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Wilmington University – Admissions, Rankings And Acceptance Rates

Sep 27, 2022

Wilmington University, which is an exclusive University, was set up in 1968. In the fall of 2020, thousands of undergraduate scholars were enrolled in total, and the position is suburban. It makes use of an academic timetable grounded on trimesters. Its position among National Universities is under the top 300. 56 is Wilmington University’s position in the latest list of top universities. The price of education and transportation is also very high.

Basic Information

  • Academy type – coed, private
  • Innovated in 1968
  • No cooperation with a religion
  • Academic Trimester timetable
  • Set up in a Suburban area

Rankings for Wilmington University in 2022

In terms of public universities, Wilmington University is deposited #299- 391. Seminaries are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally honoured quality measures.

  • 391 in National Universities, position #299
  • 390 in the list of top social mobility players
  • 332 in the field of nursing(tie)

Starting hires for Wilmington University graduates.

The standard beginning payment for graduates of Wilmington University is listed below by major.


Alumni starting hires, on average, were on par with the industry standards.

Admissions to Wilmington University

With 99 per cent acceptance, it is the least picky. Wilmington University has a sliding operation deadline and a $35 operation figure.


The GPA of a pupil is not taken into account by the Wilmington University admissions labour force. Wilmington University admissions officers do not consider an aspirant’s high academy class rank or letters of recommendation. Learn about College Compass to uncover fresh academic variables and  other academy statistics.

Admissions details for Wilmington University

  • Operation DEADLINE: Rolling
  • 35 operation figures
  • The smallest position in the selection
  • 99% acceptance rate for fall 2020
  • The University enters scores from the  SAT/ ACT 

Academic Life at Wilmington University

At Wilmington University, 95.6% of the classes have smaller than 20 scholars. The pupil-faculty rate is 15:1. Registered Nursing/ Registered nanny, General Social lores, General Business Administration and Management, General Computer and Information Systems Security/ Auditing/ Information Assurance, Law Enforcement Administration, General Psychology, General Health Services, General Organizational Behaviour Studies, Liberal trades, and Liberal Studies, and Elementary Education and Teaching are the most sought- after majors at Wilmington University. A suggestion of pupil happiness is the average beginner retention rate of 58.


School Sizes

  • Lower than 20 pupil classes: 95.6%
  • 20 to 49 students: 4.4%
  • 50 or lesser: 0
  • 15:1 scholars to faculty rate
  • 13 four-time scholars graduate

Student Life at Wilmington University

9230 undergraduate scholars are enrolled at Wilmington University overall(fall 2020), with 37 male and 63 female scholars. In callisthenics, Wilmington University is a member of the NCAA II.

Pupil Gender Distribution

  • 37% Males, 63% Females
  • Registration as a whole, 568 (fall 2020)
  • NCAA II is the collegiate athletic association.

Financial Aid & Tuition at Wilmington University

At Wilmington University, 49 full-time scholars get fiscal aid based on their requirements, with the typical need-grounded education or entitlement award coming in at 2,299$ on average.

Education and freights, 750$ (2021- 22)


College Security at Wilmington University

The University provided the U.S. Department of Education with data on lot safety, but none of those findings has been independently confirmed. The statistics for felonious offences do not always reflect executions or persuasions but rather reports of contended crimes to lot of security and/ or law enforcement officers. Experts advise upcoming students and their families to do their studies to gauge the safety of the lot and the surrounding area.

The lot of Wilmington University

Nonremedial training is one of the numerous pupil services Wilmington University provides. Wilmington University also provides 24-hour details by bottom and auto, around the timepiece access to exigency phones, and lighting walkways and pathways. Wilmington University does not allow scholars of legal drinking age to consume alcohol.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Wilmington University Is it regarded?

The University has received accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-267-284-5000, a non-governmental, nationally renowned body whose members correspond to about 500 after-secondary schools.

2. What character does Wilmington University have?

With its rising online presence in recent times, Wilmington University has developed a brand-new character for excellence and outreach. Wilmington University is a significant non-profit association noted for its exploration and education.

Types of courses at Wilmington University

This University offers a variety of course options, including online, mongrel, and flexible courses, in addition to conventional full-time courses. One can take a whole online course without physically attending it using the Internet. A mongrel course allows scholars to learn both online and in person. Students could participate in a flexible course online or in person. There are multitudinous athletic installations at this University. In addition to working out in the training room, one can play basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and volleyball at the Athletics Complex of this great University.

The Asbury Field is a softball field that is part of this University. Carousel Park and the Back Creek Golf Club are also located there. A tennis facility and a 64-lane bowling alley are two other female-only athletic facilities that are accessible. This University also includes a baseball stadium.

Alumni of the Wilmington University

Anthony Allison, a well-known soccer player, Paul Bechly, a scientist from the United States, and Major General Hugh and Sigler and members of the Delaware House of Representatives are among the University’s notable alumni. PeterC. Schwartzkopf, a former member of the Delaware House of Representatives, and TerryR. Spence.

We trust that you liked this composition on Wilmington University and are now clear about its admission procedure, its ranking, and most importantly, its acceptance rate. Now in this composition, we’ve also talked about the other aspects which we suppose are inversely important, if not further, than these three aspects, similar to the alumnus of the University, the colourful types of courses that the University provides, and some FAQs. Prospective scholars are also interested in knowing about the lot of the University and the general life at the University. Therefore we’ve considered and included those points as well.

Wilmington University


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