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West Chester University – Admissions, Ranking And Acceptance Rates

Sep 23, 2022

One of the 14 public universities that make up the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCUPA). The university is the sixth-largest university in the state of Pennsylvania, with around 17,500 students annually, of whom 14,600 are undergraduates. West Chester University was founded in 1812 as a private, state-funded college and has a long and illustrious history. West Chester Normal School was renamed in 1869 when the state of Pennsylvania started to have a bigger role in public education. In 1913, Wester Chester became one of a select few normal schools that moved from private control and into direct ownership by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Currently, West Chester offers a wide selection of majors, including those commonly found in bachelor’s degrees in the humanities, sciences, fine arts, and music. To provide a 3-2 degree that includes engineering, physics, and liberal arts, West Chester has cooperated with Philadelphia University, Columbia University, and Pennsylvania State University. In recent years, West Chester was ranked 141st among all public universities in the United States by Forbes and the 10th best regional public school by US News. Prominent West Chester University of Pennsylvania alums include actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and more. 


The Golden Rams are the moniker of the West Chester University of Pennsylvania sports teams. PSAC and ECAC students compete in NCAA Division II athletics. Women’s basketball, lacrosse, and the swimming team won the DGWS title in 1972. West Chester won the first-ever women’s basketball national title in 1969; however, the following three years’ championship games ended in defeat for West Chester. 

West Chester University Tuition 

Since West Chester is a public university located in the state of Pennsylvania, each student’s tuition fee will vary depending on where they reside. The West Chester University tuition fee is frequently not high. For the 2018–2019 academic year, the total cost of attendance for in-state students was nearly $27,000, but it was just under $39,000 for out-of-state students. The good news is that most students do not have to pay the whole West Chester University cost of their education since there are so many scholarships and other financial assistance options available to them. In West Chester, 81% of students get financial aid of some form, with average grant awards of $5,900 and average student loan balances of $9,500. 


West Chester University Admissions 

The students may finish their applications and enroll at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in a matter of minutes. Students can begin their undergraduate studies at the West Chester University of Pennsylvania or transfer from another college there. 

With a 75% college acceptance rate, West Chester University is a prestigious institution that attracts both in-state and out-of-state students seeking a public university with a good academic program. West Chester University, in particular, the bulk of its classrooms are medium-sized. Smaller class sizes enable students and instructors to engage more with one another, fostering a stronger feeling of community that gives the impression that the institution is smaller than it actually is. This is a big appeal for a university that enrolls as many students as West Chester. 


The institution’s outstanding retention and graduation rates might excite students who are considering attending West Chester University. 

The university’s overall graduation rate is 77%, while the first-year retention percentage for full-time students seeking a bachelor’s degree is 86%. These figures demonstrate that first-time West Chester students like their time there and are likely to return. Additionally, the university’s graduation rate demonstrates its dedication to assisting students throughout their academic careers and that earning a bachelor’s degree from this institution is the norm. 


West Chester University offers only bachelor’s or higher post-secondary degrees, such as master’s or doctoral degrees. 73% of full-time, first-time degree candidates completed their studies with a bachelor’s degree. First-time degree seekers who were part-time had a harder challenge; just 30% of them received a bachelor’s degree. Out of a class of over 3,000 graduates, more than 700 studied a discipline linked to accounting, finance, or business management. Majoring in a business-related topic was another popular choice. More than 500 graduates majored in the health professions, another well-liked field of study among alums. 

West Chester University Rankings 

Pennsylvania’s West Chester University is ranked #50 in Regional Universities North. Schools are evaluated according to how they fare in comparison to a number of generally accepted standards of excellence. 

  • #15 on the list of the best colleges for veterans, #24 on the list of the best undergraduate teaching, and #50 on regional universities in the north.  
  • 40 among the Best Value Schools.  
  • 20th place for most inventive schools.  
  • #122 on the list of top social mobility performers.  
  • 10th place among public schools. 

West Chester University Acceptance Rates 

The acceptance rate at West Chester University for the 2021–22 admissions season was 75%. As a result, 75 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making the admissions procedure at West Chester rather tough. All candidates must submit their SAT or ACT results to West Chester University. During the admissions season for 2021–22, 92% of accepted students turned in their SAT results. According to admissions statistics, most accepted students at West Chester University scored in the top 35% nationwide on the SAT. 50% of applicants to WCU received scores for the evidence-based reading and writing portion of between 520 and 610. In comparison, 25% received scores below 520, and 25% received scores over 610. 

50% of accepted students had math scores between 520 and 600, 25% had math scores below 520, and 25% had scored over 600. West Chester University will put a premium on applicants having a composite SAT score of 1210 or above. West Chester University in Pennsylvania has a fairly selective admissions process that admits 75% of applications. 


Along with your GPA, West Chester also takes into account the difficulty of your high school courses. An optional personal statement and evidence of participation in significant extracurricular activities are two ways applicants might improve their applications. It should be noted that WCU does not demand recommendation letters. 

West Chester University


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