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WOFFORD COLLEGE Admissions, Rankings, And Acceptance Rates

Sep 27, 2022

Wofford College, a legacy of Benjamin Wofford, is a four-year institution based in Spartanburg. Widely known for its educational strength, amazing faculty, and beautiful campus built long before the American Civil war, the college is one of the top colleges in South Carolina for its UG Programmes. It has students representing various countries, nationalities, and religions. As hard as it is to get into Wofford, it is also worth the hard work and a dream for many.

Wofford College- An Overview

Wofford is a private college of liberal arts based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was established in 1854. The college is a legacy of the Methodist minister Benjamin Wofford, who was also a native of Spartanburg. He wanted to start a college of classical, literary, and scientific study and educate people on subjects like History, philosophy, literature, etc.The college has a 175-acre wide campus, that is, a national arboretum. It goes on with the motto “Intaminatis fulget honoribus”, which means, ‘Untarnished, She Shines with Honor’. Established 168 years ago, before the American civil war. It’s still operating on its original campus, and is one of the very few US Four-year institutions.With all the skilled, understanding faculty members, the college provides a learning and positive environment. Being a liberal arts college, Wofford still offers all kinds of courses in the scientific, commerce and business, and arts fields. The college also assigns an admission counsellor for the students interested in applying, who helps them with all the necessary things. 



 Wofford College is ranked 69th in the list of the top liberal art colleges by US News & World Reports. The ranking has been much improved over the past 10 years. The college was ranked 58th in the list of best 650 Colleges of America in 2010. In 2018, it announced the college as Number one in South Carolina. 


 The college board of trustees sets up the fees for every resident and commuting student for every academic year. The fee is established comprehensively, keeping all the essential things in mind. 


The latest 2022-23 fee structure is as follows:


 Payment period 1- $36,550 


 Payment Period 2- $29,900


 Payment period 1- $28,340


 Payment period 2- $23,190

The first payment period is for the fall semester and the second is for the spring semester. Other than tuition, the fee is for student-curricular activities. In the case of resident students, it also includes healthcare services and rooms. 



The acceptance rate of Wofford college is 53% at present. That means it is very tough and competitive to get into the college, and not as easy as you might think. You certainly need to take your application seriously. Even a small mistake might get you rejected. For additional information, visit the official admission website of Wofford college 

 Things You Need to Know Before Applying:


  Admission open: No

 Selectivity of College: Very Selective


 Applications Accepted: 59.8%

 Average SAT Score: 1,330

 Average ACT Score: 28


 Wofford College has an American football team in South Carolina, called The Wofford Terriers. The team is a member of SoCon (Southern Conference), and an NCAA Division I Football championship subdivision (Or FCS). The very first team of Wofford Terriers jumped to the field in 1889. The team usually plays at the Gibbs Stadium in Spartanburg, South Carolina. At present, the head coach of the Terriers is Josh Conklin.Wrapping up, we have answered some of the questions which cover most of the necessary details about the college like where is Wofford college, its admission and acceptance rates, rankings, what division is Wofford college, etc.If you want to know more about the college, applications, and events, you can visit the official website of Wofford College, i.e.,, and the best option is always to visit the college campus for a better understanding of everything.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Who are the alumni of Wofford? 

 A:Some of Wofford’s Notable Alumni are Craig Melvin, Fisher DeBerry, Wendi Nix, Cameron Jackson, Ellison Barber, and many more. 

Q2.How many white students are there at the Wofford?

 A:There are 80% of white students in the college at present. The rest are from other Nationalities, religions, or places. 

 Q3.Is there anything unique about this college?

 A:Yes, being a liberal arts college, the Wofford’s still provides education in the fields like finance, accounts, and business. If you want to pursue any of the fields, you should go for Wofford. 

 Q4.Is it hard to get to Wofford?

 A:It is certainly quite competitive to get into this college. The Wofford accepts 53% of students. Therefore, you have to work hard and score well on your SAT, ACT, and University entrance. And you have to take your application very seriously and fill it without leaving even a small thing. 

 Q5.Is COVID-19 vaccination required in Wofford?

 A:Yes, a COVID-19 vaccination certificate is essentially required for both students and faculty members. The college strongly encourages everyone to the vaccine doses. 

 Q6.Do I have to live on campus? 

 A:Except for the commuting students, every full-time student has to live on campus and have their meals there only. 

 Q7.Who founded the Wofford and when? 

 A:Benjamin Wofford founded the college in 1854, i.e., before the American civil war.

 Q8.What are the courses offered?

 A:Wofford offers all the courses in every field. Whether it is finance, art, or science, you can find it all here. 

 Q9.Is there any counsellor on campus? 

 A:Yes, there’s an education counsellor at the Wofford. Anyone interested to apply to the Wofford will be assigned to an admission counsellor. 

 Q10.How do we contact the Wofford? 

 A:You can visit their official website and contact it. Or you can write them on their official E-mail at and through their Phone No. 864-597-4000

Wofford College


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