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May 11, 2022 | Turito Team USA

university of oregon acceptance rate

Are you someone who wants to join the University of Oregon but have no idea about the University of Oregon acceptance rate and admission requirements? Then, go through this entire article. It discusses University of Oregon admission requirements, acceptance rate, and other relevant information. Let us begin with the college introduction.

An Overview of the University of Oregon

The University of Oregon was founded in 1876 as a public institution. Only 62 research institutions in the United States and Canada, including UO, have exclusive membership in the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU). The University of Oregon has about 90 graduate degree programs, many of which have received national and international acclaim for their outstanding teaching and research achievements.

According to the Graham-Diamond Report, the University of Oregon’s College of Arts and Sciences faculty is ranked 15th among public research universities. The University of Oregon also has over 60 research institutes and centers that bring together diverse disciplines, from the social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, and technical fields. Graduate students in these and other fields have numerous opportunities to interact with classmates and faculty members in an environment of mutual respect and ethics.

Now let us explore the University of Oregon acceptance rate and admission requirements in the following sections:

What is the University of Oregon Acceptance Rate?

Examining the University of Oregon’s acceptance rate is a critical first step in applying. This indicates how competitive the University is and how stringent the University of Oregon requirements are. The University of Oregon’s acceptance rate is 84 percent. Out of 100 applicants, 84 are accepted. To put it another way, the school is only moderately selective. Because of the University of Oregon’s acceptance rate, the University ranks the institution 11th in the state. 

According to last year’s statistics, 23,906 candidates were accepted out of 28,525 applicants, making the University of Oregon’s acceptance rate easy to meet and get into the school. The college’s academic standards only accept students who score in the top 40% on their admissions exams. Those with a “B+” average in high school are frequently accepted at the University of Oregon. Only 16% of those who were accepted chose to attend the school. The vast majority of entering college students were in the top one-fourth of their high school classes.

As you have learned about the University of Oregon acceptance rate, let us now discuss the University of Oregon’s average GPA requirements.

What Are University of Oregon GPA Requirements?

Candidates who want to enroll in the University of Oregon must fulfill the University of Oregon GPA requirements of at least 3.5 in high school. The University of Oregon’s average GPA in high school of the admitted first-year class was 3.6, indicating that the majority of the applicants were B+ students. The University of Oregon’s average GPA  places it in the sixth position. If your high school GPA is higher than the UO average of 3.6, you have a good chance of admission, as the University of Oregon’s acceptance rate is 84 percent. To estimate your GPA requirements, you can use the University of Oregon GPA calculator

To use the UO GPA calculator, first, visit the official site, enter the information from your official or unofficial transcript into the appropriate fields, and wait until the UO GPA calculator estimates your overall grade point average.

Are SAT/ACT required for the University of Oregon Admissions?

Students may need to consider SAT/ACT scores while fulfilling the University of Oregon GPA requirements for University of Oregon admissions.

Although the University of Oregon does not require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores, they will be considered if you submit test scores with your application. But they are not necessary. According to the data, 68% of applicants reported SAT scores, and 46% reported ACT scores.

University of Oregon Requirements: SAT

The University of Oregon typically prefers the top 43 percent of SAT takers. If a student’s SAT composite score falls below 1090 on a 1600-point scale, admission should be considered a long shot. However, some students may be satisfied with an SAT score of 990. The average SAT score for admitted first-year students is around 1190 out of 1600. The school’s SAT composite scores are the fourth-best in Oregon. Approximately 68 percent of candidates submit their SAT scores to the University. The New SAT percentiles range from 1080 to 1290, with 1290 as the 75th percentile and 1080 as the 25th percentile. 

Check out the section-wise breakdown of the new SAT scores:

Section 25th % 75th% Average Score
Math 530 640 585
Reading + Writing 550 650 600
Composite 1080 1290 1185

The University of Oregon has a “Highest Section” score selection policy. ‘Superscoring’ is a more technical term for this. As a result, you are free to send any SAT exam you want to the school. Readers of your application will consider all of the SAT dates you submit, but they will only view your highest section scores.

University of Oregon Requirements: ACT

It is far easier to send SAT scores than SAT scores, significantly impacting your testing strategy. When sending ACT scores, you have complete control over which tests are included. Take ten tests and submit only the best. However, if you take the SAT, many institutions will require you to submit scores from every exam you’ve ever taken. 

This signifies that you have a better chance of improving your ACT score than previously believed. Therefore, you should keep taking the ACT  until you get  22 or higher, as this is Oregon University’s ACT requirement. The final score you are happy with can then be sent to all of your colleges.

What Else Is required for the University of Oregon Admissions?

Compile the following to meet the University of Oregon admission requirements:

High-school diploma

After graduating from high school, a freshman applicant to the University of Oregon has not yet attempted post-secondary (college) education (or earning a GED). This does not count toward your high school credits (AP, IB, AICE, dual enrollment, or college in HS)

Complete 15 college-preparatory courses with a C– or higher

  • Mathematics for three years: Applicants must have completed Algebra I and two years of college-level mathematics, including Algebra II (or an equivalent). In addition, you should take an advanced mathematics course in your senior year. Before ninth grade, one year of algebra or geometry is permitted.
  • English for four years: Expository prose should be emphasized and practiced frequently throughout all four years of composition/literature instruction.
  • Second Language for two years: The University of Oregon offers several options for fulfilling the second-language requirement.
  • Three years of study in the sciences: Two years of college-preparatory science are required in biology, chemistry, physics, or earth and physical science. In addition, a year of laboratory science is recommended.
  • Social studies for three years: Studying this subject for three years in global studies, history, or social studies electives is mandatory.

Self-reported transcript

You must submit a copy of your self-reported transcript if you want your application to be considered. In addition, before enrollment at the University of Oregon, a final certified transcript certifying graduation and verifying all academic coursework must be submitted. Finally, if you have already completed your post-secondary education, you must provide a copy of your college or dual-enrollment transcript before enrolling.

Mandatory Essay

The University of Oregon is interested in learning more about your background. Therefore, they require a 650-word essay to provide the college with information that they cannot find elsewhere in your application. Your thoughts on any subject are valued. Consider what distinguishes you from your peers: a unique talent, an unusual hobby, a significant life experience, or a unique perspective on the world you live in. 

Optional Essay

Tell the University what distinguishes you and how it relates to the UO campus community, and they’ll do the same for you. OU admission officers want to know how you recognize and support equity and inclusion, and selecting one of the options shall help you do so. Go to the Equity and Inclusion website to learn more about equity and inclusion in Oregon. A statement’s maximum word count is 500. It is not necessary to include this statement. You can learn more about the application evaluation process or start the application process directly on the University of Oregon website.

Final Words

If you do not meet the University of Oregon admission requirements, visit UO’s official website and consider your options for alternative entrance, including information for students from non-accredited high schools. Since the University has a high acceptance rate, there are very few chances of getting rejected. However, it is always better to keep a second option ready.

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