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University Of Redlands Admissions And Acceptance Rate

Sep 27, 2022

Redlands University

The University of Redlands is a privately owned university situated in California’s Redlands. With mountains, towns, and beaches nearby, the university’s primary residential campus is located on 160 acres close to Downtown Redlands. Redlands University offers top-notch education and master’s degrees in a variety of valuable subjects such as pre-med, music, business, and art history.


University of Redlands – An Overview

The University of Redland was inaugurated in the year 1907. Redland University offers graduate and master’s degrees in a variety of subjects, with over 40 programs to select from. The university began to expand in the 1950s as student enrollment increased. There are also several schools and centers that run under University of Redlands: the School of Education; and the Graduate School of Theology; the School of Business (which constitutes the School of Continuing Studies); the College of Arts and Sciences (having, the School of Music, the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies and the Center for Spatial Studies). Apart from that, the institution provides a number of online degrees, including an MBA and a Master of Arts in Education and Human Services.

This article will inform you about University of Redlands admissions, University of Redlands acceptance rate, University of Redlands tuition, and more details about the University of the Redlands.


University of Redlands – Ranking

Under the profile of Best Colleges’ rankings for 2021. The U.S. News & World Report placed the University of Redlands in: –

  • 47th position in profile for Social Mobility
  • 3rd position in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • 5th position in Regional Universities West

University of Redlands Admissions

The University of Redlands Admission is selectively done, having a 69% as acceptance rate. Half of the admitted students in University of Redlands had an SAT score between 1030-1250 or an ACT score between16-28. Students interested in applying to the university can do so through their website, and the application fee at the University of Redlands is $50. Redlands’ regular admissions deadline is the 15th of January. November 15th is the deadline for both binding decision and non-binding early action.

University of Redlands 

Acceptance Rate

SAT Range1030-1250
SAT Reading530-630
SAT Math500-620
Students Submitting SAT78%
ACT Range16-28
ACT English21-30
ACT Math20-27
ACT WritingNo data available 
Students Submitting ACT22%

Tests are optional for University of Redlands applicants. That implies the student gets the option to choose; whether to submit the test results or not. Interviews aren’t mandatory as a part of the admissions procedure. However, informal appointment meetings with admissions counselors can take place.


First-year and international students must apply by one of three deadlines:

Binding Decision Date: November 15


Non-binding Early Action Deadline: November 15

Application Deadline: January 15


The University of Redlands only accepts the Common Application of the university from first-year applicants.

University of Redlands Requirements:

High School GPARequired
High School TranscriptRequired
College Prep CoursesConsidered but not required
SATConsidered but not required
ACTConsidered but not required

Scholarship and Financial Aid At University of Redlands

At the University of Redlands, 80% of full-time undergraduates have been given need-based financial aid. While the average need-based scholarship or grant award recorded being $37,216. The university awards scholarships to meritorious students in order to assist them in managing their finances. More than 90% of this university’s students get financial help for their studies. Approximately 95% of undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences received financial help during the 2018-19 school year. This university provides a variety of financial assistance options, including grants, work awards, scholarships, and loans. Cal Grant, Pell Grant, and University Grant are some of the well-known grants that students may apply for, and Redlands loans and Perkins Loans are some of the loans that students can apply for.


According to the university data, the average cost after financial help for students receiving grants or scholarship aid is $30,240 per year.

University of Redlands Academic Life

Student-faculty ratio for the University of Redlands is 12:1, and 67.9% of classes recorded to not have more than 20 students. Related Support Services, Marketing, Psychology; Social Sciences, Health Professions, Business, Visual and Performing Arts, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Natural Resources and Conservation, Social Service,; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, English Language and Literature/Letters, and Public Administration are some of the prominent majors at the University of Redlands. 

University of Redlands Student Life 

This university’s campus is huge and provides its students with a number of facilities. There are 2,892 undergraduate students enrolled in total at the University of Redlands as of the fall of 2020, with a gender split of 40% male and 60% female. On its 160 acres of land, the eco-friendly campus is home to over 3000 trees of various species. For entertainment and educational purposes, the campus hosts a variety of student events. The university provides its students with housing alternatives. 

The university’s residential halls offer the students with a variety of amenities, including laundry and food plan services. The Counseling Center, Student Health Center, and CARE Team are additional unique campus resources for students. The University of Redlands participates in NCAA III sports. The university’s 82% average freshman retention rate is a good sign of how well-liked it is among its students.

Redlands University has 21 Division III sports teams. Since 2008, It has received twenty-four Fulbright awards. Over 120,000 community service hours are completed each year, and there are over 100 clubs at Redlands. Redlands students are enthusiastic and engaged in the Redlands community, with 120+ student-led groups spanning academic, social justice, faith-based, service, artistic, Greek, and recreational interests.

The University of Redlands Admissions – In a Wrap

The University of Redlands’ Office of Admissions stands in solidarity with its Black students, employees, colleagues, teachers, friends, families and administrators. The institution recognizes the issues that students of color confront in academics and works to elevate Black students’ voices and needs so that they feel comfortable and welcome at the university.

One can apply easily to the University of Redlands by filling out the application form on the website of the University. The admissions process looks at students as individuals, and not simply numbers. 

As the sixth-best university in the West, it is in the top 6% of institutions of higher learning according to the public good contribution. It has a 69% admission rate, and 99% of its students receive financial help. All of these contribute to the University of Redlands being a top university to apply to and be accepted to.

University of Redlands


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