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University Of New England Admissions And Acceptance Rates

Sep 27, 2022

University of New England Overview 

Over 70 unmatched UG and PG programmes are offered by the University of New England, a renowned institution of the Australian educational system, which operates on a semester system. 22,869 students from around the world who are interested in attending higher education institutions in Australia have an acceptance rate of 80%. 

The University of New England offers rolling admissions, primarily for the fall and spring semesters. The university accepts direct applications from interested candidates who pay a 40 AUD non-refundable application fee. Candidates for UNE can apply until October 25, 2022. 


Candidates with solid GPAs, good academic records from their previous degrees, and SAT or ACT scores between 20 and 26 or 1050 to 1240, respectively, have a great chance of being accepted at the institute. The average tuition fee at UNE is between 21,808 AUD and 33,856 AUD. Many scholarships up to 20,000 AUD are available to international students, and they can apply for them.


  • University of New England’s place among colleges
  • The Admissions Procedure at the University of New England
  • Acceptance rate
  • International Students’ Test Requirements 
  • New England University’s Attendance Fees
  • Tuition requirements
  • Early Entry 

Rankings of the University of New England

Now let’s take a look at the University of New England rankings by the various top agencies:-


The university ranks in the range of 801-1000 in the QS Global World Rankings of 2022.

Next, at 750 ranked in the world according to Global Universities and the US News and World Report, US News in 2021 ranked the University of New England at 249 out of all National Universities in 2021. 


The ARWU World University Rankings of 2020 ranked the University of New England at 501. For some courses, wise rankings are Agriculture & Forestry and Archaeology, ranging from 151 to 200, then 251 to 300 in Education & Training and Linguistics, and finally 551 to 600 in Medicine. 

Admissions Process at the University of New England

International students must meet a few requirements to apply to the University of New England. The students can apply online through the University of New England’s application portal. After completion of the registration, the fees for the application of 40 Australian Dollars, approximately 2203 Indian rupees, must be paid to confirm your registration. 


Application Prerequisites

Students can apply for courses both online and in person. The applications for the second and third trimesters will be open. The coursework for trimester 3 begins on Monday, October 24, 2022. For most courses, domestic applicants to UNE must submit their applications by the final deadline of October 25, 2022, which is October 14, 2022, for on-time submission. 


The required documents are official transcripts from all previous institutions attended. The most recent temporary visa requires an up-to-date passport and recommendation letters. Then a CAS declaration with the CAS number and statement is quite important. After that, certificates of medical fitness were done too recently with proper procedures.

As for the undergraduate courses, the students must complete the Australian Year 12 equivalent, which means getting a higher school certificate with an average of 65% in the best four subjects (including English, if possible). For a master’s degree, you must possess a degree-equivalent educational credential, as defined by the Australian Accreditation Body.  Application requirements also include having good English skills.


Acceptance percentage

87% of aspirants to the University of New England are validated, and 87.5% of candidates who apply early are also approved.


 In Fall 2020, with over 5,180 college applications received by this institution, the University of New England’s overall acceptance rate. 

Profile of Accepted Applicants

UNE ACT scores range from 21 to 27, and a GPA of more than 3.13 is needed.

International Student’s Test Requirements

Since English is the university’s primary medium of education, enrollment in the University of New England’s undergraduate and graduate programs is contingent upon English language proficiency. The university accepts IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE English language tests. In addition, entrants must start by taking the American College Tests or SAT exams. 

The following are the threshold admission points:- The minimum required scores for enrollment are 213 on the computer-based TOEFL, 1127 on the SAT with a subject-by-subject average score, 57 on the Pearson test, and an IELTS score of at least 5.5 to 6 bands. The minimum score for American College Testing is 24. 

Within two years of submitting a formal proposal to join the university, aspirants must have their results from the English Proficiency Test. The university considers the SAT essay section/ACT writing section optional and is not given much weight during the admissions process. Any previous exam results have a 5-year expiration date, after which they lose their validity. Any subsequent submissions would be rejected.

New England University Attendance Fees

The cost of attending the University of New England is $39820. Compared to the national average tuition of $41,281, the University of New England is less expensive.

These numbers, also known as the sticker price, consider tuition and fees. Fees vary by establishment and may be used to assist with campus primary care, student centres, student fitness centres, and repositories.

When comparing the prices of various institutions, be sure to take the total cost and the net worth into account. The sticker price is just the beginning of the cost equation; additional charges include those lodging, food, books, supplies, travel, and personal expenses. It costs $57,310 in total to attend the University of New England. After financial assistance and scholarship programs are subtracted from the overall cost, the average college cost, also known as the net price, is calculated. This amounts to an estimated $49,492 for the regular person gaining benefit aid.

New England University Tuition requirements

For domestic students ones of Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents—who are considering attending school, the following information is provided:-

For a bachelor’s or master’s degree in coursework, a single unit (non-award or cross-institutional), or bespoke research. Your tuition costs vary depending on the course you are enrolled in, the type of available fee places, the year you start, and your fee category (determined by citizenship and residency status).

New England University Fee Structures 

University tuition is divided into Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) and Full Fees.

Commonwealth-Supported Locations (CSP)

A Commonwealth Supported Place is a state-funded course at a university where the state pays a percentage of your university tuition straightforwardly to the college, and you pay the remaining sum, known as the student contribution amount.

CSPs are available to graduates of all undergrad degrees and a select group of master’s degrees. The number of CSPs allotted to each course is limited. Beforehand, do check the availability.

Places with a complete fee

The majority of postgraduate students in Australia study on a full-fee basis. In a complete fee setting, the authorities do not subsidize tuition costs, so you are responsible for covering the total cost of tuition. Government loans and tax exemptions for self-education costs are available if you qualify.

The following are the average tuition fees:

  • Fees for Degrees (in AUD)
  • Bachelor of Science 26,216 – 31,600
  • Master of Science 26,216 – 33,856
  • Certificate of completion 28,216 – 33,856

In addition, all additional expenses consist of the following:

  • Accommodation Fees (in AUD)
  • Rent (on-campus) plus food = $880
  • 700-800 (off-campus) rent

Early Entry

All Year 12 applicants, whether or not they expect an ATAR, are eligible for UNE Early Entry. Your school’s evaluation of your traits and skills—including your capacity for independent work and learning and your overall academic potential—will determine whether you qualify for early Entry.

If you apply directly to us, you will receive your offer before the release of the year 12 results, assuring you that no matter what happens, you will have a place at UNE. Early Entry for 2023 admission is now available. Early Entry applications will be accepted until September 23, 2022.

Wrapping up

I hope this post assists the reader with all of the admission-related information provided point-by-point for easy comprehension. From the basics of the admissions process to all the essential information, everything substantial is presented.

University of New England


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