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West Point Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate

May 10, 2022

West Point Academy is located in West Point, NY, and is also known as the United States Military Academy. United States Military Academy admissions are highly selective. The acceptance rate at the West Point Academy is around 10 percent. More than half of the students admitted to West Point Academy have an SAT score falling between the range – of 1210 and 1440. Their ACT score is between the range of 28 and 33. One-fourth of the students admitted to West Point Academy have scores above this range, and one-fourth have scores below this range. The application deadline for West Point admissions closes around January 31. 

The admission authorities at West Point Academy consider GPA a necessity for the West Point Academy requirements. In addition, a prospective student’s high school rank, and letters of recommendation, are also considered to be important West Point admission requirements.  


West Point admission rate

West Point Academy is considered one of the toughest and the country’s most selective colleges. The West Point acceptance rate is low, while the average West Point GPA and SAT/ACT requirements are high. 

Students must not get disheartened seeing the low West Point admission rate as the West Point admissions process is a holistic one, looking into different aspects of a student’s life. The West Point Academy requirements include completing an interview, clearing the physical fitness test, etc. 


West Point requirements for Admissions – Statistics

  • Application Deadline- January 31
  • Application Fee- N/A
  • Acceptance Rate-10.3%

While following the West Point admissions process and looking into the West Point Academy requirements can be a tiring and intimidating task, you should pay attention to a few crucial West Point admission requirements- 

  • GPA requirements
  • Test requirements, like SAT and ACT scores. 
  • Application requirements

This article will cover the important West Point requirements for a smooth admission process. These include the West Point acceptance rate, West Point GPA, SAT scores, etc. 


West Point requirements- West Point acceptance rate

The foremost thing to look into while going through the West Point admission requirements is the acceptance rate at the Academy. The West Point admission rate will indicate the school’s competitiveness compared to other schools. 

The West Point acceptance rate is 10.3 percent. This means that every 100 applicants, only 10 of them are granted a seat in the Academy. This indicates that the West Point acceptance rate is highly competitive. The school is very selective, and meeting the GPA and SAT requirements is a must for students to pass through the first few stages of admissions. 


The West Point acceptance rate is not only based on test scores. Students have to take care of other application requirements like essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities to get a seat in the college. 

West Point GPA Requirements

The specific GPA requirement at West Point Academy is 3.9. This means that the school is extremely competitive in its admission process. To get a GPA this high, students need to be on top of their class and should be taking AP and IB courses to improve their chances of getting selected.


As a junior or senior at school, you must focus on improving your GPA. However, if your GPA is below 3.9, you should focus more on improving your SAT/ ACT scores. This will keep you in the running to get a seat in the Academy. 

West Point Admissions– SAT Requirements

The average SAT requirement at West Point Academy is 1270 on the 1600 scale. This makes the school moderately competitive. A score of 1170 will move you below average, while a score of 1360 will move you above average. 


Breakdown of the New SAT Scores By Section

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading + Writing625570680

West Point Academy – SAT Score Choice Policy

West Point follows the policy of highest section or super-scoring. Students can choose the SAT tests they want to submit to the school. The Academy will consider only the highest section scores across all SAT dates that a student submits. Let us look at an example to understand how the Academy superscores the SAT.

You submit the following tests results of three different dates- 

Test 16004001000
Test 23007001000
Test 3300400700

This shows that West Point takes only the highest section scores from all the test dates submitted. Therefore, the final super-score is 1300. This provides a major advantage for students as they can decide which super scores to send to the academy. In addition, students can take the SATs many times and improve their overall scores. If a student’s super score is below the required super score of 1360, he can take another SAT and raise the score. This helps students focus on a single section where the superstore is low and retake the test to improve the score. For example, if a student’s reading section score is low, he can focus on it and take the SAT to raise it. 

West Point Academy- ACT Requirements

The ACT requirement at West Point Academy is not very high. However, it does require students to be on top of their class. The average ACT score required at West Point Academy is 28, making it moderately competitive for ACT scores.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 25, while the 75th ACT score is 30. If a student has an ACT score below 25, there are chances that his application might get rejected initially. 

ACT Score Sending Policy

Students, while sending their ACT scores to West Point Academy, can decide the test scores they want to send. This policy helps students sit for as many ACTs as possible to improve their scores. A student should aim for an ACT score of 30 and above. 

ACT Superscore Policy

West Point  Academy’s ACT superscore policy is not available. However, students should contact the admission authorities to know more about the ACT superscore policy. 

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

The Academy requires students to sit for the optional SAT/ACT writing section. This is considered an important factor during the admission process at the Academy. 

SAT Subject Test Requirements

West Point Academy’s SAT subject test policy is not known. Students must contact the admission authorities at the school to know about the exact policy regarding the SAT subject test requirement. 

The West Point Academy is extremely selective, and it is important that applicants should have high GPAs, SAT, and ACT scores. Having low test scores will diminish a student’s chances of moving further in the admission process at the AcademyAcademy. You must aim for the 75th percentile – 1360 SAT score and a 30 or higher ACT score to have a safety net. In addition, the GPA should be around 3.9. Having scores lower than these could mean that you have very little chance of getting selected. 

Overview of the application requirements at West Point Academy Academy- 

  • Common Application – Not accepted
  • Universal Application – Not accepted
  • Electronic Application – Available
  • An essay or Personal Statement – Required for all freshmen
  • Letters of Recommendation – 4
  • Interview- Not required
  • Application Fee – None
  • Fee Waiver Available? – None
  • Department of Defense qualifying medical examination.

West Point Academy looks for candidates who have academic qualifications, leadership qualities, and physical aptitude. These three are the most important requirements for securing a seat in the AcademyAcademy. Therefore, students need to focus on all these three qualities in order to succeed during the academic process. 

Breakdown of the West Point Admission process-

The whole candidate score is an important process of admissions at the Academy. It indicates a student’s potential on a scale of 8000 points. These were the total whole candidate scores of the admitted class at West Point Academy-

PercentileWhole Candidate Score
25 percent5700
50 percent6000
75 percent6300

Final Words

The United States Military Academy, also known as the West Point Academy, is a federal service academy. The acceptance rate of this school is very high at 10.3 percent. The application process of this school varies from that of other schools. The application requirements include unique points such as U.S. citizenship, age, and marital status. 

Students who fulfill these initial eligibility requirements can move ahead in the admission process by submitting questionnaires. Applicants must also receive a nomination from a senator, member of Congress, or service member, a medical exam, fitness assessment, and a nomination interview.

west point acceptance rate


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