarises UMD requirements.

High School transcript with the following subjects

  • 4 years of English 
  • 4 Years of Math (Algebra I&II)
  • 2 Years of Science in two different areas and lab experiments
  • 3 Years of History/Social Science
  • 2 Years of Foreign language
  1. Essay
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation
  3. GPA scores
  4. Standardized Test scores (optional)

The University of Maryland evaluates applicants holistically. The comprehensive evaluation process at the school considers 26 factors, including the student’s improvement in performance, socioeconomic status, a written expression of ideas, and learning differences. Some majors at UMD are designated as “Limited Enrollment Majors,” which means that there are a limited number of seats available and thus more competitive. 

When you apply to UMD, you will be asked to select your majors. The University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) admissions process is major-blind, which means that admission to the University is first considered, followed by access to a specific major if necessary.

The Following Tips can Increase your Admission Chances:

  • Highlight your Skills:

The University of Maryland has a long history of cultivating pioneers as a national research powerhouse. UMD is interested in your extracurricular activities, but your academic achievements and how you have used your skills outside of the classroom are most important.

Seniors should highlight any honors or distinctions they’ve received, their research with a high school instructor or family member, and their leadership positions. Maintain your academic pursuits and look for regional or local honors and accolades if you are a sophomore, junior, or freshman.

  • Choose the Right People for your LOR:

Teachers and counselors must write two letters of recommendation for students applying to the University of Maryland. Teachers who are familiar with you and can attest to your character and ability are the appropriate ones to write letters of recommendation for you. Admissions officers will form an opinion about you based on the letters of recommendation you submit. Consider which teachers would be best suited to write you a strong letter of recommendation. 

  • Apply for Early Decision:

Students who apply by the early action deadline of November 1 enjoy consideration for admission, merit-based scholarships, and special programs on priority. Because it isn’t binding, taking early action is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Final Words

Just because UMD acceptance rate is moderate and standardized tests are optional this year, it does not mean you will be selected. Competition is still challenging. Keep doing hard work and submit the University of Maryland SAT scores to increase your selection chances. If you are doubtful about your selection, search for other options or get in touch with a counselor.

umd acceptance rate


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