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All About Long Division and How To Do It

May 14, 2024

Divide, multiply, and subtract are all applied simultaneously in long division. In addition to learning division, students also need to comprehend the meaning of divisors, dividends, and multiples and how to apply long division. Long division problems are a mathematical technique used to split huge numbers into smaller groups or components. 

What is Long Division?

When dividing a large number—typically three digits or more—by a two-digit number—also generally three digits or more—you use the long division method. The technique of breaking down a multi-digit number into smaller ones is called long division. Reversing multiplication is another method of doing it: starting with a given value and splitting it up into the several integers that were multiplied together to produce that initial value. Long division becomes even more crucial as the numbers get larger. 


It involves a series of stages that, once learned, greatly simplify the task of decreasing any huge number. 

When practising mathematics, you’ll come into long division frequently; therefore, you must master the fundamentals at an early age. 


How To Do Long Division

If you are wondering how to do long division, this is a guide for you. This version of the approach can be made simpler by using the following five long-division steps:


Write the divisor (number dividing) to the left on the outside and the dividend (number being divided) to the right of a piece of paper beneath the division sign. As you proceed from left to right, count the number of times the divisor can fit inside the dividend’s first digit without going over. Find the number of times the divisor fits into the dividend’s first two digits without going over it if the divisor is greater than the first digit. Enter the number of times the divisor appears in the dividend’s initial digits above the relevant digits.



You should multiply the divisor by the number you just wrote above the dividend. Under the dividend, enter the outcome of your multiplication. You need to draw a line beneath your multiplication result.


The dividend’s digits directly above it are from the number you just put below it. Underneath the line you just drew, write your result. After you have entered the result of your subtraction operation, write the following dividend digit. The result above the dividend should be written as the next digit of the quotient after dividing the new integer by your divisor. 



Depending on what you are using this division for, you might want to end up with a whole number quotient with a remainder or an indicator of how much is left over after you have finished your division. However, if your goal is to compute an exact answer instead of one that has a remainder, you’ll need to go beyond whole numbers. 


Add a decimal point to the dividend and the quotient when you get to a point where the remaining number is less than your divisor. There are now additional digits (all zeroes) that can be lowered. Once again, determine the number of times the divisor can enter the new number by bringing down a zero. When you begin to solve for the decimal, you can occasionally find that the solution keeps repeating itself. Now, if the repeated number is five or more, pause and round your answer up; if it is four or less, round it down. Once you have completed all of your calculations, add the unit to the end of the answer.


Example of Solved Long Division

 Practice long division by working through the following word problems. 

  1. Let us say you went apple picking and returned home with an enormous basket full of mouthwatering apples. There are 487 pens in your stand. You want to divide them evenly among three boxes to present to your friends; thus, you divide three by 487.   
  1. There are 19 egg trays. There are boxes containing the trays. There are 180 eggs in each box. How many trays are there in each box?
  1.  A factory packs 4,546 toys in 25-count boxes. What is the remaining number of toys?
  1. 128 kids visit an amusement park. They travel in 11-person groups, with less than ten in each category. Each group has one adult accompanying them. How many grownups must attend?

There are 11 groups and one more with only seven children. Thus, 12 grownups would be required to accompany 128 kids.

  1. Susan has 1250 books, and she needs to arrange them on 16 shelves. How many books does each shelf contain?


Turito is the correct location if you have been wondering how to divide for a long time. Although long division can be intimidating at first, it is a fantastic technique to divide difficult division computations into a number of easier steps.

Turito provides unique solutions to the unique needs of every kid. Using interactive virtual experiences, Turito provides students with interactive whiteboards, 3D models, and simulations. 



What are the elements of long division?

The various elements of long division are:
Dividend: The number you are dividing with.
Divisor: The number you are dividing by.
Quotient: It is the solution. 
Remainder: The remaining portion of a number is known as the remainder if the solution to the division issue is not a whole number.

What other mathematical concepts are related to long division?

In multi-step problems—word problems that require more than one mathematical operation to solve, like addition and multiplication—long division might be necessary. 

Is it possible for the divisor to be zero?

No, the value of the divisor cannot be zero.

Long Division and How To Do It


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