Why And How Is NAPLAN Important For Kids?

Sep 23, 2022 | Turito Team USA

NAPLAN – Stands for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. It is an annual national assessment exam for all students held annually in Australia. It tests the skills essential for a child to succeed in life and academics. 

It is an exam for all students in years 3, 5, 7, and 9 to assess the abilities of Australian children in the whole nation. It is basically for measuring children’s literacy and Numeracy skills in Australia. So, they have critical thinking, which helps to grow Australia as a great country. 

Who are Stakeholders in NAPLAN Test  

 Government: It helps the government check the literacy and Numeracy capabilities of young Australians, who are the country’s future. It also helps assess the working of education programs and know about the areas for improvement. 

Teachers: It helps teachers to assess their student’s skills, progress, strength, and weakness. Teachers learn about improvement in literacy skills and numeracy of children. 

Parents: parents learn about the children’s skills at National standards in literacy and numeracy. They also know about their child’s weaknesses, which helps them work on the children’s numeracy and literacy. 

Students: This NAPLAN test gives them a report card of their skills, and they get to know about their learning journey, their weaknesses, and strengths. Then they work on it with the help of parents and teachers and then master the skill of literacy and numeracy. 

Why and how is NAPLAN important for kids? 

  •  Future Success: – It helps develop a child for future Success. 
  • Cognitive Abilities: -The NAPLAN is used to determine a child’s level of cognitive capacity, that is, the mental process of learning knowledge and understanding through cognition, experience, and the senses. 
  • Assessment: – It’s not just a standardized test; it’s an assessment of a kid’s skills, abilities, and knowledge.  
  • Numeracy: – It helps the child build mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and cognitive ability. 
  • Literacy: – It enriches an individual’s life and creates opportunities for people to develop skills. 
  • A person with a disability: – NAPLAN tests allows students with disability to access the tests. A student may have access to one or more adjustments in any test, which may differ across each test. 
  • Technology: – This test helps the child be updated with technology. 
  •  It can also help schools identify if a child is experiencing special needs or learning disabilities.  
  • The NAPLAN test is a great way to get a snapshot of a child’s skills and abilities. 
  • It tests the core skills every child needs to progress through school. 

Standard editing tools are available to students during the test so that they can copy, paste, cut, move, and text. Students’ informations is kept confidential, including sex, date of birth, language, background, and aboriginal status. The agency maintains the right to privacy, and data is treated confidentially. They can only access the performance and talent of the child. 

The practice of the NAPLAN Test 

Teachers in their schools and parents give training for the NAPLAN test. They also learn about the test and previous year’s papers through a public distribution site. Suppose your child is in grade 5, Make sure to complete as many papers possible that are marked as NAPLAN online practice test year 5 on the public demonstration site.  

 The students have been trained in tests through training, practice tests, and mocks. So, students can give their best shot on exam day. 

Mode of Examination: 

The mode of the test is online and held at the schools. The school doesn’t have enough computers, so the test window is open for nine days to ensure the flexibility of tests. Students who are absent from the test can attempt the test in a later window. 

 So, all students didn’t attempt the test at the same time. Students can use their devices like laptops, pads, MacBooks, and tablets for the test. 

Tailored Tests in NAPLAN Test: 

Tailored testing depends on students’ abilities. Every student didn’t have the same set of questions, but it varies in choosing and attempting questions by a student.  

It works on the branching principle; a student who does more complex questions then gets more difficult questions and vice-versa.  

The result is mainly based on two things: the number and difficulty of questions. A student who solved more difficult questions and more in number will get higher results and higher band placement. But if a student solves a less difficult question, the same number of questions will have a lesser effect. 

How should I prepare for the NAPLAN Test? 

It should be considered a normal exam of school because the test itself checks a child on the basis of the skills which they had attained in their school time. The only best thing is to give your best at the right time on the exam day. 

Familiarity with online devices can give the edge to a child on the day of an exam. Exploring the feel of the NAPLAN test can reduce a child’s anxiety, and the child can perform better with a peaceful mind. One can visit ACARA’s official website for exclusive features and formats for each year to get that familiarity. ACARA has listed all the NAPLAN previous tests and their answers on its site. Also, the year-wise syllabus and NAPLAN previous tests papers can be found there.  

To get access to those papers, visit the ACARA site, click on assessment, and then you will be able to see year-wise and grade-wise papers. Suppose you are looking for the 2015 NAPLAN online practice test year 5 paper, then search and click on the link & PDF accordingly. 

Education services Australia and ACARA are responsible for developing the NAPLAN assessment and providing the results of these assessments. 

 Many people think of the NAPLAN test as a way for schools to ensure students are on track for future Success. But it’s actually more than that. The NAPLAN test is an assessment of child development used to determine a child’s level of cognitive maturity. It’s not just a standardized test; it’s an assessment of kids’ skills, abilities, and knowledge. It can also help schools identify if a child is experiencing any special needs or learning disabilities. The NAPLAN test is a great way to get a snapshot of a child’s skills and abilities. 

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