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West Coast University – Admissions, Rankings, And Acceptance Rates

Sep 10, 2022

West Coast University, or WCU, is a private, for-profit university. Originally named American Career College, it was founded in 1909 by David Pyle under the name of American College of Optics. This institution is invariably focused on providing healthcare degrees with multiple campus locations. Some of them include Anaheim, Los Angeles, Ontario, Richardson, and Miami.

Initially, the institution was technically focused and catered only to optical dispensing. And in 1997, the founder introduced a programme for training registered nurses. Presently, the university is officially certified by the WASC College and University Commission.


West Coast University – An Overview

West Coast University is a center of graduate studies within the heart of Los Angeles, engulfed by captivating surroundings. Each and every campus of this private university is equipped with modern classrooms, computer labs, skills labs, science labs, advanced Simulation centers, etc.

Even though the educational institution primarily focused on optical dispensing, it eventually introduced registered nurse training programs. In fact, the Simulation centers for Nursing are equipped with high-tech facilities as well. Orange County’s community Dental Hygiene Clinic offers extensive free care to patients.


West Coast University is home to faculty members from multiple medical backgrounds and healthcare schools. They include dental hygienists, nurse practitioners, healthcare professionals, and dentists. Besides, the West Coast University tuition programs are solely related to healthcare and nursing, combining advanced learning techniques with technology.

In addition, the university provides online healthcare and nursing programs that are exquisitely designed by working professionals to boost their skills. Besides academic facilities, the university also offers quite a number of services to its students. It also maintains services to help students with their personal requirements, including childcare, transportation, and other specific areas.


The best part about West Coast university is that it hosts and maintains a fascinating alum base. They are known to have acquaintances with people who are working with well-known and reputed organizations that are helping society. Since its inception, West Coast has catered to 20.000+ students across the globe and granted them graduation degrees.

School TypePrivate Co-Educational
Founding Year1909
Academic Calendar FollowedSemester or Trimester System

This article will offer valuable insights regarding West Coast University admission procedure, acceptance rate, GPA, and other requirements.


West Coast University – Ranking 2022

West Coast University is an above-average for-profit university. West Coast University’s address is not limited as it stretches across multiple locations, including Anaheim, Los Angeles, Ontario, Richardson, and Miami. This enormous institution offers programs in healthcare and nursing to its students.

Some of the latest rankings of West Coast University are:

  • #185 in Occupational Therapy.
  • #231 in Physical Therapy.
  • #132 in Pharmacy.
  • Unranked in Best Nursing Schools: Master.

West Coast University Admissions

If you are seeking admission to West Coast university, you need to fill out an application from their website. Please ensure that you provide every requisite detail and program information within the application form. Doing everything as asked will help you secure your place at the university for your desired courses. 

Academic Life at West Coast University

West Coast University’s academic calendar is typically designed in a semester or trimester system. They offer an innovative training experience within a diverse and supportive community. The institution prepares you well to confront the otherwise complex and changing world of healthcare.


West Coast University was initially founded with a bold objective and a compassionate spirit. Thus, it made healthcare education primarily accessible to each and everyone who met their admission criteria. So the institution paved the way for market-responsive programs that adapt to the complex and ever-changing landscape.

At West Coast University, you will receive hands-on training from industry leaders within a diverse community of peers. Moreover, it offers flexible degree programs that are perfectly suitable for working professionals. They have designed dynamic market-responsive programs for present-day students only to align with the modern healthcare landscape.


So, academic life at West Coast university is pretty exciting, and every qualified applicant is capable of accessing it.

West Coast University Predictable Acceptance Rate for the 2022-2023 Session

If you are willing to seek admission to the university, you need to take a closer look at the acceptance rate. This will give you some idea about how competitive the nursing and healthcare schools are and how stringent the requirements are. 

The West Coast University acceptance rate is 83%. This means that for every 100 applicants, only 83 are admitted.

Thus we can rightfully say that the institution is lightly selective. Besides, they have their own standard requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores. And once you successfully meet their needs, you are bound to get an admission offer. 

Admission Details – Requirements

It would be best if you remembered that plenty of things go into a college application. However, there are only a few critical things on which you should mainly focus your attention.

  • GPA Requirements
  • Testing Requirements
  • Application Requirements
  • Official transcripts
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Passport
  • English language test score
  • Visa
  • High School Transcript

West Coast University GPA Requirements

Most universities state a minimum GPA requirement. It is nothing more than the bare minimum as it saves your application from being rejected immediately. Even though they did not report their average GPA, you can take a look at their website for newly released information.

West Coast University SAT and ACT Requirements

Like GPA requirements, West Coast University did not reveal their SAT and ACT scores. So we might take it that submitting test scores is probably optional.

West Coast University Predictable Acceptance Rate for the 2024-2025 Session

The West Coast University acceptance rate is 100%. This means that for every 100 applicants,  100 are admitted. Compared to 2023 and 2024 acceptance rate is increased. 

West Coast University Admissions – A Recap

West Coast University proudly offers undergraduate degrees across various streams, including nursing, healthcare, dental hygiene, and business administration. It also offers master’s and doctoral programs in health administration, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and Pharmacy.

The institution has an acceptance rate of 86%, which is comparatively higher than others. If you are looking forward to pursuing your dream program at West Coast University, get in touch with them. Here is West Coast University’s phone number: 866-508-2684.

Once you successfully fulfil the requirements for the admission procedure, you can secure your place at the university. Also, ensure you are ready to submit every document you ask for.

West Coast University


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