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Online Tutoring vs Classroom Teaching – Which is a Better Choice?

Jan 3, 2022

Online tutoring has become popular in the past few years. Many educational institutions are switching to virtual classes mode of teaching. However, a couple of institutes preserve classroom mode for instructing students. Do you know what the advantages of online tutoring over classroom teaching are? And why is it becoming the first choice for students amidst the pandemic? Let’s find out! 

Online Tutoring: A way to grasp knowledge anytime! 

Online tutoring is a mode of teaching taken over the internet in real-time. It involves a ‘real’ person present virtually with the help of technology platforms. There is just a basic requirement to achieve online tutoring: a teacher, a student, and a screen with the internet. But, what’s special about online tutoring? Here are a few points that will reflect how this advanced mode of teaching is becoming popular: 

  • Adaptability: One can take online education at any point at the student’s convenience. Moreover, if you are a working person and passionate about learning and grabbing new concepts, online tutoring will help you the right way.
  • Get an education from across the globe: Anyone can save their time by taking cost-effective courses with tutees from different parts of the world without marking a physical attendance. 
  • Avail of study material with ease: Online tutoring services take care of every student by providing all the study materials containing every relevant concept at their convenience. This way, students can save a lot of time by availing all the resources in one place.
  • They will respect your feedback: If you are not satisfied with any service they provide, you can reach out to them with proper feedback, and they will resolve it within no time. 
  • Easy to understand lesson plan: The lesson plan is designed in such a way so that a diverse audience can understand it. The language is simple and error-free from grammatical mistakes. 
  • Extra safe education: There’s no need to visit the education center to get online education. All you have to do is, sit in your room, switch on the laptop, and be ready to learn. 

Classroom Teaching: A model of education that is fading away.

Since COVID-19, classroom teaching has become rare to grab education among bright minds. However, it used to be a favorite spot for hanging out with friends, but not anymore. So let’s take a quick look at why classroom teaching was important in earlier days:

  • Physical education: The main reason classroom teaching was important among kids was that they could meet their friends and chit-chat with them. 
  • Clarification of doubts: Students used to find face-to-face interaction to understand concepts better than understanding concepts directly from theoretical textbooks. Moreover, concepts were cleared on the traditional blackboard.
  • Get time for leisure and refreshment: Students loved spending time in schools, soaked sunshine while traveling to school, and indulged in numerous sports activities. 

Why is online tutoring becoming more essential among students than classroom teaching?

The main reason for the above question is an obvious one: COVID. Students are now afraid they cannot visit classrooms to grasp an entire concept. However, visiting the classroom is the last option left in the most critical situation. So what are the other reasons that make kids stick to online tutoring? Here is the list: 

  • Affordable fees: The fees of online tutors are more affordable than offline or private tutors. The range may vary depending on the course you wish to take. Generally, an online tutor will cost $15 to $50 per hour compared to offline tutors, which will cost around $35 to $80 per hour. Why is it so? Because in online tutoring, there is no cost of travel or any similar cost required. Whereas in offline tutoring, travel costs, separate hard copies of study materials, and other education staff is required that add to the overall cost of offline tutoring. 
  • A wide variety of courses from different backgrounds: If students are looking for diverse courses to enhance their knowledge, they will pick up a single platform with all the methods, resources, and study materials. Additionally, they want every field of art, science, literature, sports, math, and lots more to be covered in the course structure. No one wants to make extra efforts.
  • Flexible timings: Students can reschedule their classes in case of emergencies. They can also choose the timing for learning at their convenience. In addition to these prerequisites, students can make their custom course schedules for future studies and plan accordingly. 
  • A creative and innovative way of learning: Online tutoring services use creative and innovative teaching methods because they want to explain every fundamental concept clearly to the students. They take extra care that students do not get bored and enjoy while learning complex and new basics. They use animations, 3D visuals, soundtracks, and simple steps to explain complex mathematical and scientific concepts. 
  • Get time to work while you learn: Online tutoring is becoming popular amongst job doers who wish to learn while earning a living. Because of flexibility in timings, affordable prices in online tutoring, and a wide range of practical subjects to choose from, online tutoring is becoming famous amongst the newcomers in the industry. 

Which is the best online tutoring website? 

There are an ample number of online courses available across the internet. However, before coming to which online tutoring is best, let’s find out the best online tutoring service. 

  • Pick up a user-friendly online tutoring service: The portal you work on should be easily accessible to every age group. With minimal effort, everything should be readily accessible to have a seamless learning experience. 
  • Is the platform safe and secure? Before availing of any online tutoring services, look for their terms and conditions and policies and ensure that you use a safe and secure platform. Moreover, check their customer support service and how they rectify your problems. 
  • Consult your friends and relatives: In case of confusion, reaching out to close, experienced and knowledgeable friends and relatives can be helpful. Consider the advice of those who frequently use any online tutoring services, and then choose the best for yourself. 
  • Type of tutors in online tutoring: It is very important to see whether the tutor can explain the topic clearly or not. They should be well-acquainted with all the concepts, fundamentals, and theories to make any student understand the concept directly. Some tutoring services ask for feedback, so make sure to provide an honest one so that they can consider your problems and solve them on priority. 

Now coming to which online tutoring service is best. As mentioned, finding the best online tutoring service is itself a challenge. However, aspirants can rely completely on one online tutoring service, Turito. Turito is one of the leading online tutoring service providers that offer various age groups a wide range of courses. And what’s special about them? A lot of it! Here’s why you should avail of Turito’s online tutoring:

  • Turito’s one-on-one tutoring has proven effective for thousands of students across the globe. In case of any doubt or unclarity in the subject, because of one-on-one tutoring, they can consult teachers at their convenience and attain education to improve their academic performance. 
  • We know how much parents worry about their kids’ education. For this, Turito has come up with an advanced app for parents to track their kids’ progress, how many lectures they attended, and many other statistics. 
  • In addition to the above services, Turito offers a customized curriculum for kids, professional faculty for clear subjective guidance, and on-demand videos. 
  • They also offer personalized learning, i.e., to create quizzes tests on their own with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. These quizzes and tests are based on the strengths and weaknesses of young minds. 

So, to outperform other students, getting extra education from online tutoring these days is a must. Plus, acquiring new skills and knowledge will always prove more effective than having no knowledge or lack of skills. And to develop strong communication and education skills, register to Turito straight away.



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