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Vassar College – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates

Oct 1, 2022

A private college with around 2456 students, Vassar College is known for its great faculty members. There are around 208 international students from various corners of the world, willing to learn more like where is Vassar College and what is Vassar College known for.

For the undergraduates out there, Vassar College is going to offer a plethora of opportunities. It will lead the innovation in technology and business and will prepare students to enter a globalized workforce by offering international exposure.


Vassar College: An Overview 

When it comes to its Vassar College acceptance rate, students don’t easily get by.  It is important that the admitted students over here have an average GPA score of around 3.9 and an average SAT score of around 1435. The acceptance rate of the applicants under the undergraduate section at Vassar College will be around 25%. The tuition fees will be around $58,770 and you can easily expect to spend around $14720 on your living expenses in this part of the city!

Vassar College Ranking

Well, it is vital to learn more about the Vassar College ranking, before you can plan to score high marks in the Vassar College GPA to get enrolled for the course modules.

  • Vassar College is ranked 274th in the United States and 1006th in the World 2022 overall rankings.
  • It further receives TOP 50% in all 29 academic topics.
  • The ranking is solely based on 3 major factors – non-academic reputation, research performance, and impact of notable alumni.  

Programs on Offer

You are preparing yourself to get enrolled in Vassar College. For that, focusing on the best Vassar College sat marks of around 1435 is important. But, before moving forward, it is important to know more about the programs, which are available from this educational institution. It will help you to make the right choice on which subjects to address.

Arts, Social Science and Management

  • English 
  • Anthropology   
  • Italian   
  • Japanese
  • Philosophy         
  • Political Science               
  • Sociology            
  • Asian Studies    
  • Media Studies  
  • Women Studies               

Science and Technology

  • Biology 
  • Computer Science          
  • NeuroScience   
  • Chemistry          
  • Earth Science
  • Cognitive Science            
  • Physics 
  • Biochemistry     


  • Educational studies

Learning about the Vassar College division is also important as it helps you to know which campus to follow for your courses. There are separate divisions allotted for the undergraduate students.


Application Fees and the Average Tuition Rate

The application fees for US and international students remain the same at $65. Depending on the courses you have selected, the Vassar College tuition fees are subject to change. Furthermore, it has an acceptance rate of 25%. Overall, the tuition expenses will be somewhat around $58770 and the living expenses will be somewhat within $14720.

When compared to the standard tuition fees, Vassar College is a bit on the expensive side. However, the best part about this college is the Vassar College jobs. There are multiple on-campus job interviews available where students with great scores can bag the job right after they have graduated.


Vassar College International Programs

For your question on where is Vassar College located, the answer is in Poughkeepsie, NY. This institution is known to offer the best international programs you could have asked for. Studying abroad is one of the major components of the liberal arts section at Vassar College. Other than presenting students with access to the courses and some learning experiences, an immersive education abroad will foster transformative encounters with multiple groups and cultures.

Even to this date, the OIP or the Office of International Programs will offer access to some of the higher quality programs on a global basis. By just facilitating student and faculty engagement in learning opportunities outside of the US, the OIP will further contribute to the mission of the college to nurture intellectual curiosity.


These programs are sometimes headed by the Vassar College’s notable alumni and will help in improving the creativity level among students, alongside respectful discourse and engaged citizenship from a global standpoint.

  • Through its international educational experiences, students get the chance to discover some new approaches to their study areas and can explore major fields as well.
  • Furthermore, it helps in reflecting critically upon and applying the global perspectives to the current Vassar education. 
  • Vassar College abroad educational programs will also help in cultivating appreciation, respect, and even understanding of cultural differences.
  • The students will now get the opportunity to develop or just improve language alongside some of the intercultural communication skills out there.

Working in the Career Development Sector

The Career Development Office is a major part of Vassar College. The CDO will help students and alumni to envision and realize one meaningful life, right after passing out of college. The college will support the members of the Vassar Community once they explore their interest levels, define their career goals and seek out the next opportunity for that professional and personal growth.

  • The main aim of the CDO is to help students make connections between their college experiences and the world of work.
  • Career choices are most directly related to personal and academic interests. 
  • The services are programs that will focus more on the self-awareness field, which will define your skills, interests, goals, and values.
  • Then you have career exploration and decision making as some of the features involved around here.
  • Students will get help with graduate school or law school research and application.
  • The services will further focus on employment strategies along with some of the job search skills.
  • Students will receive some great resources and opportunities for summer jobs and internships out there.

The Admission Criteria

Understanding the Vassar College admissions is really important if you want to make way for the best results over here. In order to get yourself enrolled in Vassar College, you need a GPA count of 4.0. Vassar always wants its students to be at the top of the class. You will need nearly straight A’s in all the classes to compete with some other applicants, looking for the same spot.

The Final Say

Spread across a wide campus and being one of the top colleges all across the country, Vassar College is where you want to get your name enrolled for overall growth. You will not just master in higher studies but will end up with the best job opportunities later in life. So, for that great career build, make sure to visit Vassar College now and follow the admission routine to get started!

Vassar College


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